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Updated 21st September 2019


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You are more than likely reading this as a follow up to my other article on website creation for a home business.


In this article I am going to outline how affiliate marketing works and how to on an affiliate marketing business and affiliate selections.  When I say affiliate selections, I am assuming that now you have a website you want to offer a product or service from companies, on that website. You will need to identify those companies in order to generate one or more income streams.


I would suggest you have a good variety of choices for your customers. You will also need to create a different landing page for each group.  This is so that when a customer comes to your site they will be taken to the product or service they are looking for.


about work from home business

Remember the goal is to set up your website so that you are a middleman offering products and services to the people who will come to your website.  You also want them to come back again and again.


The beauty of being an affiliate is you won’t have to get involved in the process. Once people click a link they will be taken directly to the companies website. The companies will then pay you a referral fee for each sale or lead. Think about how many millions people have access to your website through the Internet. A simple and amazing way to make money isn’t it?


How To Identify Customer Needs – Supply A Solution To A Problem


In my last article I said to find a proven system, whereby you are given a template website that can be easily built out and modified to accommodate your products and services.  Maybe you have already done some research of some of the affiliate companies products that you would like to offer your visitors. There are also some great home based business reviews.  Meanwhile below the graphic there are a few of the criteria I would suggest looking for when identifying the companies you wish to deal with:

Affiliate Marketing How To


how to research a company

  • Identify companies that you feel, after researching, that have viable products or service that your visitors well need and want. You can have the best product in the world, but if no one wants it you’re not going to make any money.


  • Check for any history or feedback from existing customers using forums etc.


  • Identify companies that have a money back guarantee and actually honor that guarantee when asked. Move them to the top of the list. Protect your customers as much as possible. They will be loyal and return to your site when they need something else. Encourage feedback on the companies you offer.


  • Check the respective companies payout record to affiliates.


  • How long have they been in business?


  • Ensure that the company offers step-by-step guidance for the product or service they provide.


  • What type of customer support will your visitors have?


These are just a few of the many criteria that need to be looked at.


When browsing sources of information such as Forums, or even your competitions’ websites remember not every article has to be positive. Sometimes it’s simply not a good fit for that particular person. Often times good companies get a bad reputation on forums simply because the person realized they were going to have to do some work. No free lunches as they say simply because at the end of the day  –  Nothing is free.


Look at how many positive posts there are to negative posts. I can assure you the largest of companies have some unhappy customers that have posted negative things on forums. Look at the big picture.


Work From Home Opportunities


On the other side, although there are many work at home jobs or home business opportunities there are many scams out there that need to be avoided if possible. This can be done in part through your research. You will either need to use a website like mine, or be prepared to do a lot of research yourself.

how to earn money from home for

Once you have identified the companies products or service you want to work with you will then need to add them to your site with your appropriate affiliate link so you will get credit for the sales. This will take a little time, but be patient because you are building the foundation of your business. It does no good to have an incorrectly typed link that pays you nothing. Check to ensure that your affiliate links are tracking properly.


In my last article I mentioned that you can choose to pay someone else to develop, and maintain your website or learn how to do so yourself. I think it’s important for you, if possible, to be able to modify and maintain a website yourself.


Please feel free to read both this article or one of my previous ones in the series.  Just hover over the menu header above (Article Series) and choose from the dropdown.


You could also leave a comment below as I always enjoy getting comments about my  articles and the information I am passing on.  Hopefully this is what my website visitors want and if not then I want to know what information they do want.  Therefore your feedback is important to me.


How To Start A Home Business


In my previous articles I have pointed my readers who want to make money at home towards the online program and community I am a member of.  I will still point you in that direction simply because in my opinion and over a million members it is the best there is to get you started with a home business.


To that end you can click on the image below and read all about what this program can and will do for you to get you started.  I also have two other websites here and here that are absolutely chock full of information, tips and advice on ways to make money from the internet.


To your success folks and drop me a line or two if you would like any more information.  I am always happy to help and that goes for all the other members as well.  A great community to be a part of.


Sincere best wishes.


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  1. Hi there. I just wanted to say thanks for sharing this very informative article. I found this post after reading your previous article about creating a business website.

    The entire process of affiliate marketing is laid out so well here and I love the info graphics that you have created. They really help to simplify things.

    I understand affiliate marketing pretty well now but the part that I really struggle with is reaching a “targeted” audience. I was wondering if you could explain this process to me? What’s the best way to get really targeted traffic to my affiliate links?

    Thank you in advance!


    1. Hello Andrew and welcome back.

      Good to see it when previous visitors to my website return.

      This usually means that I am providing the right information to the right people or as you say to a target audience.

      Getting your articles read by the right people or targeted audince is always and will always be the whole point of Affiliate marketing.

      This is not always an easy thing to achieve but there are ways and means.

      Therefore to answer your question  –  

      What’s the best way to get really targeted traffic to my affiliate links? 

      I am going to point you to another article here  – 

      In it you will find some great tips and advice that will surely help you achieve your goal. 

      Apart from your question I am glad you found my article informative and that you did go away with some helpful advice. 

      I do try my best to give good advice and include graphics that actually show the reader what I mean with my explanations. 

      What is that they say about a picture is worth a thousand words? 

      It is so true so I am glad my graphics are doing the job I mean them to do. 

      I have three or may four more articles in this series so be sure to return again.

      Thank you for leaving a comment and hope you have a great Friday and weekend to come.

      Best wishes for your success.


      Robert Allan

  2. Embedding the affiliate links is pretty basic stuff really however like you mention it’s crucial your unique link is typed in correctly. I usually copy & paste this bit.

    What I am slightly confused around is how many affiliate links a post should contain before it’s deemed as spam.

    Do the search engines have a general rule regarding a limit to the amount of affiliate links?

    I never seem to find the definitive answer which doesn’t help the inexperienced like myself. If Google confirmed one link to every 500 words for instance we’d all know where we stand, would conform and never be associated as spamming.

    Thanks for helping,

    1. Hello Simon

      Thank you for your comment on my article – How To Affiliate Marketing.

      You may think embedding affiliate links is pretty basic stuff.

      However being in the online marketing business as long as I have you would be surprised just how many people do make mistakes.

      The best way is to copy and paste because that way you are sure its been inserted correctly.

      How many links is acceptable?

      It depends what the links are for.

      For example Amazon will permit as many links as you want simply because you are promoting their products.

      Therefore it follows the more links you have on your website increases the click through rate of potential customers and therefore potential profits for Amazon.

      Google will also allow lots of links within your website (not necessarily on the one post though).

      They allow lots of internal and external links because its looked on as a good navigational technique that allows visitors to click through to further information.

      I have read about 2, 3, or even 4 hundred links  which to me seems a bit excessive and overkill bit if people get away with it then who am I to say they cannot?

      I hope I have answered your questions and thank you for reading my article.

      Please visit again as I intend to publish 3, possibly 4 more articles in this series.

      Have a great day and I wish you success.


      Robert Allan

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