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Updated 21st September 2019


How To Earn Money Online For A…

how to earn money with the internet


Hi Folks


Earn Money Online, Do you want to earn a reasonable amount of money in the shortest time to help you fund absolutely anything you want to?


Let me ask you this question in a simpler way. 

Are you forever short of money, and would you like to know how you can have more of it?


Silly question really because everyone would like that, Right?


Well I have the perfect solution to your money problems!


The Total Amount of Money That Its Possible For You To Make Is A Massive $88,000 – and all in 6 Short Phases.


  1. You don’t need to meet any unrealistic requirements.
  2. You don’t need to have a full phase level to receive your money.
  3. You don’t need to have a phase completed to receive your money.
  4. You don’t need any previous skills or experience.
  5. You don’t have to pay huge admin fees.


on how to earn money on the internet in


With access to the internet you can also do this anywhere in the world on your PC, Laptop, Tablet and Smartphone.


And to be totally fair to all of the members the only requirement made is that the software makes sure that you automatically follow the same person who referred you through all of the phases. This way nobody passes anyone up and… nobody gets left behind.


There is no waiting to receive your money either.  As soon as someone signs up, you receive their donation in your Friends Funding Friends account.  Our proprietary software takes care of everything automatically for you from there.


The small admin fee that gets paid to the company goes toward company expenses and to advertise Friends Funding Friends for all of its members.  This helps bring in new people for its existing members.


To Get Started


A one time payment of just $30 one-time can give you the potential to receive a substantial amount of money to help you fund absolutely anything you want to. After that initial thirty dollars you are actually making money without spending another penny.


All you have to do is go to the web page and learn –


how to earn money online for a…


  • New Car
  • Down Payment For A House
  • New Clothes
  • Get Out Of Debt
  • Retirement Fund
  • New Business Venture
  • A Favorite Charity


And the list goes on and on.


How much money can you receive?


Take a look at the incredible Company Promoted and Company Advertised First Phase diagram below.  We think you will be truly amazed at how simple yet how much you could be receiving.


how to make quick money online


Step #1 To get started you first donate to a friend by clicking the PayPal donate button, or the Authorize.net donate button to use your credit card.  Because you are donating to help fund a friend or anybody else. 


Please be aware that once your donation is made you there are no refunds because it will now be part of the system that pays the membership of which you are now part of.


Step #2 After you have donated you will be taken to the thank you page where you will be able to sign up as an affiliate to become eligible to start receiving your money.


We help promote Friends Funding Friends for all of the members. This will include you as soon as you join.


This is truly 100% done for you!


Don’t delay, sign up today with that one time thirty dollars and you’re on your way to that $88,000 and live the good life.


how to make money to retire


Just click on this link and you are taken to the Home Page.


Once there you will read some of what I have said here and a lot more.  There are two buttons near the bottom of the page that you can use to pay your $30 and that’s it really.


It truly is worth a look folks.  What have you got to lose?  It just might be the opportunity you have been looking for to change your life, and give you some financial independence.  It would be a great way for you to start an online home business and still have plenty of money left over to live the good life.


You can also listen to this Conference Call – it answers a lot of questions you probably want the answer to.


Onwards To Success Folks.


And Best Wishes For That Success.


Robert Aitchison

Start Making Easy Money


how to earn money with the internet


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  1. This is very interesting. I’m just wondering if anyone can join from any country?
    Thank you.

    1. Hello Christine and yes anyone can join although there are a few exceptions because of scammers.

      These are the ones banned from joining for free


      Here is the link to join if you want to and if you do then make sure you look me up and I will help you all I can.


      Enjoy your day.

      Best Regards.

      Robert Allan

      1. Hello Robert,
        Thank you for your reply.
        I’m asking about the Friends Funding Friends Program.
        Anyone can join from any country?
        Can we get pay via PalPal?

        1. Yes anyone can join Christine.
          However since you were here the last time Friends Funding Friends have started asking for more money subscription.
          They say its for a better commission rate but you have to pay the new subscription every month.
          This being so I have decided that they are not keeping to their original agreement and I am going to leave.
          If you have the money to pay monthly then I suggest you work for yourself.
          You can do this by joining wealthy affiliate.


          Best Regards.
          Robert Allan

  2. Hi Robert Allan,

    This is really an interesting earn money online program  – Friends Funding Friends. After reading the whole article, it comes to mind that whether this is some sort of pyramid scheme or not? 

    One interesting thing l noted that this program is “done for you” system if l don’t recruit any new friends to donate do l still entitled to the funds?

    Thank you for this great opportunity.

