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21st September 2019


Home Based Income – From Home Based Business


Not so long ago home based business opportunitiesincome from home business or work at home jobs were more commonplace and popular in the United States than in Europe. However, the European countries quickly caught on to this phenomenon of earning a living from home.  In fact it has spread all over the world, and people from all walks of life are taking the plunge and starting an at home business or work at home job where they are the boss.


The advantages to a home based business are evident.  Low cost, flexible working hours and tax benefits, to name but a few. But these advantages have actually been around for quiet a few years, so why the sudden growth? Why do so many people want to start their own home based business?  Why would a online home business be a good thing to consider for so many people?


work online home


First of all there is worldwide economic uncertainty and lots of economies are either facing a recession or are in the middle of one.  Watch the news on TV or open any of the daily newspapers and you cannot miss articles on companies downsizing and laying off employees by the thousands.


Working online and from home offers people the chance to generate an extra income alongside their monthly paycheck from their day job. This kind of extra income has proven a great help to lots of families across the world.


Of course lots of people have made a full time living out of their business, and a great many have become millionaires. This level of success, although achievable to anyone willing to do the work, won’t be for most people. Most people who start a home business do so on a part time business working just a few hours a week and earning them a few hundred bucks a month.


Then there is the phenomenon of cocooning, where the consumers try to shield themselves from all sorts of marketing phone or email messages. Do-not-call lists are in place, making it harder and harder for companies to get their messages across to the consumers. Network marketing, which is based on providing a service or product to the potential customers based on personal relationships delivers a strong answer to these challenges.


Low Cost Home Business Opportunities


More and more traditional companies have discovered that online network marketing is a very cost effective way to reach consumers.


Of course companies can’t forget about the web. This internet technology has greatly helped in making the world smaller.  It makes it a lot easier to find and disseminate information. Network marketing companies have pioneered the web to inform, train and motivate their independent distributors and agents.


make money working home online


Then there is the cost of home office equipment which has decreased considerably. These days you can set up a home business office for next to nothing simply because what you need, you probably already have. Some may argue that you don’t even need that much. Any computer with an internet connection and a phone would be enough for most people to operate their home business.


This makes it affordable for anyone who wants to start a home based business. Compare this to the cost of running a normal bricks and mortar business and it becomes clear why more and more people are being attracted to a home based opportunity.


There is also the growing lack of trust in the corporatehow to work online from home world. Not so long ago, people where used to having a job for life. Or at least until they decided to quit. Nowadays lots of people have come to realize that job security is a joke.  With lots of people losing their jobs they in fact found out that they were nothing but a number to their corporate employer.


Those faceless corporate employers don’t care that you have to go out to find another job to feed your family. Its also a fact that you might have read in the company newsletter of your employer boasting about the importance of their human assets when in the end in turns out the employees where considered human asses.


Advantages Of Working Online From Home


Network marketing not only offers people a chance to generate some extra income, it also provides them with the opportunity to get some of their dignity back. It also helps them realize that they don’t necessarily have to depend on their employers paying them.


how earn extra money from home


The support structures that lots of good network marketing companies offer are a great help to individuals joining this type of business. Not only will they receive the proper training on their company’s products and services, they will also be educated on personal development


The advantages of working online from home are evident and in the near future you will certainly see more of it. Looking at today’s trends in the economy it doesn’t take a genius to figure out that the era of huge international companies offering jobs for life has ended. Its time to have the courage to bet on yourself again, and a home based business or a work from home job is a great way to do it.  So…


Isn’t it about time you fired your boss before they fire you?


For those people that decide to take this step, taking a serious look at work online from home for yourself is common sense. Even in a time where common sense isn’t that common anymore either, you can certainly see that the advantages outweigh the disadvantages.


Read on and find out more…


Based Business Home Marketing Network Opportunity


In most of articles on this website I have outlined what you must do in order to get started with an Internet Home Based Business and/or Online Home Based Business.  I have covered many aspects of creating, marketing and the real time modifications that need to be made on a regular basis.  Owning your own online website is a very attractive and obtainable goal for many people who want to be their own boss. The rest of this article will give you some insight into how to easily get you own online business started quickly.


online income from home


You can see the demand for internet work from home by the observing the key words used as search terms on a daily basis such as;


  • home internet based business opportunity
  • work from home based business opportunity
  • mlm network marketing home based business multi
  • lead generation home based business internet marketing
  • franchise business opportunity
  • how to start a home based business
  • free startup home business no start up cost


These are just a few of the thousands of searches made daily, and you probably used a similar one that got you to this page.


