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21st September 2019


What Is Joint Venture


what a home business is about


Is a home business a joint venture? 

Yes of course a home business is a joint venture in many ways but I don’t want to discuss that in this article.  I want to concentrate on a temporary joint business venture between two or more people that will be to their advantage to partner up.  This means that they will bring together their capital and business acumen to improve their prospects of being successful in a given area of marketing.


what is joint venture


Unless people are complete business newbies, I’m sure they would have heard of the concept of Joint Ventures and how it will benefit their business immensely. However as with most material or suggestions which people read, the majority will only read. No action will be taken.


I’ve listed below the advantages of Joint Venture Marketing. Forget whatever you have in mind of doing and just read through these advantages. At the same time think to yourself how you can implement these in your online business.


Takes notes of the things you think you’ll do and at the end, plan it out and take action. The gold is there waiting for you to take it.


So what exactly is a joint venture?  What are the advantages?

A joint venture is working together with another party or parties so that they can benefit from the combined effort. Normally the project is for a set period of time, but can be long term in some circumstances.


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For example, you can offer a well-known business an opportunity to promote your product. For every copy of your product they sell, they can receive let’s say 70% of the commission. That’s a lot more than you.


However, you benefit by having more customer leads, plus you still get 30% of the sales which you would have never have gotten. With these new customer leads, you can market other products to them and profit in the future. This is why Joint Ventures are a WIN-WIN situation.

How To Joint Venture

And Increase Your Profits


10 Advantages of Joint Ventures


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  1. You get to be more well known among your market and also have relationships with well known businesses which in effect will help you immensely in the future.


  1. There is no cost associated with Joint Ventures. Just an email to the business you want to joint venture with and some phone calls to follow up with.


  1. You can gain new customers and leads which are interested in your products but have not bought from you. With this database you can market to them continuously in the future and profit. It is always said that the gold is in the list.


  1. With a joint venture, you will make be able to compete against the top businesses which you would have otherwise thought was impossible.


  1. You will save a lot of time. To get the leads you have by doing it on your own will take a lot more time and money marketing.


  1. You will get free and low cost advertising. Save money on the Pay Per Click campaigns and solo ads you need to send out. You have shared the costs with your joint venture partner.


  1. Your business will be able to expand and grow out your own expectations.


  1. You can increase the opt-in list for your ezine (if you have one) and save money on the email leads you buy which are low in quality compared with the joint venture leads you have.


  1. You can test the marketability of your product at no cost. Your joint venture partner’s success will tell you if your product is good or simply trash.


  1. You can easily get the well known joint venture partner to give you a testimonial for your business. This will increase the sales conversion for your product as testimonials increase trust between the prospect and your business.


the benefits of a joint venture

So after going through the list and realising all the benefits a joint venture can give you, what are you waiting for? Hasn’t that list of benefits defused the fear in you of asking for joint ventures with other businesses or marketers?


With your list of actions and ideas that you have gotten when you read through the list, go and take action now. When you’ve done one joint venture you will do lots more.


Making Money With A Website


To start you off on joint ventures, you can visit this web page and get all the information you need to get started with two free websites to promote whatever products that you can sell with a joint venture if that is what you want.  If not, then you can start your own online home business with those sites and it wont cost you a dime. 


There is a link to a training within the image below that will show you how to go about this.  Simply click on the image and you are taken straight there.


making money with website


Before you head off over to that web page perhaps you could leave a comment below with your own thoughts on working from home and making money online.  I will reply to any and all questions asked.


Have a fantastic day wherever you are in the world.


Best wishes for your success.


Robert Allan

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  1. Joint Ventures sound a lot more promising than I thought before reading your page. I’m just getting started trying to find options to work from home. I can’t believe it’s really possible.
    Are there any safeguards or things I need to be concerned about with a joint venture? Does it always work out great? What happens if it doesn’t?

    1. Hi Becky and thank you for taking the time to leave a comment.

      There are of course many advantages to being part of a joint venture such as

      reduction of costs

      opportunity for newer businesses to increase visibility

      promoting to a targeted audience and so increase sales

      customer trust is improved

      On the other hand

      partners have to trust one another

      you could lose control of your own product

      profits are shared  –  in other words partners are equally accountable in the success or failure of the venture

      its possible that partners will have different goals for the partnership


      You must have a written agreement outlining every step of the venture.

      All the do’s and don’ts if you want to put it that way – make it a legally binding contract.

      No it wont always work out to the satisfaction of everyone and that is why you must have that contract in case of any disputes.

      I hope I have answered your questions Becky and please do visit again and read some of my other articles on creating and running your own online home business with or without a partner.

      Best wishes for your success.

      Robert Allan

  2. I agree that joint ventures can help you grow your business quite quickly — however it’s important to remember you need to have something to offer the other person of high value to make this work.

    Therefore I think one should have a solid business up and running or a product on the market, to fully leverage a joint venture.

    Have you personally ever been involved joint ventures? And if so how did it go?

    1. Hello Michael and thank you for your visit to my website and for leaving a comment.

      A joint venture is a partnership and of course all parties have to contribute.

      This could just be capital  from one and perhaps expertise from someone else and business contacts for someone else.

      It does help if the product is of high value and there is a market for it.

      The other side of the coin is there could be loss of proprietary knowledge and there is always the risk of conflict between partners.

      No partner has full control and therefore has full performance incentive.

      The bottom line is that if the partners contribute a fair share into the partnership then the long term gains should offset any minor disagreements.

      Yes I went into a joint venture many years ago and it turned out great for us.

      Just last week someone approached me with the idea of converting some of my blogs into eBooks.

      The idea was that I would sort the blogs into categories and they would then promote and sell them for an equal share of the profits.

      the idea is sound but I will have to think about it.

      Thanks again for your comment Michael and I really do wish you all the success in the world.


      Robert Allan

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