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Updated 21st September 2019

How To Creating A Web Based Business – Increasing Conversions


How to online with PPC Ads Campaigns – You are most likely coming here as a follow up to my first article on creating an online business you can run from home.  In this – Article 2 – I am going to cover some Advanced tips on comparing Ads so that they can help you get a better conversion rate and therefore increase the profitability of your home business.

how to test ppc ad campaigns

Lets assume for sake of argument that your site is created, published and you are running PPC Ads.  I recommend running these all the time, but especially in the beginning to get your site converting well.  In fact when I signed up they gave me Advertising credits, which really helped out.


Ads That Make You Look Twice


This is very important! If you are running Ads and you are not getting clicks then it means your Ads are not standing out in the crowd.  Believe me there are plenty of people on the Internet and you should be getting clicks.  You want think about the products and services you are offering on your site when writing your Ads.  You want people to look at them and come back to them for another look.


Put your thinking cap on  –  What type of Ads would interest you if you were looking for these items?  What would make you look twice?


PPC Ads That Convert


How To Optimize a PPC CampaignAs I mentioned before specific keywords bring up both your Ads and others.  You want your Ads to spike their interest enough they will want to take a look.


Okay, when writing your Ads I want you to write two Ads for each campaign.  What does this mean? It means for each Ad type you are going to be running two similar Ads with the same keywords.


On most search engines such as Google you can create a PPC Ad campaign, which then has your Ads in it. You simply create your first Ad inside the campaign.  You just need to add your keywords and you are finished with Ad number 1.


Now, I want you to go back into the Ad campaign and create another and slightly different Ad.  It will automatically use the same keywords. In Google, you will need to then go back to the campaign level, click on the Ads and then click on optimize Ads button. Select No and Submit.  What will happen then is each of your two Ads will run, each showing (50) fifty percent of the time.


After some time has passed you will be able to tell by the conversion rate, which one is performing best. Simply modify the worst one with some new text and check it again after receiving more hits. You are always improving on your Ads therefore your conversion rates only get better. You will need to let them run so that you get at least 50 – 100 clicks before changing.


Landing Pages That Sell Products


After getting someone to click on your Ad, you want a landing page that sellsto take them to the specific landing page that offers exactly what they are looking for.  Always remember the steps we talked about from beginning to end.  It’s very important to tie them all together nicely. A potential customer wants to click on an Ad they think will take care of their needs and go to the landing page where the product or service that the Ad referred to.  Remember, be specific!


Please feel free to read both this article and my other one.  You can also leave a comment below if you have any questions.  I will reply to all because I always enjoy getting emails pertaining to my articles or my site. Your feedback is important to me.


Okay, I think I have given you enough information to be going on with.  See you in Article 3.


Best Regards and onwards to your success.


Robert Allan

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  1. Hi there Robert! I just finished going through your article on creating PPC campaigns and I just had to drop you a comment to say thank you!

    I have been involved with affiliate marketing for some time now and I have dabbled a little bit with PPC but not a great deal. I certainly learnt a lot from this article and it has really given me the inspiration to try again.

    I know the two main platforms are Google and Bing but the cost seems very high per click for the keywords that I was looking at. Do you know of any cheaper alternatives where you can get targeted traffic? Or am I best to stick with the main suppliers?

    Thanks again!

    1. Hello Andrew

      Thanks you for reading my article on PPC and Advertising.

      Hope you went away with some tips that will help you as you say you learnt a lot from the article.  Perhaps enough to give PPC another go.

      PPC Advertising is all down to the wording of your Ad.  Get that right and you are onto a winner

      There are many ways to get traffic but of course you want targeted traffic and that is down to your keywords.

      You just have to test them and test again and again until you hit on the right combination.

      By this I mean Longtail Keywords,.

      These have proven to be the best for targeting the right kind of buyers to whatever product or service you are advertising.

      I don’t know if you are a member of Wealthy Affiliate but there are several good training videos on PPC by Kyle who is one of the co-owners which you could look at.  Namely these four  – 

      Yes I would stick to the tried and proven ones for your campaigns.

      As you mention Google and Bing I don’t see any reason for you to change.

      Of course you want to get the cheapest deal possible so why not have a look at this web page  – 

      Lots of good tips and advice to get the very best deal. 

      Thank you again for leaving a comment and I wish you success. 

      Sincere regards.

      Robert Allan

  2. This is phenomenal. I’ve been in the online business game for a couple months now and there’s so much information floating around out there that it can sometimes get a little overwhelming. That being said, I’ve been looking into PPC and landing pages to build e-mail lists and I absolutely LOVED the way you laid it out in this blog post. Excellent work and thank you so much for the help and information!

    1. Hello Corey and thank you for reading my article and for taking the time to leave a comment.

      Working from home and getting a home business up and running and actually making you money can be a trial and error venture at the very start.

      PPC is a way to earn some quick cash but it must be done the right way or you will end up losing money rather than make it.

      I hope my tips and advice within my article goes some way to clarify the pitfalls and also the right way to run your PPC campaigns.

      I also have two other websites that contain many hundreds of articles on the various aspects of creating and running a home business.

      If you have the time then feel free to browse those sites  – 

      I’m sure you will go away with lots more tips and advice to enable you to do things the right way and so be successful.

      Thank you again for reading my article and I wish you lots of success in your own online endevors.


      Robert Allan

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