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Updated 21st September 2019

How To Get Potential Customers To Do Business With You


People are beginning to recognize that the Internet offers enormous possibilities to set up a successful online business from home for minimal or no cost. Online marketers need to stay ahead of the game because the home business entrepreneur now has access to much more training than they previously did.


Would-be “netpreneurs” are quickly beginning to recognize the products and opportunities that offer true value as well as those that don’t, as they get up to speed on what is needed to get started online. They see so many sales letters, that they no longer fall for the average “hype”. Of course they’re still willing to spend – but they want value for money, and want to be treated like intelligent consumers.


How To Affiliate Marketing


The questions all who aspire to be “top affiliates” should be asking themselves, are…

how to identify customer needs

1) How do you get potential customers to do business with “you” rather than your competition?


2) What motivates those who unsubscribe from your opt-in list?


3) And why would consumers want to ask for a refund?


In other words… What makes people want to buy your products and sign up for your opportunities?


  • Your potential customers should be able to see just how your product will give them new insight or increase their knowledge base in their given niche.


  • They will be happily buy your product if it will help to accelerate their online business growth.


  • Potential clients will have no problem buying your product if it will automate a time consuming task.


After all, the Internet is about speed, so rather than spend time on repetitive tasks, online marketers seek out products that will speed up their marketing and promotion.


Understanding Your Customers Needs


Once “Newbies” have been exposed to a few sales pages, it’s doesn’t take them long to ignore the usual sales jargon. They quickly evaluate your sales letter to find out just what your product is really offering them. Do they need it or is it a duplicate of one they bought last year?

how to customer needs

Your potential customers expect value for money. What’s in it for them? Will it deliver the information they need? Sometimes the more expensive products are better value and give more information than many of the cheaper ones.


The smart Internet Marketers stay ahead of the game. They realize that by producing material offering truly valuable information, they are more likely to attract and keep new customers.


How To Keep Potential Customers


What Makes People Want to Unsubscribe from your List?solve the problem


Several things can contribute to this:


– Getting mainly emails that offer very little helpful material with 90% of the content geared towards selling products or opportunities.


– Receiving emails selling the same product or opportunity, because their sender hasn’t worked out his after sale, list transfer procedure.


– Opening an email vibrating with excitement about a new product or service, then getting the same email from six other affiliates marketing the same product or opportunity.


Value For Money


What Makes People Want to Ask for a Refund? value to customer


The days when buyers tended to write off a bad purchase are long gone. Customers will ask for a refund, if they feel they did not get value for their money.


What makes them ask for their money back?


– Products that don’t work with their systems such as e-books in “.exe” only format that are not accessible on a Mac computer.


– Software that doesn’t work as advertised.


– An e-book full of information, easily available on the Internet.


– An e-book with very little, poorly written content.


– An e-book that is full of links, or affiliate links. When you charge for an e-book full of affiliate links you run the risk of compromising your reputation as a source of quality information.


Potential customers will happily do business with you thank you for your business and come againif you respect their time and treat them like intelligent consumers. Ask them questions.


There you have it folks and if you’re wise you will heed those questions.  Then your job is to come up with answers that will satisfy your potential customers.


How To Marketing Online


If you believe you need some basic training on how to market online then you need look no further than the online company I have been a member of since 2014.

affiliate marketing how to

Take a look at these web pages and you will see that you will get all the training required to market your business.  As part of the training you will learn about affiliate marketing for beginners.


You will also receive quite a few Freebies, such as free websites, free domain names for them, free internet hosting, free website maintenance and a whole lot more.


earning an internet income

Before you go and read up on this company please leave a comment below and let myself and other readers know what you think.  Perhaps you have some tips and advice you could pass on to people new to making money online.


I will reply to all comments as I always do to people who take the time to leave one.


Have a great day folks and I wish you all the success in the world in whatever you do or would like to do.


Robert Allan



Here’s a link to a blog I published recently called –

Selling And Promoting OnlineHow To Sell A Product Online

The graphics give some great tips and advice.


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  1. This is a lot of excellent information. I have long been interested in making a second income online. Reading your post has given me some good ideas and places to start in my new attempt at online marketing. I am not sure if I want to be an affiliate marketer or come up with my own e-book to sell. Which do you think is a good way to start?

    1. Hi Dave and thank you for reading my article and leaving your comment.

      Writing you own eBook can be easy or hard Dave.

      It depends what the topic within the Niche you choose to write about.

      Of course if you have some relevant experience and a wide knowledge of a subject then you should be ok.

      You can even hire a ghost write to do it for you.

      When it comes to Affiliate Marketing its relatively easy to get started.

      All you have to do is apply to be an affiliate with any of the big online companies such as Amazon, eBay, Clickbank, PayDotCom etc etc.

      Although you can promote products for these companies without a website of your own its always best to have your own simply because then you are in total control of it.

      Other ways to promote are of course submitting articles to online Article Directories and Forums.

      Offline you can always advertize in newspapers and magazines.

      The choice is yours Dave and whatever you decide to do I wish you all the success in the world and if you need further tips and advice then read some of my other articles on my other two sites here.  –

      Have a great day.


      Robert Allan

  2. Having a business of this sort is very good, Gone are the days when we did business the old way. A new day has dawned and the opportunities for owning an online business has never been so great. The benefits are just out of this world. Your post is so on point and will help so many people to understand about having an online business.

    1. Hi Norman and thank you for taking the time to visit my site and leave a comment.

      Glad you found the information in the article helpful.

      With the state of the economy worldwide there are more and more people turning to the internet to find out if its possible to earn an income from it.

      Of course there are endless possibilities to make an income from home but you have to choose the right Niche and this has to be something you know something about.

      So many people believe the hype telling them they will get rich in no time at all but sadly this is not the case.

      What they should be looking for is a program that will teach them the right way to create and develop an online home business.

      That is why I have given the link to the program I have been a member of since 2014.

      All they need to know in one place and its totally free to join and they can stay for as long as want as a free member.

      I wish you success in your own online efforts Norman.

      You get stuck on anything then you drop me another message and I will do my best to point you in the right direction.

      Have a fantastic day wherever you are in the world.


      Robert Allan

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