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26th April 2019


Low Cost Home Based Business Ideas To Earn Extra Money At Home


Earn extra money from home?  Nice work if you can get it but not impossible when you know where to look.  Havehow earn extra money from home you ever thought about your own business you can run from home? 


Perhaps you have, and you’ve thought, Nah! How would I even get started and where’s the money coming from to get started?  Two good questions, but don’t click away yet until you have read this article.  You could find the information is just what you’ve been looking for to earn that extra money.


Granted some home businesses startups can be expensive, but there are businesses that don’t cost much to start as well, you can even get a business up and running for no investment. In this article I will outline a few possible opportunities you can try out to earn extra money at home from the internet from home.


Don’t skip ahead because the suggestions don’t interest you.  Information and knowledge is power.  You never know but you will come back to those parts you skipped for a better look and understand the implications.


One inexpensive way to start a home business is to set up a website. The site can be used to sell a product or toonline auctions sites give information. With such a site you can make good money by joining an affiliate program with online companies such as Amazon, eBay, PayDotCom, CJ, AliExpress, or AliBaba to name but a few. Setting up a website can cost well under $100, and can even be free, but you will spend a lot of time marketing your site. If you know nothing about internet marketing, not a problem because there are websites and training that can help.


Another home business idea on a small budget is selling at online auctions. If you start small, the cost in both time and money is minimal. Begin with items you don’t want around your house anymore, or buy a few items at garage sales. Sell a product you make if that appeals to you. Eventually you can connect with a wholesaler, possibly one who will dropship items. This takes away all the work of wrapping and shipping your products.  Especially handy if you don’t actually have a lot of space where you can store stuff.


Work At Home Jobs


How about stay at home moms with typing skills who could do a job working from home?  If you have them, offer them to local businesses. Often there is a need, and businesses can get it cheaper paying you by the job rather than hiring an employee and paying benefits.  You can even advertise yourself online on sites such as Fivver or Freelancer.  Plenty of jobs being offered you can do at home, and make good money every single day in your spare time when you don’t have to keep an eye on the kids.  And lets not be sexist, stay at home dads can do these type of work from home jobs as well.


make money working at home with


Consider tutoring on a subject you know well. This can be an academic subject or a creative subject, such as music. If you do this in your home you will have very little, if any, startup costs.


Think of what you know and like to do best. Think about what you have experience and knowledge of.  Then find a way to offer these services or information to the public or online employers. Find a home business or job idea you can do from home on your budget and start doing what you want to do.  There are many low cost and free ways to earn an income from the internet, so lets explore some.


Low Cost Ways To Make Money Online


Many people have realized that they can turn their computer into a money making machine. There are many ways you can make money with your computer. This part of the article will show you several low cost ways to make money on the net.


Sell Products or Services Online – You can set up an online store to sell a wide variety of products. However, it can cost quite a bit to start an e-store. One way to start an online business with minimum capital is deal with drop ship wholesalers. So how does drop shipping work?


how to dropship


A drop ship distributor is a wholesale company that will ship one product directly to your customer. (as I said above, you might not have the storage space)  This being so you…


  • You don’t need to pay for an item unless it is sold.
  • You don’t store any inventory.
  • You don’t package and ship merchandise.

Your customer pays the retail price for the product to you and you pay the cost of the product to the drop ship distributor. The difference is your profit.


A drop shipping system makes it affordable for anyone to start an online business due to the benefits it offers. EBay is the best place for you to start selling your products with drop shipping system. One strategy you can try is sell the similar items to the one that has attracted several bids in eBay.


For instance, say you have opened an account with a cell phone dropship dealer and ready to sell cell phones on eBay. You found that a top of the range cell phone has attracted 7 bids, so what you can try to do is list the similar items immediately with the lowest price possible. There are many more auction selling ideas you can find from the Internet which can help you make a steady income on eBay.


how to make money from home with

Be a Freelancer – There are many freelance job sites consist of a long list of freelance job contracts.

