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Updated 21st September 2019

How To Create A Web Based Marketing Business


This is article nine in my series of creating a work from home business with e-marketing – internet marketing.  In it I am going to cover marketing your website. 


You can have the best website in the world folks, but if you have no visitors then you make no money. Below the graphic are a few ways that I have used to get people to my websites.  Lots more tips in the graphic.


what is a target audience



  • Fliers
  • Business Cards
  • Bulletin Boards
  • Online Forums
  • Online FREE Classified Ads
  • Ezines


Paid Advertising:


  • (PPC) Paid Per Click Advertising
  • Ads in Newspapers & Magazines
  • Paid Ads on websites that maintain a high level of traffic
  • Paid Ads on search engines


Okay, now that I have shown you a few ways to advertise lets get you in the right mind set. You need to imagine the thoughts that are going through the mind of your potential customers when they are coming to your site from any of the above techniques.  I am going to assume you are building a work at home site such as this one of mine, but you can apply these techniques to any type of online business.


Work From Home Jobs  –  Work From Home Business


For example:  If  people are looking for a home based business or a job they can do from home then you will want to take them to your landing page for home based businesses and jobs.


You should have a directory for all of your web pages at the top and sides.  This should contain Work At Home such as Online Paid Surveys, Rebate Processing, Data Entry and others.  However 85% of your page should be Home Based Business Opportunities or Work From Home Jobs.


what is a good website

You might recall in my last article I said its important to have your best converting home business opportunities, products or services in the hot spots on your site. If you are going to have a newsletter, which is a great way to keep in touch with your customers, you should have that in a hot spot location as well.


You want to take them directly to the specific information they are searching for. The more they have to search around the less likely you are to converting them into a customer. Even worse, the less likely they will bookmark your site so they can come back to it.


My PPC Advertising


Let’s assume you are using (PPC) Pay Per Click advertising. This is where you will pay a search engine, for example, 18 cents to display your Ad to anyone who types in the phrase “work at home”. It’s very important to make the keyword match the landing page.  


online marketing strategies

For my paid per click advertising campaigns I thoroughly research the keywords I want to use.  I only choose the very best and relevant ones to what I am promoting.  It pays to research folks, and it will save you a lot of money in the long run.


The next step is to ensure the text on your web page Ads reflect the product and / or service that people are going to be looking at. It makes no sense to send someone who is looking for paid surveys to a program that has absolutely nothing to do with paid surveys. Sure you will maybe get one customer in 500, but that will more than likely cost you more than you will make.

cultivate your visitors trust

Always remember that if a visitor likes your site they will look around on their own.  However it builds trust and confidence in your site if they are taken to what they expect to see.


I have one more article to publish in this series but as there is so much to cover that when I have the time I’m going to begin an advanced series  I think this series will help clarify and fine-tune your site even further.  In the meantime you can always visit my other sites here and here where you are sure to go away with lots of great tips and advice.


Until then I believe this series of articles will be enough for you to get a home business up and running.  The rest will be icing on the cake.


Start Your Own Business


Please feel free to read all my articles and drop me a line or two via a comment below or use the Contact Me form on the right side of this page.  I always enjoy getting messages about the information within my articles.  Your feedback is important to me.


In other articles I have pointed you in the direction of a great program that will get you started with your own home business from scratch.  (even if your a complete beginner) I would urge you to join and you can do so via a link within the image below on colors.  If you already have a website then take note of them because they have been tried and tested as the optimum for converting visitors into customers.


The program I’m a member of is free to join folks, and you get quite a few freebies as well, so well worth your while. 


See you later in my final article of the series and have an awesome day.



Robert Allan

color psychology



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  1. Jack Brandon Dockery


    I enjoyed reading your article on Internet Marketing. It is very well put-together and helpful in many ways. The large font and colorful graphics were key to getting me all the way through the article, as I am usually not patient enough. Anyhow, I appreciate the article and I wish you the best of luck,

    1. Hello Jack

      Thank you for visiting my website.

      Also thank you for your comment.

      I actually published a blog within the program I’m a member of on how long people and how much of any particular web page they read.

      Its been found that most people will only scan and not read word for word what the content is.

      You have to grab peoples attention right from the start and that means having a good eye-catching headline.

      Then of course you should have pertinent information in the first paragraph that tells people what the article is about.

      If you don’t do this then people will leave because they wont know whether the article will contain the information they seek.

      After reading the first paragraph and it has caught their attention they will then proceed to scan dow until the last paragraph.

      They will read this and then decide whether to follow any links to further information.

      Therefore if you have their attention you should have a link to further relevant information and if you are selling or promoting a product or service there is a pretty good chance you will get a sale or earn a commission.

      I also like to include as many images or graphics as I believe gives visitors further clarification on what is in the text.

      What is that they say about a picture and a thousand words.

      I’m sure you get the idea and as you did read all the way to the end of the article my article has indeed done its job.

      I hope you did click through to the further information and at the very least have given some serious though to joining Wealthy Affiliate as a means to starting your own online business you can run from home.

      It is free so what have you got to lose but a little bit of your time.

      Onwards and Upwards to success Jack and have a very good Sunday.


      Robert Allan  

  2. Wouldn’t you say these methods are outdated now? I don’t think google likes article directories anymore and forums seem to be not as popular as Facebook groups are.

    Also what are your thoughts about seo? Do you like it or not?

    Thanks for the helpful info though seems good just a few things seem outdated like I said.

    1. Hello Michael and thank you for reading my article.

      Although your comment is a criticism I think you are missing the point.

      My series of articles are aimed at beginners to the work from home arena.

      I believe the best places to go to are Forums that are specifically for work from home enthusiasts. 

      They would pick up a lot of invaluable information they can use in their own fledgling home business start up.

      As for directories. I don’t nean actual Article Directories where you submit your articles.

      I use this term loosely simply because people might not fully understand the word Sitemap.

      Its of the utmost importance that you have a Sitemap for your site, somewhere that lists every single article, image and link.

      This is important for SEO as well because the search engines must know your website exists otherwise you are not going anywhere fast.

      You also mention Facebook Groups.

      If you have been in marketing as long as I have you will surely know that these groups are mainly made up of MLM companies.

      I wouldn’t even dream of joining one of those simply because I want to make money for myself and not for those people at the top of the pyramid and that is what these programs are  –  Pyramid Schemes where you have to sell sell sell to make any decent money and the biggest percentage goes to those few or even the one person who created it.

      If that’s what you want to do then good luck to you but with the company I’m with.  I call the shots.  I make the money from my own website that I created and built out with the company’s training.

      However you are entitled to your opinion.

      I just hope nobody pays any attention to it.

      Thank you for taking time out of your day to read the article and leave a comment.

      I do wish you every success in whatever enterprise you are involved with.


      Robert Allan

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