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Updated 26th April 2019


Make Free Money From Home


Earn extra money, home – Everybody would love to make lots of money quickly, or just some extra money working from home.  A bonus would be if they only had to work a few hours per week. They would also love it if they didn’t have to pay for the privilege. 

Earn Extra Money Home

Have you ever asked yourself  –  Can I make money online for free? I spent years trying to find a way of doing this. Only over the course of these years I didn’t find any that were worth buying into never mind trying for free. Saying that I have found one or two this year and one in particular and I will get to it further down this page.


I’ve been trying to make money online for a long time. I had some small websites, but they never made much more than a few hundred dollars a month. It was easy money and didn’t require much work on my part.  However I knew people who were doing better than I was, and knew I could do as well as them, or even better.


Now, I’ve seen a lot of “get rich quick” programs. Most of these people make claims about earning thousands of dollars online.

home based work Even if they were making $2000 every day with Google, it would be because they had high-traffic websites with a lot of quality articles. I know, because in one whole month, I never even made a quarter of what they promised I’d make daily with their programs.


I decided I’d look through all of the “get rich quick” programs I could find and see if there were any that were actually legit. I found out soon enough that there were owners selling their programs for about a $100.  You know what?  The information in them could be found almost anywhere online for free. Additionally, most of the time that information was way out of date. 


Work From Home Opportunities


In conclusion, almost all of the work home opportunities programs I found were completely useless. The owners knew it, but they couldn’t care less about their customers since they didn’t offer any refund policies! Amazingly, while looking through all of the programs, I actually did find some great legitimate methods and ways of making money from home by doing very little work.

How To Making Money Online

I spent some time working with a couple of those programs, and my income is now slowly climbing each week. These programs provided great information on how to make money on the internet doing very little work.  Most of the people I pointed in their direction actually started making money in the first couple of weeks after joining.


If you decide to purchase any of the programs listed within the Main program, I recommend you join quickly. Of course you don’t actually have to buy any of them.  You can stick to promoting them.  The great thing about the Main program is you get paid instantly no matter what other program(s) you get involved with.  No waiting weeks for a check in the post.


Start Home Business


Anyway if you would like to start an internet business at home its worth taking a looksee if you want to make money for free.  By that I mean absolutely no cash up front.  You only need to have a look at the pages and pages of programs on offer to see the potential.


You don’t have a website?  No problem!  If you start as a free member here you will get two for nothing and the internet hosting is free as well.  You even get to name them yourself.

build a website

To Your Online Success folks, and if you have the time then please leave a comment below.  It will be appreciated and I will reply.


Robert Allan


Hello I have been an affiliate/internet marketer for many years and I'm very successful at it. If you need any help and pointers to earning an online income from home or to start up your own home-based business then please feel free to read the other articles within this site. I'm sure you will go away with lots of tips and advice that will help you get started. Here is a link to my About Me page - http://quickwaysmakemoney.siterubix.com/about-r-allan This other link is my profile within the work from home make money online community I am a member of since 2014. https://my.wealthyaffiliate.com/robert-a


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  1. Raymond Rodriguez

    Omg thank you for referring me to your site. with all the scrambling i have been doing on the internet and stress i have been going through with creating a successful online business I forgot about looking into your work for furthering my education. thank you and have a great day.

    1. Hello Raymond and glad you liked my article on Earning Extra Money At Home.
      Hope you return many times because I know you will go away with even more tips and advice that will help you grow your own home business.
      Onwards and upwards to your eventual success and financial freedom.
      Best Regards.
      Robert Allan

  2. Hi,
    I am a student currently with little savings. Do you think I can join your program? I have not much time due to my activities in the school and I also need to prepare for my exams every quarterly of the year. Have you start to earn money here?

    1. Hi Jacob

      It depends what program you mean.

      The PaySpree one is a great program for people on a low income or they are a student or unemployed simply because it cost nothing to start.

      All you have to do is choose which programs you would like to make money from and take it from there.

      I did mention that having your own website would be a great idea then you could advertise as many programs as you wanted and thereby earn more income.

      I did mention another one called Wealthy Affiliate and when you join this one, again totally free.  You would receive two websites for free.

      They would be hosted on the internet for you free of charge and you call them whatever you want to.

      The maintenance is also taken care of for you free of charge as well.

      Therefore with two websites and access to a great many other programs to put on them you could have several income streams.

      You would have to work at it of course and spend perhaps at the least a couple of hours each day.

      Websites don’t build themselves and neither does the writing get done itself.

      This being said there is no reason on the planet why you can’t make money at home in your spare time.

      Worth thinking about anyway and if you do join Wealthy Affiliate make sure you get in touch and I will help you all I can as will nearly a million other members.

      To your future success Jacob and please do visit again.


      Robert Allan

  3. Robert, this is a very well presented site and very open and honest in sharing your experience and knowledge.
    I can really relate to all those get rich quick scams a I have seen heaps of them. If you show an interest in 1 cookies grab your info and you are sent many many more all making big promises and all wanting to take your money. You are right about WA, its reasonably priced and the content and learning is second to none. .I would certainly endorse all that you have said about WA.
    I enjoyed the read and the quirky little animation pointing to other articles was good too. Well said

    1. Hello Judy

      Thank you for reading my article and for your comment.

      I do try to give the best information I can by researching before I actually put an article together.

      People have to trust your opinion and if your info is based on your own due diligence and backed up by facts then you can’t really go wrong.

      Like you I have come across many scams and I must admit in the early days I did fall foul of them.

      But being duped is also a learning experience and I put that to good use with my articles on this site and my other two.



      You will find lots of great articles covering virtually every aspect of earning an income from the internet.

      This includes the very first steps you must take in order to create a home business or start a work from home job.

      If you have the time it will be time well spent.

      Wealthy Affiliate will get anyone started with step by step training as well and of course you get two websites to create and build out in order to make money from the net.

      Glad you liked my site and my little guy pointing to other home work opportunities.

      Please do visit again as I publish articles on a regular basis.

      Sincere regards and much success to you.

      Robert Allan

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