How Can I Make Money Online – When I’m Not Happy In My 9 To 5

Updated 21st September 2019


How To Establish A Job Or Business At Home And Earn Good Money From The Internet


I read recently that there have been several instances that the work conditions of employees are being poached at a maximum remuneration for their services.  In fact its becoming a barefaced practice and will be a continuing trend in the years to come.


 reason for leaving a job

But when it comes to personal levels of dissatisfaction in the workplace and depression sets in, this results from overwork and less payment.  There are also countless cases about harassment in the workplace which are becoming very common. More often than not this practice is seen as a motivation tactic by the bosses.  They couldn’t be more wrong, and I just know that many of the readers of this article will agree with me.


A great many of those people who are dissatisfied with their lot in the workplace are asking themselves  –  How can I make money online if I’m not happy in my 9 to 5?  Working at home with a job or business is usually the result of the heavy workload in a 9 to 5 job. 


Is a job you can do from home or a home business for you though?


So the question is.  If it is something you are really interested in getting started, when is the most appropriate time that you should start working at home?


Although there is no scarcity of work at home offers, you should think first before you jump right in. It has been the best kept secret that the successful online home based business owners have jumped right in at the deep end.  Because of this a lot of home business owners have made it big in a short period of time.


Be it in advertising or promotion, there are many developments when you are dealing with the global markets where sub-standard business does not make anything. As a conclusion, its believed that a couple of years experience in a particular 9 to 5 job will give you the experience needed and make you home business-ready.


Make Money Internet


There are so many accepted online home based business opportunities to make money on the internet.  These include but certainly not limited to  –  processing, website promotion, medical billing, online marketing, and most of all direct sales.


But in order to make it to the top among other home based online business you should be prepared to work at it and should be aware of the circumstances of that business.


how to create a website business

For example, if you are taking a job of online promotion at home, but you do not reach the time limit.  In this situation you might lose money instead of making any. There are also cases that marketing at home causes a delay in income.


You should think twice if you are planning to invest in an online home business. Some people think that its a betrayal against your company or your boss as well.


But no question, there is real freedom in a home based online business opportunity. It also gives you a more enjoyable business lifestyle. Of course one of the greatest benefits that home business guarantees is the earning profitability it can generate.


In order to be successful in this line of business you must be creative and should be an open-minded person. There are countless online home based business owners who achieve everything in their line of work because they are absolutely one hundred percent committed to it.


An online home based business needs an extra effort. Do not ever believe that by this business you will earn millions without doing something. You should plan for a successful online home based business. You should have a positive outlook regarding the business.


Based on you expertise, experience, and resources you should learn how to create a business that’s unique to other ones.


how to start a home business

In establishing this kind of business, ideas alone do not make anything. It is you who can make these things happen. You should learn how to turn your goals into a reality. A decision to start a home business by superficial motivation might make the business the worst enterprise you have ever went into.


You should also be aware of the home based businesses that are only pure gimmicks, and some of those are outright scams. Learn how the business works and check the legitimacy of the source. You should also see the credibility of the opposite party before taking any job online.


How Can I Make Money Online At – Home, on Vacation, Anywhere I have access to the internet.


work from home on computer

So to finish  –  Can you make a living online, and from home?  The answer is Yes You Can!  The best part of it is, you don’t have to actually be at home.  You can be anywhere on the planet as long as you can connect to the internet.


Go here and read about how an online how to make money internetprogram can help you achieve all that you desireIt costs nothing to join and you get websites for free and those sites are hosted for you on the internet free of charge as well.


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So you see you have nothing to lose but the time it takes you to read the web pages via the menu at the top of the screen.


Hope to see you soon and I will help you all I can to get started.

Warmest Regards.

Robert Allan


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  1. Hello Robert

    This is a great article. I do believe that we have the ability to turn our interests and ideas into a business that you can do from the comfort of your own home. Having the desire to create that freedom is what drives you.

    Your article makes some good points when it comes to a job. If you are working in the field that interests you, I do think that you can use that job experience and knowledge to contribute to your business.

    All the best


    1. Hello Haleema

      Thank you for visiting my website and taking the time to leave a comment.

      Its always better when you decide to go into business for yourself to know something about the particular field.

      Then you can write with some authority and this will come across in your articles or the reviews you write about your own product or the products you promote for others.

      People like to see that what they are reading about has been written by someone who knows what they are talking about.

      They will then tell other people and the word spreads.

      Word of mouth is a great advertiser for any business.

      I hope you read some of my other articles as well and if not then please return as I know you will go away with a lot more tips and advice that will aid you in your own online efforts.

      Have a great day and be successful.


      Robert Allan

  2. It so amazing to see the number of people that are turning to this line for work. I believe that the internet has changed the way we live and do business. Just to know that you can work without ever leaving home and making a good living with that. I believe that this is one of the best business to get into.

    1. Hello Norman

      I believe you have visited my website before and left a comment.

      Glad you returned because its telling me you liked the information you garnered from my other article(s).

      This websites sole intention is to give as much information as I possibly can so that the visitors can make an informed decision whether an online job they can do from home or an actual online business they can run from home is for them or not.

      make no mistake though.

      Working from home does take some dedication and commitment.

      You do have to work hard at it and you certainly wont get rich quick or overnight as some scammers would have you believe.

      As you say working from home is a great business to get in and as long as you are prepared to do the work you will achieve success.

      if you have joined wealthy affiliate then make sure you contact me anytime you are stuck and I will do my best to help you.

      There is also 24/7, 365 days a year help and support.

      This is not just from the owners but from almost a million other members.

      You wont be left to struggle on your own.

      This being said  –  onwards and upwards to your eventual success.

      have a great Friday and the weekend round the corner.


      Robert Allan

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