Home Based Business Ideas


The Internet is an excellent vehicle for many people in achieving their home business goals. What better way is there to reach millions of people on a regular basis?


The startup cost for an online business is minimal, and sometimes free. Where else could you get a business that offers such margins and cost so little and reach so many people?


Many people are achieving financial freedom utilizing the Internet. You have to be willing to do a lot of research to find the best online business ideas that match your particular skill sets. You also have to sift through the hundreds of programs so that you can narrow down the choices to the best of the best. Not the scams or worst of the worst.


My suggestion is to either use a website like this one of mine that has researched and eliminated the companies that will only waste both your time and money or spend many hours doing the research yourself. I cannot tell you how important the research is. It is mandatory. While other people will offer many different ideas for types of home based business and work at home opportunities, I am going to focus on a Online Business with a website.


know your strengths and weaknesses

Once you have selected a home-based business that you wish to start based on your skills set and previous experience, if any, you will need to look at the following areas:


  1. Website creation (If you are going to have an online website)


  1. Online Companies, Affiliates and various offers for your customers.


  1. Marketing your website (How will you get people to visit to your site?).


  1. The ability to change or maintain your website in real time mode.


What I realized when I started looking is that I did not have to be the creator of the business system. I decided to look for an online system that would encompass the website creation.  It would also have a broad range of possibilities to choose from.  Step-by-step guidance on how to market my website and rules and guidelines on advertising.  I also wanted to have total control of my business and the ability to modify it when necessary.


Build Business With A Website


After much research on the Internet I was able to find a proven system that would fast track me and my online business.  I would also have my own business website.  In actual fact it answered all 4 of the areas I have mentioned above.


In following a proven system I figured my chances for success would go up and I could take the saved time and put it toward making money faster. It worked for me and as long as you follow the same proven system I know it will work for you too even if you are a complete beginner.


Please feel free to read about this system by clicking on this link.  I would also greatly appreciate it if you would take the time to leave a comment below and let me know your own thoughts on working from home with an online business. 


I always appreciate getting messages pertaining to my articles or my site. The feedback is important to me because it lets me know that I have given the information that visitors to my site have been looking for.


Onwards to your success folks, and have an awesome day wherever in the world you live.



Robert Allan

how to start a an online business



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  1. Claudia H. Blanton

    I am so glad that you mentioned the tax benefits – I have not seen many people mentioning that.

    What I like about being a business owner from home, is that I can work it despite my chronic illnesses and disabilities, and it allows me to be with my kids when they need me.



    1. Hello Claudia and thank you for stopping by and reading my article.

      Thank you for your comment as well and good to know you have your own online business.

      I too have disabilities and they have not and never have been a barrier to me earning an income from the internet.

      As you can see from the information contained in my article Tax benefits are not the only benefit of having your own online business.

      The fact that you can school your children at home must be a great saving for you in daily costs.

      You also get to spend more time with them and if they are sick you never have to take sick days off from an employer.

      You also don’t have babysitting costs or child care and of course you save on transport costs as well.

      I see you are a member of Wealthy Affiliate as well so if you ever need any more tips and advice then get in touch and I will help you all I can.

      Onwards And Upwards To Success Claudia And Have An Awesome day.


      Robert Allan

  2. I think building a home based business is one of the best ideas anyone can do … IF they are willing to put in the work.

    Like anything in life you usually get what you put in — so if you work hard and deligently on your business each and every day — I see no reason why you can’t succeed.

    However if you work hard for a month or 2 then call it quits — you might be better of getting a real job.

    1. Hello Michael

      You seem to be a regular visitor to my website so first of all thank you for that and for leaving your comments.

      Of course like any other business or a normal 9 to 5 job you have to put in the work to be successful at it.

      Absolutely no point if doing a little work and expect to get rewarded for it.

      Running a home business does take time to get established and it could be quite a few weeks or even months before you see a return of your investment of time and effort.

      saying that the rewards are there as long as you stick at it.

      Quite a lot of people do start a second job on the internet or a home business as a part time venture and this is ok because then at least you will still have your wages from your full time job to help you over the initial start up.

      Also if you decide a home business or job is not for you then you always have that other employment so all you lose is a little time.

      I wish you success whatever you are doing Michael and if I can help you with any problems you ae having then drop me a line or two and I will be happy to point you in the right direction.


      Robert Allan

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