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Updated 21st September 2019

How To Create A Website Home Based Business


The How To Online – Article 1 – You most likely landed on this website because you want to work from home.  You want to make money at home from the internet or you might even want to create your own online website business you can run from home.


That’s great because during the next couple of weeks I am going to publish seven articles.  They will primarily be How To’s to give you as much information as I possibly can in order for you to do any of the above mentioned ways to make money online.  This is the first of these articles.  You might also like to browse my work from home review via the link in the graphic below.  There are lots of good tips and advice for you to take onboard.

how to start a business at homeWithin the articles I will endevor to take you step by step on how you can create and build a business from home.  Obviously, I cannot cover every small detail.  However I will do my best and you can message me via the comment section at the bottom of the page if and when you have a question. 


If you join my #1 Home business recommendation then you just get in touch with me within the program.  I will be happy to help you all I can. Especially if you follow the same steps as I have taken. I have been making money online for over ten years so I am very familiar with the start-up and follow through process.


How To Create A Website Business


The first thing you must do however is find a program such as the one I’m a member off.  The second thing is to have access to first class training videos and online lessons you can get involved in. The third thing is to have your own website.

how to create a website for a business

All of this you can achieve as a member of that program I mention above.  But now that your website is up and running, what do you do next?


This is very important! You must monitor it in real time to ensure your site is making you money with a high conversion rate. You will have some products and services that will convert better than others. After a decent testing time, I would consider putting the highest converters in the hot spots on your site. (that’s those with the highest click through.


You may not understand what a click through is right now.  Lets back up a bit. To understand your site, you will need to know when someone comes to your site, how long they stay, what pages they visit and where they exit. You can find many free counters that will give you that type of data. (you will notice mine at the top right hand side – not bad going for a site that’s not very old)


In addition each program normally offers some tracking information as to how many clicks and sales you have gotten.  You are going to need a couple hundred clicks on each link to get a fair comparison. Many people are getting about a one percent conversions rate on most programs. I have some that have converted as high as twenty five percent.


How To Online Advertising


After receiving perhaps a couple hundred clicks on your links, you can then adjust your site as required. Along with a couple of questions to ask yourself on a regular basis the graphic below gives great helpful hints on how to’s:

how to ppc

  • How many clicks are you getting from your advertising? If people are clicking on your Ads in droves, but are not staying long, not visiting your other pages nor clicking on any affiliate links then you probably do not have a good match up between your keywords and landing pages.


  • How many people are staying around longer then 5 seconds on after coming to your site? If less then 2% are staying less then 5 seconds your either have poor traffic, probably free Ads, or a poor keyword to landing page match up. I would suggest only using (PPC) Paid Per Click advertising until you get your website fine tuned a bit. Free Ads often bring people clicking just because they are curious and not because they are looking for anything.


  • How many of your keywords are bring you good traffic. Many times what you are looking for are long tail phrases, which are more often two to three word phrases not just one. Typically the one-word keywords get a lot of clicks, but no results. Your goal is to be as specific as possible i.e., getting yourself the best possible customers as possible.


Okay, this is enough for this article.  See you in article two.


How To Start A Business At Home On The – side or part time


Please feel free to read both this article or one of the many others by visiting my other two websites here and here.  The more information you have the better you will understand the process of setting up a home business.   I always enjoy getting comments pertaining to my articles or my sites. Your feedback is important to me.


By the way if you click to the right and you will be taken to a web page.  Athow to earn money in online the top there is a menu.  Click on those headers and you can read all about what the program I’m a member of has to offer.  The information will be of great help to anyone who wants to start a business from home either part time or full time or just to make some extra cash on the side.


Have a fantastic day wherever in the world you live.


Regards And Best Wishes for your future success and financial independence folks.


Robert Allan



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  1. Thanks so much, Robert,

    Your articles are always useful and valuable. I actually have the desire of starting my own online business. However, I just do not know how to go about it. So I am very glad I found your article today when surfing the internet.

    In fact, I really like the idea of building my own business website and since you said your recommended training program can help me do that, I am going to give it a try right now.

    I’m happy that you said you will assist me, since you have been making money online for the pat 10 years ago, I will learn a lot from your experience and I will surely work hard to be like you.

    I will see you inside there.

    1. Hello Stephen and thank you for leaving a comment.

      Its good to know my articles contain the information that readers of my articles are seeking. Hope you had a look at my other sites as well.

      There is no reason why you cannot start your own online business from home Stephen.

      Also that to get a great start you would have to go a long way to find a better platform than the one I mention in my article.

      You will have access to everything you need to get up and running.

      You get two websites.

      You get Hosting.

      You get your own Domain names.

      You get all the maintenance.

      All of this you get at no charge to you, what could be better than that?

      Please do get in touch if and when you join and yes I will help you all I can as will all the other members of this great community.

      Onwards and Upwards Stephen.

      To your success.

      Warmest Regards.

      Robert Allan

  2. In my perspective, what one should have in first place and with lots of clarity is the niche. Make it a topic that one is guaranteed they can always rely on and won’t have to hire a freelancer to write any content. Besides that being number one for me, I suggest if you have a topic in mind; go for it!

    1. Hello Linda and thank you for taking the time to leave a comment.

      I agree with you up to a point regarding having a Niche, but I’m thinking you are putting the cart before the horse with your point about having a Niche first.

      This is simple because you really need the basics as a foundation to build your business and you cannot do that without good training. Therefore you need to find a platform/online company that will provide you with that training and preferably step by step, and easy to follow.

      Then of course you need a website on which to build your online presence because without that nobody is going to see what you have to offer.

      Once you have these three in place you can think about what you have experience in and knowledge of and base your business on that and choose the relevant products within a Niche that matches up.

      I’m a firm believer in personal choice but at least make the choices relevant to what you are trying to achieve.

      I wish you success in whatever you plan to do Linda and if you need any help then by all means get in touch through another comment.

      Have a great day wherever you are in the world.

      Best Regards.

      Robert Allan

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