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Updated 21st September 2019


How To Do Marketing For Your Home Business



How to marketing – Home businesses, like other businesses, aren’t successful just because they exist.  If you want to work at home, you have to learn about marketing your home based business.


Marketing depends in large part on the type of business you have.  Marketing on the internet as in e-commerce marketing works for most kinds of home business.  You should have some kind of plan in place as well.  Even if you plan the bulk of your business from your local area, having a website adds professionalism. When sending emails, make sure you include information about your business in your signature file.


business plan marketing plan

When emailing former clients, let them know you enjoyed working with them and want them to remember you for future projects.


Look for ways to meet potential customers. Go to trade meetings or conventions. Of course, if your home based business is also internet-based, it is essential for you to learn to market on the internet.  Techniques for marketing a home based business on the web include pay-per-click advertising, weblogs, and your website.  You can also network online through message boards and mailing lists.


An often overlooked tool for marketing a home based business is staying in touch with former clients. You can do this through the phone or through email. Email is often the preferred choice because potential clients look at email when they have time and are not busy. Also for example if you are selling or promoting pet products, attend dog shows and county fairs.


 how to start affiliate marketing online

The major ways to for marketing a home based business in e-Commerce are similar to other businesses (see above graphic). Find customers you can serve and find ways to let them know you exist. After they become clients, serve them well and ask for future business. This is how you keep your business running.


Examples Of Marketing Strategies For Small Business


If you own a website or other small business on the internet, you need customers.  With all the competing websites, how do they find you?


You need to have some good strategies for marketing an online business. One of the most used strategies for marketing an online business is learning to get a high search engine ranking. If you don’t rank highly you may have difficulty being found.


Best Way To SEO


There are some key methods for high ranking. Start by keeping everything on your site relevant to the subject. This makes good sense anyway because once the customer has found you, you want them to stick around. 


online marketing

Choose a domain name and website title that fit well with your business keywords. Your title should be easy to remember. Links to your website make a difference in search engine rankings, so contact sites that offer information complementing yours and ask for reciprocal links.


Be aware that this information can change as search engines redesign their methods for relevant results.


Pay-Per-Click Advertising Works And Its Benefits


Another strategy for marketing an online business is to use pay-per-click advertising. This can be a fast way to get listed high in the search engines. There are several providers of pay-per-click advertising. It pays to check out a variety to see which suits your needs the best.


how PPC works

Weblogs are a newer source for marketing an online business. They tend to rank well, and consumers like them. Use your blog to talk about your industry and provide links to your website. Blogs add a lot to your marketing program and can be fun to write.


Article Marketing Strategy – Effective Marketing Strategies For Small Business


One of the best strategies is to write articles and to submit your article to directories. Below the graphic are just a few of the benefits you’ll receive by submitting articles to article directories:


marketing articles

  1. Increase the incoming links pointing to your website – Search engines use links as a gauge for determining how “important” your website is. Search engines view each link pointing to your site as a “vote” and the more votes your website receives, the higher the rankings!


  1. Boost your website traffic, sales, and newsletter options – When you submit articles to an article directory, your articles can be picked up by other websites, newsletters, and ezines. This will create additional traffic and result in more exposure!


  1. Gain “expert” status and become recognized as an authority in your field – By publishing quality information packed articles, you’ll soon enjoy the status of being seen as an authority on your topic. This can lead to joint ventures and many other exciting opportunities that you would have never enjoyed otherwise!


Marketing an online business is essential for success. Use all the marketing strategies at your disposal and watch your traffic grow.


I did mention above  –  Boost Your Website Traffic  –  To do this you of course need a website for the site visitors to land on.


If you go here you can build your own site for free.


To your online success folks and have a fantastic day wherever you live in the world.




Robert Allan


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  1. Hey Robert,
    I enjoyed your article on internet marketing. You provide a really comprehensive general overview of how the process of online marketing works . I really enjoyed your comments regarding keeping in touch with former clients and getting them on an email list to stay in touch with them. Also I think it was very helpful for you to mention pay per click advertising options. Those are really hot topics these days and it depends on people’s budget’s whether or not they can build it into their marketing plan. Keep up the great work!!

    1. Hello Mat

      Glad you liked my article enough to leave a comment so thank you for that.

      I try to give as much pertinent information as I can to my readers.

      The very best kind of internet income you can generate will always be passive/residual income.

      This you will only receive if you keep current and potential customers informed and therefore makes sense to send out emails or a newsletter at regular intervals.

      Pay Per Click is the tried and tested best way to generate visitors to your website simply because the search terms you use for your PPC Campaigns are going to be the same as the people who are searching themselves.

      With PPC you only get people to your site who are interested in what you have to offer.

      Of course it takes time and experience to get your campaigns right so you should start of small and build up or you could lose more money than you make.

      Thank you for taking the time to read my article and please come again.

      Warmest Regards.

      Robert Allan

  2. Thanks for your blog. I heard that sites like Ezine Articles don’t help with Google rankings anymore. Whats your opinion on this. It’s a great way to find content though. I like your point about staying in touch with former clients. Domain names are important but it can be hard to get a good one. Thanks again for your blog.

    1. Hello Dave and thank you for your comment.

      Article Writing – It depends how you look at it, but its best to look on it as a long term presence.

      Take me for example.

      I have been publishing on the internet for close to 20 years and to this day I still see a great many of my articles being read.

      Granted the products that I was promoting on them have long since lost their appeal but my site url is still there and people do click through.

      So my advice to you is if you do have some spare time then submit an article or two to the most well known article directories you see in the graphic.

      You will probably not see fast results but you will have an internet presence established.

      As for your second point about keeping in touch with clients.

      It does make sense to do this simply because it can generate a residual income for may years.

      As we say over here  –  put yourself about a bit lol.

      It can and will mean future business will come your way.

      Thank you for visiting my website and please do come again.

      Have a great day to day and for many days yet to come.

      Best wishes for the future.

      Robert Allan

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