These freelance sites usually offer the following jobs:


1) IT jobs (web-design, Java, PHP, script-installation, programming, graphic design and so on) 

2) Writing & Editing Jobs

3) Administrative support (Data Entry) & accounting services.


You may join several freelance sites for free and start bidding for the projects and contracts that are right for you. (I put in a link above) You can also make extra money writing articles and essays. There are places and websites where you can sell your articles and essays for a price anywhere between $5 to $25 per article. As you gain a reputation you can increase your fee. Furthermore, there are forums and blogs that offer to pay anyone who posts messages and articles to their websites. There are many other ways how to work online and from home and below are just a few.  Read On…


How To Work Online And At Home 


Be an Affiliate – Affiliates make money online by selling other people’s products or services. An affiliate earns commission whenever someone sent by him/her to his/her merchant’s website makes a purchase.


Clickbank is one of the best places you can find an affiliate program to join because it is the largest e-book store and contains a ton of merchants looking for people to sell their e-books. The main task of affiliates is promote and advertise their merchants’ websites (with affiliate links).


One method to promote affiliate program is advertise on Google. To advertise on Google you’ll first need to open a Google AdWords account. You can start to advertise on Google immediately after paying $5 account activation fee. Your cost of advertising is calculated in pay-per-click basis. Meaning Google will only charge you whenever someone clicks your text Ad.


Paid Surveys – Taking online paid survey at home is an easy way to make money online as you don’t need anyhow to get paid for take surveys special skills and knowledge to complete a paid survey job. In order to increase the money you can earn, you need to join as many market research and survey companies as possible. However you can’t expect to know how much money you will make monthly because you have no idea when a paid survey invitation will be sent to your mail box. Thus it is not an ideal way to make a wage but a great way to make some extra income for paying your monthly bills.


One way to make money online is with a home business.  Once you are setup you can easily make recurring income day after day, week after week and month after month for years to come.  So lets discuss how to…


How To Make Money Online At Home


Cashflow is the lifeblood of any business.


Without positive cashflow any business will eventually bleed to death and have to close its doors. It’s the brutal reality and truth of business and it’s just plain common sense.  Home businesses are no different.


The problem with the majority of home businesses is that they are in the network marketing arena and the cashmake money home online generated by a sale or an enrollment puts relatively few dollars in the associates pocket.  That person may have spent hundreds of dollars on leads and advertising and countless hours on the phone only to find that they made a measly $50-$100 on signups.  The worst part is… 9 times out of 10 those newly enrolled business builders give up and quit faster than a New York minute.  Then it’s back to the drawing board… frustrating to say the least.


Clearly, this is a situation of negative cashflow and it is why just about everyone who attempts to make it with a home based business fails.  They simply can’t afford to bankroll the startup period in network marketing where the attrition is high, the finances are low, and there isn’t any income coming in yet to support the growth of their business.  Does any of this resonate with you?


But, there is an answer…


What’s The Best Way To Make Money Online


Every marketing “guru” out there agrees on this method and use it themselves… What they do is sell a retail product or service upfront that attracts the kind of people that they are looking for to place into their MLM (multi level marketing).  Ideally, people already interested and involved in the home based business arena.


To sum it up, they are selling tools are training in online marketing to the masses and getting paid to prospect.


People come to them.   People buy from them. They build a relationship with them.   They database all of theirmake money online with mlm customer’s names. Then they backend some of these people into their MLM deal.


The beautiful part is that they don’t care if someone joins their MLM opportunity as much because they already got paid by selling something upfront.


You can do the same, Multi Level Marketing is big money folks.


The problem though with this system is that you need to usually come up with a product yourself or promote someone else’s “retail marketing” system (which really is designed to line their pocket nicely and backend your prospects further).  Both of these options are fine but their is even a better solution…


Direct Sales opportunities – internet marketing advertising 


If you are in an MLM or network marketing program you need to be in a positive cash flow situation to continue to build your business.  The best way to do this is to join a higher ticket direct sales opportunity and make what I call the “now” money.  Make a sale today, get paid today.


Usually, these programs will earn you anywhere from $300 to $10,000 or more a sale.  Then you are in a situation where you can continue to pay for more marketing and even quicker be able to replace your income so you can go full time with your business.


