A How To At Affiliate Marketing

Updated 21st September 2019


What Is The How To At Affiliate Marketing


So what is the how to in affiliate marketing?  Well, for a start you have to understand affiliate marketing to succeed at it.  That’s common sense, right?  But on the surface of it, affiliate marketing looks like a very simple concept doesn’t it?


You find a product for sale and you recommend it to others who buy it. In return, you get a percentage of that sale as a commission because you’re associated with it. It’s seems so simple, so why do a lot of people fail at it?


the how and what for affiliate marketing


Just like how it is with insurance agents, door to door salesmen and real estate brokers. Affiliate marketing is all about sales and commissions.


But here’s something you should know – simple and easy are two different things.  In this article I will do my best to simplify it, and to start with, below are the three T’s you must always keep in mind when you get involved in marketing online as an affiliate.




When you’re selling or just promoting online, in most cases, you’re not face to face with the prospect. The human element has been removed from the equation. Visitors to your site can leave with the click of the mouse.


trust of website


Someone who doesn’t like your email can delete it and unsubscribe in seconds. Selling or promoting online while highly profitable, is a slightly different ballgame.


For starters, people come online looking for information or to be entertained. In other words, they’re looking for ‘infotainment’… and even if you’re in a niche like gardening, golf or weight loss, the same rule applies.


Your content not only needs to help the reader, but it must hold their attention… and guess what? Social Media sites, instant notifications and a short attention span are all waiting to rob you of that sale or commission.


Door to door salesmen never had it this tough. There is much more rejection online. The only difference is that it’s not so obvious.


build trust customers


So, always make your content relevant, entertaining and useful. The goal is to get the reader to trust you, and convert them into buyers. Use whatever it takes from infographics to videos to images of the product, etc. to remove all mental obstacles from the buyers’ minds and show how useful the product can be for solving their problems… and be subtle about it.




The next thing you should know is that unlike real-life sales where the prospect comes to your store or you can go knocking on doors prospecting, when it comes to online marketing, things are a little different.


best traffic generation tips


Building a website alone doesn’t automatically mean that you’ll get floods of visitors. You may not get any for weeks or even months can pass by without the sniff of a sale or commission. To sell online, you need to go and GET traffic. It’s all about ‘Getting’ and not sitting around waiting.


get traffic on a website


You’ll need to drive traffic on your own by using free or paid methods. So, you must learn a few traffic generation techniques and take action.




When running an online business, you must track your results.


  • Does your site have visitors?
  • Do your products convert?
  • Where is most of your traffic coming from?
  • Are your emails being opened?
  • Which pages on your site see the most traffic?
  • Which ads are performing well and which need to be shut down?


As you can see, there are many variables involved and by tracking your results, you’ll know where to multiply your efforts and scale up… and where your efforts are yielding no fruit.


website traffic sources google analytics


You’ll also know where you’re not performing as well as you should and be able to remedy the problem. You’ll never know this if you don’t track.


Make sure you open a free google analytics account and you will get all the tracking information you need from it. (see graphic above as an example)


So, remember the 3 T’s of affiliate marketing. Trust, Traffic and Tracking. If you follow these T’s to a T, you’ll succeed at affiliate marketing in record time.


Now lets move on to…


Examples Of Marketing Strategies


There are a plethora of affiliate marketing strategies and tactics employed by many successful affiliate marketers to ramp up their sales and commissions. While some strategies may seem advanced, they are all usually based on the fundamentals of affiliate marketing, (see graphic below).


how to marketing strategy


You need good quality content. You need traffic… and you need to position the right offer in front of the right audience. The goal is to help and also gently guide the reader towards a purchase. As an affiliate marketer, your job is to be a ‘conduit’ that takes an interested visitor to the sales page which will go on to sell the product.


That’s really all there is to it. All other intricacies can be boiled down to this goal. Let’s look at a few examples of highly effective strategies you can market with.  By the way these strategies are employed by thousands of affiliate marketers all over the world.


Marketing With A – Niche Site


Marketing With A Niche – This is without a doubt the most popular strategy. To promote a variety of products you need a niche site. The content that’s interspersed with your affiliate links will make you sales and/or commissions if you do it right.


what is a niche market definition what is the niche market


You’ll need to learn the basics of setting up a site, optimizing it, creating content that converts and a few other things. Once you get a grasp of the fundamentals, the sky is the limit.


As long as you grow your site, your earnings will increase exponentially. Some of the large authority sites make 5 to 6 figures a month in affiliate commissions. That’s how powerful niche marketing is.


Marketing With A – Social Media Site


Social Media Marketing – Everyone is on social media these days. For example – Having Facebook groups and Pinterest boards dedicated to your niche, will allow you to tap into existing hotbeds of traffic while targeting an audience that is interested in your niche.


a how to with social media marketing


Through the links in your posts and pictures, traffic will trickle to your site and you’ll get sales. Some affiliates prefer to direct link the pictures they insert in their Social Media Pages to the affiliate products. That’s fine too. What matters is that you hang out where your audience hangs out.