    1. Hi Shui Hyen
      I appreciate you taking the time to leave your comment.
      No the program is not a pyramid scheme.
      You only pay a one time fee.
      You also do not have to do anything, and this is even if you do not have friends who will join it under you because the programs software does the work for you.
      Yes you are still entitled to the funds although it will take you longer to achieve the full amount.
      You can of course withdraw your funds at any time but then you would have to start again. (you do have to pay the fee again)
      You can of course start again as many times as you want to.
      Friends Funding Friends is well worth thinking about.
      I myself have achieved the full amount and I’m half-way towards achieving it again.
      Have a great day wherever you are.

  3. HI, I’ve read it completely. Here are important things to talk about online income. It has many advantages, The work can be done only by laptop or desktop. I think it will help a lot to overcome the unemployment of any country. I applaud it. It will be a confidence in unemployed people.

    Thank you so much for sharing this.

    1. Hello
      Thank you for reading my article from beginning to end.
      It shows you are really interested in making money from the internet at home.
      If you need any more information be sure to get in touch.
      have a nice day wherever you are in the world.
      Warmest wishes for your success.

  4. Hi Robert 

    I have just read your excellent review with all necessary information about How To Earn Money from online. Really this is an awesome article. Now a days online is the best way to earn money from the internet. By reading your article I have learned that one can earn 88,000 dollars with this. And we can start this earning process by invest only 30 dollars. This money making idea is very interesting. I am going to share it with my friends and relatives so that they can take the benefits from this. Thanks a lot for sharing this great article.

    1. Hello, thank you for taking the time to read my article.
      Yes it is an easy way to make money online and at only thirty dollars its a steal.
      The best thing about is of course you don’t have to do any work.
      saying that if you do promote the program you will earn the money quicker and all you need to start is get three friends to sign up under you.
      Surely you have three friends who will be interested in making easy as well?
      Here’s to your success and have a very nice day.

  5. I just check your website today and read some of your blogs. I don’t see any negative side on your side, Because you really have a healthy website, An excellent article. We young people will learn more about online business or how to make money because of your articles. I cannot wait to read more about your blog, how to earn more money online and how much time should I spend with an online business. I am just new here in WA so I need also to read your blogs thank you very much and great job on helping people.   

    Best wishes.


  6. Hi Robert,

    Nowadays many businesses work through online marketing. I have read a total review of the Friends Funding Friend before reading your review. If I did not read this blog, I could not find the details about Friends Funding Friend before reading your review. I think online marketing is going to be the best demand always for an online business owner. There is no end to interest online. Especially among young people, anxiety is rising. It can be beneficial for you to achieve timely work skills and prepare yourself for training. Do not forget that there is no shortage of work on one side of the Internet; on the other hand, there is no end to the needs of the person who work. I found your article very good and realized that the information is really valuable. I am very excited to read your article online. I want to know that to create a website to work online? How much time do I have to pay? Thanks for sharing this excellent article.

    1. Hi and thank you for your visit and for your input via your comment.
      Yes indeed there are a lot of people, young and not so young who would like to earn money from the internet.
      The Friends Funding Friends program is an ideal way for them to get started working online from home.
      With the Friends Funding Friends program you do not need to create a website. After you join the program software does the work for you as it does for all who join.

      You can promote the program if you want to but you don’t need a website for that either.
      You can simply promote it on Social Media sites you have an account with.
      You also have lots of time to pay to join.
      Nobody is forcing you to join right away so take your time and decide if its for you or not.
      I have to tell you I have a lot of people join every day.

      Whatever you decide to do I wish you success.
      Onwards and upwards to that success.
      With best regards.

  7. Hi Robert,

    I have read the whole article how to earn money in shortest time.actually I am new in wealthy affiliate platform and I was looking for such an opportunity. I think it is a great opportunity for the beginner who wants to make an income in their limited time.  After reading your article i can learn that one can earn $88,000. I am very interesting in this.I am going to share this with my friends who are looking for such opportunity. But like others i am also a little bit concern about it’s payment method.perhaps  Thank you very much for sharing this article with us  

    1. Hello
      Thank you for your comment, much appreciated.
      You should not have any concerns about the payment methods.
      You pay your one time thirty dollars and the program software takes over to advertise for all the members of the program.
      If you listen to the pre-recorded conference call it does give you a lot of information.
      Here is the link again –


      If you want to you can promote the program just like you do in wealthy affiliate.

      Just add it to your site as another affiliate program.

      I wish you success and if you get stuck drop me a line or two and I will do my best to help.
      Have a great day wherever you are in the world.
      Best regards.

  8. Hi Robert

    I have read the article about make money online. This is really very helpful article.I have learned about earning money from online reading your article that we can started this earning process by invest only 30 dollars. This money-making method is very interesting. I will share this great article with my friends and relatives. Thank you very much for sharing the opportunity.