Once you have established this business then you can backend your direct selling customers into a residual program for long term wealth.


Retail them a direct selling opportunity, get paid $300-$10,000+ to do so, help them make money, and then backend them into your residual program.  I highly recommend this strategy and call it the “Easy-Daily-Cash” method of building a home business.  It works like a charm and it is just fun to make some easy daily cash.  Well worth it to give it a try!!!


why work from home


There are quite a few reasons why people want to work from home and as the above graphic shows you could be a part of one of those trends.  Now you may recall way back at the beginning of this article I said  –  One inexpensive way to start a home business is to set up a website.  This is so true and the training platform I’m a member of will give you two at zero cost.  It will also host them on the internet for you free of charge as well and you get to choose what to name them.


You not only get these great freebies but you will also have access to tools you can use that will enable you to build out these websites into a full time home business you can make money from.


Now to the nitty gritty, the cost.  I’m happy to say that it wont cost you a penny to join and you can stay as a free member for as long as you want to.  I personally stayed as a free member for almost a year and then I took the upgrade to a premium member for the ridiculous price of $19 for the first month and after that it was $49 per month.  Of course, if like so many memberships you want to pay yearly then it works out at about 80 cents a day.


Its well worth your while to go and take a looksee at this web page.  See exactly how this online platform will help you get you up and running with your own business you can run from your home.


When you join make sure you look me up and I and the other million plus members will help you all we can.  Meanwhile before you head over to that web page if you could leave a comment below it would be very much appreciate.  I will reply as I always do to people who take the time.


Onwards to success folks and see you on the inside.


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Hello I have been an affiliate/internet marketer for many years and I'm very successful at it. If you need any help and pointers to earning an online income from home or to start up your own home-based business then please feel free to read the other articles within this site. I'm sure you will go away with lots of tips and advice that will help you get started. Here is a link to my About Me page - http://quickwaysmakemoney.siterubix.com/about-r-allan This other link is my profile within the work from home make money online community I am a member of since 2014. https://my.wealthyaffiliate.com/robert-a


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  1. Hi, Robert.  I enjoyed reading your post about making money online.  I have to agree with you.  When I was looking for ways to make money online I was suprised by the number of ways one could do that.  

    However, there was one way that I tried, Surveys, and I found that unless one has a wide range of experiences with different products or topics, they would probably be refused for more surveys than they would be accepted for.  This was the case for me and I am sure many others have found this to be true. The Survey platforms are looking for certain kinds of people and most of the surveys don’t pay very much for the time it take to do them.

    If you are over a certain age, you could be rejected. If you don’t enbibe, same thing or if you aren’t the chief grocery shopper, same thing. That’s not to say that some people can’t make some good money.  Some have more experiences than others.  That’s just the way it is.

    ClickBank.  The only thing I would say here is, choose the products you want to promote with care.  Although some of the products are inexpencive, they don’t actually deliver what they promise and there could be expensive up-sells once one is inside.

    On the other side of things, I have to agree with your take on Wealthy Affiliate.  They are a top notch training platform with a HUGE community inside that is an asset to the platform.  Many of the members in the community have been around for a while and are very successfull, always willing to help others succeed.

    Thanks for reading my comment and I hopw you found it helpful.  I wish you all the best as you continue to move forward.


    1. Hello Wayne and thank you for your visit and for your comment.

      Yes there are countless ways you can earn an income from the internet.

      Some good and some not so good and some downright useless.

      Surveys were something I tried many years ago and I didn’t make a lot from them either.

      I did get some great freebies though.

      I don’t actually work with Clickbank at the present time but when I do I always go with the high end products.

      This is simply because why bother promoting a ten dollar product and get a hundred sales when you can promote a hundred dollar product for one sale.

      To me its simple mathematics and it sure cuts down on the amount of time you have to put in for all those smaller priced products.

      I actually prefer PayDotCom and have worked with it off and on for about ten years.

      I have been a member of wealthy affiliate since 2014 and its the best program I have come across that does what it says.

