What About Work From Home – To Earn Money At Home Online

Updated 21st September 2019


How To Earn A Legitimate Online Income


What about work from home to earn money at home online?  A great idea.  But is this idea of being able to work at home, and make enough money to support your family only something you dream of? 


Why not make that dream a reality? There are plenty of ways to make a legitimate online income, but be aware it wont happen overnight. 


Also be aware that to make money at home from the internet takes commitment and dedication. If you are not in the mindset to offer both, you may want to stick with the 9 to 5 jobs of the regular world.


how to make money on the internet

First, let’s look at what kind of people make money from the internet:


  • Mothers and fathers who want to spend more time at home with their kids
  • People who have been unemployed for a long time. 
  • Retired people who want to supplement their pension
  • College students who could use a little cash on the side while attending their classes
  • People who have decided to quit the rat race and have their own business


For these people there are many benefits to be gained from earning an online income. They can be their own boss.  They can set their own schedule.  They can work around the important things in their lives, like kids soccer games or college classes.


If you have been online looking for a legitimate online how to spot an online scam income, you may have come across some of the many scams that seem to be out there.  They are the programs that only want to take your money instead of helping you make any.

My image is a bit tongue-in-cheek, but why work for someone else when you can work for yourself?


Some of the scams you may have seen are those thatmake money scams include being able to make thousands of dollars by putting letters in envelopes.  Another one is making money as a medical typist in your own home.


These all offer great ways that they claim are ways to earn legitimate online income.  In reality though they really just want to take your money from your bank account, not help you get any into it.


How To Earn Money Online


So what are the legitimate online opportunity sources? One of them is creating your own product to sell online.  Many people have a skill or talent that is marketable. If you are an expert in your field, no matter how obscure that field is, you can make money from your knowledge and expertise of it. 


For example you can take your know-how and start up a consulting firm.  You could write an eBook and publish it online. Then every time someone is looking for your knowledge, they will find your eBook, and depending how well you have presented it, you make a sale.


If you don’t think you have a great item to sell right now, how about selling someone else’s products or services? While you may not want a house full of physical products to sell, you can sell items through affiliate sales and make an online income that way. 


Take a look at the first graphic above and the one below.  Lots of ways for you to make money.


ways make money online

In affiliate sales, you are a link to someone else’s items. Through your web page, blog posting, or other forms of advertising you have taught someone else about the products in your affiliate sales list and made them want to buy it. In response, the owner of the product will give you a commission.


Either of these methods are an easy way to make legitimate online income as long as you stay focused on the goal. Decide which business route you are going to take and work at it. 


Just like any other job, making a legitimate online income takes work and dedication. But if you are willing to put in your time and effort, you can enjoy great money as your own boss.


How Make Money Affiliate Marketing


I did say above that to earn money at home online you can be an affiliate.  This means you can advertise products on a web page, but to have a web page you need a website.


I know where you can get two at no cost and they are hosted for you on the net free as well.  You simply join (again free) and build out a website with the product links within it you want to make money from.


You can stay as a free member for as long as you want to.


That’s all I’m saying folks.  Click on the image below and go take a look at what this program gives you.


legitimate work from home training

Do it today though because tomorrow you will still be in the same situation as you are in today and going nowhere.


Best wishes for your success.  If you can spare a couple of minutes then leave a comment below.  I will reply as I do to those who take the time.


Robert Allan


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  1. Wow Alan, this page is jammed packed with valuable information and very professional in its presentation. I have saved a link to it to refer to later. You are very generous with the knowledge and tips you have shared. Another thing I really liked was the larger type. It was so easy to read..
    I have tried making money from Swagbucks but I found it to be slow and tedious, but you have offered many more suggestions to try.
    The key point you emphasized was the need to be dedicated and committed..
    Thank you for sharing this information.

    1. Hi Judy and thank you for visiting my website and leaving a comment on my article  –  What About Work From Home – To Earn Money At Home Online.

      Its always good to get some feedback on the information I give in my articles.

      Yes there are lots and lots of ways to earn money from the internet without leaving your home.

      I personally have been involved with making money online for over ten years and although I’m retired from my 9 to 5 now I wouldn’t go back to working for someone else now that I know its possible to make way more than I ever did at that ‘Normal’ job.

      I have to say that I have never tried Swagbucks but I will take your word for it that its not for you.

      Not every job out there is a good fit for everyone, but once you find one that suits your personal needs and circumstances then you are on a winner.

      Yes you have to be dedicated.

      yes you have to show commitment.

      And yes you have to stay focused.

      If you don’t them you really might as well not even start.

      Of course you can always create your own home business but again that takes commitment.  Success wont come overnight and it will probably be a few months before you see good results from your efforts but if you stick with it I can assure you, you will achieve the success you have been dreaming of.

      Your dream can indeed become a reality!

      I’m living proof.

      Please visit again Judy because I am totally sure you will go away with a lot more tips and advice that will help to make your personal dream come true.

      have a really great day wherever you are in the world.


      Robert Allan

  2. Hi Robert,
    Love your post.
    I love that you put a list of top 10 ways to make extra income online. I will be trying some out myself!
    Thank you so much for the great content!
    It is really nice to find wealthy affiliate as a review and income source! I am also with wealthy affiliate and it is a wonderful option!
    Highly recommended!!!

    Thank you Robert!!!!

    1. Hello Susan

      Thank you for taking time out to leave a comment.

      I always appreciate it when people do this and let me know whether my articles are giving the information they have been looking for.

      Good to know that you are pleased with what you found.

      Yes there are great jobs to be found on the internet that you can earn money from.

      Of course not all are suitable to every individual and the same goes for a home business.

      But if people are really interested in working from home then like yourself they must have access to top training and a whole lot of ‘How To’s’.

      You being a member of Wealthy Affiliate will already know you are in the right place to get all the information, help and support to achieve success whether it is to find a work from home job or create your own home business.

      I wish you well and if you get stuck on anything at all then make sure you get in touch with me and I will try my best to point you in the right direction.

      Have an awesome day.


      Robert Allan

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