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Updated 21st September 2019


Do You Hate Your JOB? Here’s How To Stay At Home Working And Make Money Online!


How to stay at home working and make money online. Making a living fromHow To Stay At Home Working For The Freedom To Be Your Own Boss home is the dream of millions of people worldwide. Since the Internet was born, many have ventured out to make money on their own to have that work from home freedom.  Even hoping to make enough so they can quit their regular jobs.


Now, with the global economy struggling, it’s a great time to give up your daily commute and stay at home.  The possibilities are endless to earn a lot more money than you ever could at a ‘Normal’ job.

how to earn extra money at home

I know what you’re thinking: “How can I possibly make enough money to quit my job? How can I take that risk?” It’s true that although possible, you will probably never be a millionaire.  But if you’re looking to supplement or even replace your current salary, its easier than you think.


No matter what kind of business you’re looking at or what promises people give you of something being the “next big thing,” it all comes down to one basic idea. if you have something people want, you can sell it or promote it for great money.


No matter how high-tech or advanced technology gets, the number one reason people even surf the Internet is to find information. You’re doing it yourself right now. Even better, many people are willing to pay for good information, and that’s where you as an entrepreneur and those good old eBooks come in.


Writing eBooks For A Living


You don’t have to be a writer, and you hardly have to lift a finger once your business is in place. If you want to write your own eBook and sell it, great. You probably have some know-how, experience, or talent others would benefit from. However, there are many eBooks available online with full resale rights. So once you purchase your own copy, you profit 100%.

how to make money with amazonI firmly believe that anyone, regardless of income or experience, can duplicate a successful system for creating a profitable eBook business. So when you’re looking for a way to profit online, don’t overlook this industry. As long as your price is reasonable and your information is sound, you can make money online.


Think of the possibilities you have on how to make money with Amazon or Kindle;


make money writing ebooks for kindle

how to make money with ebooks on amazon

selling ebooks online business

writing an ebook for amazon


Working From Home Opportunities To Make Money Online


This is only one idea how you can make money at home from the internet.  There are countless other ways for work home opportunities   Once you are up and running with your first venture you will have the capital to explore many other avenues of making a lot of money.


First you have to get started though, and I know just the program that will get you off to a flying start.  It will  show you ways to make money online in a business you can run from home.

how to stay at home

Here is the link to your future financial security.


Take some form of action today though folks, even if its only to join as a free member and have a look at what the program can do for you.  Also please spare a couple of minutes to leave a comment below with your own thoughts of chucking your day job, working from home, and make money online.


Best wishes for your success and get in touch on the inside.  I’m always happy to point people in the right direction as are the million other members.


Robert Allan

build your own home business



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  1. Hi Robert,
    Great article on how to stay at home working. I have been working with WA for a few months now and am enjoying the process.
    In your article you mention writing an E-book and sharing it. This is something I would definitely like to do with my own website in the next 2-3 months. I have a few ideas and am working to whittle that down to a single idea to start with. I’ve done some research and downloaded others to get a sense of what is out there.
    What are your recommendations for putting out a quality E-book, even a short one like 10 pages?
    Thanks or the info!
    Mat A.

    1. Hello Mat and a fellow member of Wealthy Affiliate, and thank you for your comment.

      My one piece of advice for writing your own eBook is to write about what you know.

      I mentioned it in the article  – 

      You probably have some know-how, experience, or talent others would benefit from 

      An eBook will sell when people read it and can see you know what you are writing about.

      It doesn’t need to be high tech or about some obscure subject, but make it something that will appeal to a large audience.

      It could be a hobby or a lifelong interest, it doesn’t matter but make it interesting.

      You must have heard someone say at some time that they couldn’t put a book down until they had read it to the last page.

      This is what you have to aim for.

      So a short book ten pages long would be an ideal start.

      Short and sweet and to the point so people can get the idea of what you’re writing about within the first couple of pages and can’t wait to turn the page.

      Post excerpts of your book on Forums and Notice Boards and even on your site it you’re promoting it that way.

      Give people a taster and they will want to read more.

      Thank you for reading my article and come again.

      There will always be something you will take away with you that will aid you in your own online efforts.


      Robert Allan

  2. Thanks for this awesome idea. I do write but it’s creative writing and books for kids. I really want to explore the ebook way of making money online but I don’t know where to start! Do you know any software or services online that I can use, that is not too expensive? I am looking for a program where they emphasize on ebook writing, creation and publishing. Thank you so much.

    1. Hello Rayhana

      Thank you for taking the time to leave a comment.

      I too write a lot but have never published anything.

      I just love to write and have been doing so ever since I learned how to.

      There is good money to be made in this Niche Rayhana so here’s is a link to a page of listings on Google. 

      There is a whole lot of sites there you can browse to get the information you need.

      Also if you are a member of Wealthy Affiliate there are members who have published eBooks so you can ask a question or go on Live Chat.

      I’m sure you will get lots of tips and advice.

      Thank you for visiting my website and please do come again.

      Have a great day to day and all the days yet to come.

      Be successful.

      Warmest regards.

      Robert Allan

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