      It says  –  It will show you how to make money online  –  pretty simple Huh!  But it works and there are a million plus members here that will agree with me and the success stories you just have to read to believe.

      Thank you again for visiting my site and leaving a comment and I wish you nothing but success with your own online efforts.

      Onwards and upwards Wayne and have a really great day.


      Robert Allan

  2. I am a single stay at home mom. I was on google searching for how to earn extra money from home. I really feel inspired by the ideas you pointed out here. Although drop-shipping sounds lucrative, it also seems kind of time consuming to set up. I want something more passive. I am very interested in learning more about affiliate marketing and how to make a commission from recommending other products. I feel like that is something more appropriate with what I am able to work with. The only time I can work on my online business however is when my son is napping in the day. His naps can be anywhere from one to three hours. Eventually I am hoping I can build myself an empire. I like the idea of having flexibility and being able to stay at home with my son.  

    1. Hello Sophia and thank you so much for taking time out of your busy day to visit my website and leave a comment as well.

      I much appreciate it when people do this, and especially busy moms.

      I don’t think Dropshipping would actually suit you Sophia.

      There is a lot of work involved at the initial stages and you being a single mom with limited time would not be able to put all the effort that’s required.

      Affiliate Marketing on the other hand would be a good fit for you.

      After you have a website up and running and people are actually visiting your site all you really have to do is add reviews of the products you will be promoting on it.

      I do realize that with a little one your time table will be somewhat hectic at times but if you can you should create a schedule when you know for certain your son wont be needing any looking after.

      Do this and try to stick to it and you will soon be able to get a lot more work done.

      The more you can get done in those uninterrupted time slots the easier it will become as you progress.

      I hope you come back to my site and read those other articles I have published for moms.

      At the moment there are only four altogether but I will add more in the future.

      Have an awesome day.

      Warmest wishes for your eventual success.

      Robert Allan

  3. A number of ways to make fortune online, I love the free lance writer. creating contents for those who may be too busy to write or for those who might want a more professional writings. 

    it is quite good to know exactly what to write, and the style and creativity in the writing makes the difference. thank you for sharing those links for the free lance writing.

    1. Hello Olonisakin Kehinde 

      Good of you to take the time to read my article.

      yes Freelancing is a great way to get started making money online and from home and it does not cost you anything to get started.

      You can also make pretty decent money from Freelancing and especially after you become know for producing good work.

      The better your work the more you will get work.

      Its a simple equation, but that’s all it takes to become successful as a Freelancer.

      I wish you lots of success in your endevors.

      Have a good one.



  4. This article provides great insight on the many ways one can earn money from home. Better yet, even if one is on a tight budget, there are still endless inexpensive ways to earn money from a home-based business. I’ve even tried a few of these myself and have seen decent results, such as self-publishing and selling my own work, as well as using a blog as a hub for all my products that I market. Thank you for the insight. 

    1. Hello Todd

      Good of you to take the time to leave a comment.

      Yes there are many ways you can earn an income from the internet and I have barely scratched the surface in my article.

      There are also a great many ways you can get started at no cost which is great because then you can find out if you have what it takes to be self employed.

      Good to know you are seeing some positive results from your own online efforts.

      I wish you more success and have a good day wherever you are in the world.

      Best Regards.

      Robert Allan

  5. Hey Robert, great post. I love everything I read in it; it was excellent. You’ve outlined everything a person can do to create an online business and be successful. I just started a shopify store but I haven’t done much with it because I’m doing it under instruction which means that I’m being mentored regarding it. However, I will say that your post is a great resource for people trying to decide how to start a business. Excellent work.

    1. Hi RJ and thank you for your comment.

      Glad you liked it.

      I do try to include as much information as I can into my articles so that visitors can then decide for themselves if its the information they have been looking for.

      I personally have never been involved with Shopify but I’m sure if your mentor knows their stuff you will eventually achieve success.

      As a matter of fact I have been an online Mentor/Tutor for many years and help lots of people achieve their dream of being their own boss.

      Onwards to success RJ and have a great day.


      Robert Allan

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