    1. Hello and thank you for taking the time to read my article and leave a comment.
      Glad you found the information helpful in your quest to earn an income from the internet.
      If you decide to join then I wish you success.
      Have a great day today and all the days to come.
      Be successful.

  9. Hello Robert,

    Friends Funding Friends system looks very interesting to me. I did not know about it before reading your review. I think it is a worthy place for investing my 30 dollars. Do all I need to do is just donate $30 and sign up? That’s it? Is there any other things to do? If not, then it is the most easy and fun thing to do.

    Thanks for sharing with us. Waiting for your reply. 🙂


    1. Hi Radeet
      Yes Friends Funding Friends is very simple.
      Also yes you pay your thirty dollars and that is it, you do not have to do anything else and there are no hidden fees.
      If you decided to promote the program then of course you will achieve your goal that much faster.
      I am promoting as this article proves and I am well on my way to achieving my goal.
      After I do I will register again and start over again and make the 88,000 again.
      I wish you success.

  10. Dear Robert,

    This is an interesting and helpful post. I can tell you I have taken some great insights from this post.

    I believe this post is going to be very helpful for the newbies trying to make money online. How I wish I had found your post sooner when I first started to make money online! I had to go through the old way of trial, errors and losing money to scams.

    I really enjoyed the content and in the manner that you presented it. Also the investment is affordable so this is on my list and the concept is simple. You left no stone up-turned in explaining how this method works. Best wishes to you, your family and your success, Warm Regards,Paul

    1. Hello again Paul on your second visit to my site.
      It is a simple program even for those who have very little online experience because they do not have to do anything once they pay their thirty dollars.
      Of course they will make money quicker if they promote the program as well but it is doable and that is what counts.
      If you do decide to give it a go I am sure you will do well and have success.
      Onwards and upwards to that success Paul.
      Have a good one.
      Warmest Regards.

  11. Hello Robert your article is very interesting and I’ve replied once so hope you dont mind the questions. I would like to know if I have to build a website and how many hours a day do I need to put into it. I know having a business you have to put effort into it which I am willing to put into it. Thats not a problem.I want to make sure I know whats all involved before I take the plunge and I am going to read everything you have on your site

    1. Hi Again Dorothy
      I replied to your other comment.
      No you do not have to build a website and you don’t have to put any time into it.
      However if after you signup you signup as an affiliate as well you are given a link which you can use to promote the program.
      This being so the more you put into it the more you will get out of it.
      Its entirely up to you how much time you want to spend with it as an affiliate.
      As I said in my other reply the software does the work for all the members but of course if you promote it and get people to signup then you will achieve your target that much quicker.
      You have any more questions then by all means get in touch.
      Onwards and upwards to success Dorothy and have an awesome day wherever you are.

  12. Hi Robert, This sounds like a very easy way to make potentially good side-income money online over time with little risk. I understand that this system is really good for people who don’t want to learn new skills or don’t have time to advertise themselves. I like that it is initially a simple one-time payment that we make, after which we reinvest numerous times until it reaches $88,000. I’m really excited by this concept and will definitely give it a shot. I also know of friends that would like this chance for some extra money Thank you for sharing this opportunity!

    1. Hi John and thank you for dropping by my site and leaving a comment.
      Yes its a very simple concept and not to be confused with similar programs.
      These oither programs usually want a signup fee upfront then they hit you with further demands for extras.
      Not so with this one.
      You pay $30 one time and that’s it.
      The software takes over and you don’t need to do anything else.
      Of course you can become an affiliate and promote it and that way you will achieve your end result that much quoicker but its up to you what you want to do.
      Either just pay the signup fee and wait or hurry things along by becoming an affiliate.
      I have to add there is no additional fee for becoming an affiliate.
      If you are thinking of telling your friends to sign up as well then that is an excellent way of achieving your target quicker.
      I wish you every success John.
      Have a great day.

  13. Well I’m very interested in this, but is it really possible to make that much in 6months. I would also like to know if it is just $30 and no other hidden fees, as most online businesses have hidden fees that people dont know about. You said this was an affliliate program and there are 6 phases to go through. Now this $30 is it in US funds or Canadian funds, the reason I ask is I joined a program for a certain amount then when I got my credit card bill it was a few hundred dollars more than what I was expecting and was explained after the fact why it was so high in price.. I have put much time into what I am doing right now and as of yet have not made one cent in doing so and it can be frustrating at times. I am going to go check this out and if theres anymore information you could give me it would be greatly appreciated


    1. Hi There Dorothy and thank you for your visit and your comment.
      Yes its extremely possible to make that kind of money in six months.
      No there are no hidden costs.
      Its a one time payment of thirty dollars and that’s it. No surprises with hidden fees like you got with that other program.
      Why not open a Pay{al account and that way you will have control what you pay.
      I have been using PayPal for a few years now and nver had any problems with it.
      The software actually does the work for you and the entire membership but you can promote it as an affiliate.
      Of course once you do become an affiliate you will reach your target that much quicker and don’t forget you can withdraw your earnings at any time.
      Then when you have completed the six phases you can simply signup again and do it all over again.
      Here’s to yoyr success Dorothy.
      Enjoy your day.