Marketing With A – YouTube Channel


Marketing With YouTube – If you’re shy to be on camera, you can still do unboxing videos or PowerPoint presentations with a voice-over. YouTube is an excellent source of free traffic. You just need to invest your time in creating interesting videos that are optimized to rank well.


best practices youtube


Links in your video descriptions can either go to a landing page or your website. While some affiliates prefer to directly link to the product, it’s wiser to try and capture the lead.


Marketing With A – Email List


Marketing With Email – As mentioned earlier, always strive to build your list. Have a pop up on your site with a freebie that encourages the visitor to opt in. Have your links in your social media sites pointing to your landing pages. Do whatever you can to build your list.


a how to for emails


Once you have a list and you build a relationship with them, you can promote products that will be well received. A list will be your greatest asset.


Marketing With A – Paid Ad


Marketing With Paid Advertising – Many marketers stay away from paid advertising or as some would say, performance paid advertising. Because it’s almost inevitable that you lose money during the testing phase. However, you should give it a try when your budget allows for it. You’re not losing money – you’re buying data.


the how to for paid advertising


Once you make this mindset shift, you’ll be encouraged to keep trying till you find a few winning ad campaigns. A winning campaign can restore your losses within days and yield you an attractive profit. Such is the power of paid advertising.


Give these 5 strategies a try and watch your affiliate commissions soar. They will take you some time to do, but if you’re consistent and stick to the plan, your future self will thank you for it. These strategies will work wonders for your affiliate marketing.


A How To With Affiliate Marketing For Beginners


I did mention above that you’ll need to learn the basics of setting up a site, optimizing it, creating content that converts and a few other things.  This is especially so if you’re a beginner.  Whether or not you are a complete beginner or not I’m going to point you in the direction of Wealthy Affiliate so you can get the best possible start.


a how to of affiliate marketing for beginners


This is an online training platform that will show you exactly how to create and build out a website that WILL earn you an income from the internet.


Now I know you’re probably thinking you could never do this.  Believe me there are a great many members of wealthy affiliate who had those same thoughts, and now they are making money from their own websites each and every day.  I’m not saying it will be easy, but it will only be as hard as you make it.  With the step by step videos and lessons there is no reason on the planet that you can’t be the next success story either.


I will leave you this link to the wealthy affiliate web page where you can read some more of what the program can, and will do for you.  However before I finish I will give a little more information on what you will have access to.


First of all, its free to join, and just like any other program these days there is an upgrade.  However you can stay for as long as you want to totally and 100% free.  As soon as you join you will receive free, two websites and they are hosted for you on the internet free of charge as well so you’re off to a good start right away.


You will have access to a free keyword tool to research those all-important search terms people will use to find your site.  There is a Live Chat function where you can ask questions all day long no matter where in the world you live.  There is a 24/7, 365 days a year Help and Support team.  This is not counting the well over a million members you can call on for help as well.


getting started affiliate marketing how to


You will have access to getting started lessons with step by step videos.  There is an online Bootcamp where you will be shown exactly what you have to do to become a successful affiliate marketer.  There are weekly webinars which show you the many tactics and techniques you can use to increase your chances of success. 


Many members, including myself, publish training and blogs based on their own experience and knowledge gained since they joined.  You will have access to all you need to be a success folks so the sooner you join, the sooner you can get started.


Make sure you get in touch with me on the inside and I will help you all I can to achieve the same level of success as I have.  Also could you spare a couple of minutes to leave a comment below.  It will be much appreciated and I will reply to all those that leave one.


Onwards to that success, and please do have an awesome day wherever you are.


My very best regards.


Robert Allan


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  1. Great article you have up here and I must say, I really liked this article a lot. Getting the basic knowledge concerning affiliate marketing is needed to get to the top in the world of marketing online. Also getting the knowledge from the right place would definitely help to get one started with it.
    A Niche is germane and picking an area of interest to set up a niche is indispensable as that would guarantee success in it.
    Thanks for the guide, and I know it will be a great help to lots of people just starting out.

    1. Glad you liked my article on affiliate marketing Roland.
      Yes indeed, choose what Niche you want to work in and preferably you should have some experience and or knowledge of the products within the niche.
      People like to see that the author of articles actually knows what they are talking about and this will build up trust and people will come back to your site time and time again to see what else you have written about.
      Make sure you come back again as well as I still have some more articles to publish on affiliate marketing and you are sure to pick up even more tips and advice.
      Warm Regards.
      Robert Allan

  2. An excellent article. I’ve learnt a lot from your write-up. I got to know that anything that has to do with money making, that integrity is important as is the trust you can build up with potential customers. Also you mention marketing with a niche website, social media website and paid ads, which are great factors to get high traffic which will finally leads to sales.
    Thank you for sharing this helpful write-up.

    1. Hello Abayomi and thank you for being a visitor to my website.
      Glad you went away with tips and some advice that I know will be of great help to you to achieve success.
      Onwards to that success and please visit again.
      Best Regards.
      Robert Allan

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