  14. I can definitely see how this system can work. Even if I don’t earn $88,000 I would be happy with something like $10,000. Right now I’m just looking to make some money online and that $30 investment is nothing compared to what I could earn. Have you tried this yourself? Can everybody earn money doing this? I would love to start earning money as soon as possible.

    1. Hello There
      To answer your questions

      Yes I joined
      Yes I make money from it
      Yes anyone can make money from it

      You don’t actually have to do anything as the software does all the work for you.
      Of course you can be an affiliate and promote the program and make more money quicker to reach that ultimate goal of $88,000.
      You also don’t have to wait.
      If your target is $10,000 then you can take your money out when you reach that target.
      You wont know until you try though so the sooner, the better.
      here is my link again –


      Onwards to success and have a great day.

  15. Hi Robert,

    It is nice post. I did not know about Friends Funding Friend before reading your review. After reading your review, I found it really interesting and I realized that, its really worth a try. No longer waiting, I am going through it. Also, I am going to share with my friends and family members.

    Thank you so much for sharing with us.


    1. Hello Radeet and thank you for your visit and comment.
      The program is real easy to follow and you don’t have to do anything because the software does all the work for you.
      Here is a link to a conference call and it will give you all the information you need.


      It does answer a lot of questions.
      Yes please do share it with family and friends.
      Onwards to success Radeet and have a great day,
      Warmest Regards.

  16. Hi, I have read the article about make money online, I found here an awesome money making site which is “Friends-Funding-Friends”, I learned about “Friends-Funding-Friends” for the first time through your article, this money making method is very interesting, I am interested to join here. Thank you very much for sharing the opportunity.

    1. Hello Paul and thank you for reading my article.
      It is an awesome way to earn money online.
      The principle is simple.
      You work with the program as you would with any other one that requires you to sell or promote.
      The principle is simple enough.
      You get people to sign up to the program and you get the lions share of their thirty dollars and they in turn will receive the highest percentage of other people’s thirty dollars.
      It will soon mount up to quite a big sum Paul, and the longer you leave your money in your account the bigger will be your pot at the end.
      Something worth working towards wouldn’t you agree?
      At the end of the day only you can decide if you want an 88,000 pay day or not.
      Have a great day Paul and hope you decide to take part.
      Warmest Regards.

  17. This is wonderful rhema and I am not joking, if course eighty eight thousand dollars is not a joke, and it would go a very long way  to solve almost all my present problems and predicaments. But then, how am I going to be assured that my money would actually yield the eighty eight thousand, plus how long is it going to take before I am able to make that much? 

    1. Hi Oneal
      The program is a great way to make a substantial amount of money.
      How long will it take you to earn the full amount.
      This will depend how hard you want to work at it.
      If like most people you will work like crazy and finish the first phase and maybe the second phase in no time at all but then you will see the money in your account and you will withdraw it and not bother too much with the next phase.
      That is not the way to work with the program.
      You must stay focus and dedicated to completing all the 6 phases and get the big money.
      After that you can simply start again and with your previous experience of achieving all 6 phases the first time it should not take you near as long to achieve success again.
      At the end of the day its like anything else in life.
      You will get out of it what you are prepared to put into it.
      I wish you success and an awesome day today and the days to come.

  18. Hi,

    After reading your article, I have understood the new opportunity of earning money online. I believe it will be helpful for beginners also and don’t need any expertise or special skill for that scope. But I have a little bit concern about payment terms and task we need to complete. Is there any step by step guideline for doing this task? Is there any payment proof to any payment method? I am looking forward for your answer. Thank you for writing this post.

    1. Hello Mzakapon
      Thank you for taking timeout to read my article and for your comment.
      The Friends Funding Friends program is very similar to other make money from home as an affiliate programs.
      Only you just pay the one time and a small part of that goes to pay your next phase and a small part of what you earn from the second phase goes to pay for the third and so on and son on until you complete all six.
      However you can take your earnings out at any time.
      Just like any other affiliate program you promote Friends Funding Friends the same way you would do those affiliate programs.
      If you go to the home page you have access to the frequently asked questions page and you will find answers to your questions about payment there.
      You should join through PayPal and you will have the option to be paid through PayPal as well so there is no need to worry about being paid.
      The only task you need to do is to promote the program the same way you would any other.
      I wish you success.

      Now onwards to that success and join asap to get started.



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