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Updated 21st September 2019


What Is The Best Home Business


The best at home business – Being an observer (and participant) of the home business community for the pastworking home opportunities - The best at home business few years, I’ve noticed something amusing (and I must say disturbing). This is the tendency of representatives to diminish and slam competing companies in an effort to make their own company look better.


I see it all the time on message forums, with everyone arguing that this company is better than that one. Even worse is when a new person poses a question about a particular company, and reps from competing companies chip in with negative comments and try to encourage the new person to join them instead.


Does that really project the right professional image? Don’t we all end up looking like a bunch of squawking crows?


what about work from home

The truth is, every company is the best, for each individual. We can’t all be in the same business, because each of us has our own preferences, goals and dreams. It will more than likely be down to what trend category we fall into (see graphic)


Imagine if there was only ONE company that offered a home business opportunity. Perish the thought! We need all these great companies, and they need individuals that are passionate about their products and services. Thank goodness we have so many choices in this wonderful age of technology.


Best At Home Business To Make Money At Home  


When we find the company with the best at home business that suits us best andaggressive selling become representatives, we don’t have to beg or plead with anyone to join us or buy our products. In fact, doing so is a big turn-off to our potential customers. Most of us don’t realize we’re being pushy, and we certainly don’t intend to be.


Often, our enthusiasm and excitement gets the better of us and we oversell or try to convince others that what we have to offer is the best. We can also fall into a “lack mentality” and think that there are only so many recruits and/or customers to go around, so we’d better hurry and “get ours” while we can.


With the growing popularity of home businesses, we are going to have a never-ending supply of potential business partners for many, many years to come.


Build Up Your Reputation – Grow Your Home Business


So, build up, don’t tear down. Speak positively about yourself, your company, as well as other reps and other companies. You don’t have to sugarcoat everything, but remember the old adage: If you don’t have anything nice to say, don’t say anything at all.

building your reputation builds your business

Offer help and share information. Be knowledgeable about your products and your industry, and share that knowledge freely. Be interested in other industries also. Learn as much as you can and share the knowledge with others.  This way you will grow your business as well as build your reputation.


Be available for inquiries. Offer to answer questions or share information without being pushy, and without grovelling or begging. Refusing to “waste time” on people who you think might not buy or sign up will earn you a reputation for being greedy or stingy.


Build Your Business  –  By Helping Others


Put yourself “out there.” Don’t wait for a potential customer or partner to peek out and then pounce on them like prey. Stay visible. Get active in communities related to your industry or niche. Write informative articles about your industry or niche and distribute them freely. Then your customers and partners will be seeking YOU out as the go to person for information!


we cannot build our own future without helping people build theirs

For all you people who want to be a business owner simply because you want to be your own boss, my advice is  –  Pick the online company or program that is the very best fit for you.  Its your life so live it the way you want to and you can’t go far wrong.  Above all though, do your research and do it some more.


I really do wish you an awesome day wherever you live in the world.


Warmest regards, and be successful in whatever you do, or are planning to do.


Robert Allan



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  1. I enjoyed reading this post. I think you hit the nail on the head that our business is about helping others and I personally get turned off if I come across a business that feels the need to trash talk its competitors.

    One question that I do have though, with regard to ‘being pushy’, obviously we want to promote our business but how to find the right balance between promoting and being perceived as being too pushy?

    1. Hello Abdusalam

      Thank you for taking the time to visit my site and leave a comment.

      All business whether they are run by one person or a company full of reps of that company have to work with the people they are or are hoping to do business with.

      Of course you will always get the ‘Hard Sell’ reps and owners who go all out to get you to buy their product or service, and they will make money but their star usually shines bright for such a short time.

      The slow but sure person who takes the time to build their business while build a client base will surely outlast those others.

      Obviously you want to sell or promote whatever it is you have.

      You don’t have to be pushy though.

      The one thing that most people in the internet marketing business forget is that people are looking for a solution to a problem.

      You must show them WHY your product or service will solve that problem.

      You must tell them about the benefits of having your product or service.

      You yourself might have bought the product or using the service so you can pass on first hand experience.  Every little helps.

      So – you are selling a solution, you are giving a promise and this is what you are selling and not the product or service.

      People have to trust your opinion.

      Once they do that you can sell them anything and they will keep coming back to you for more.

      To your own success and have a great day.

      Warmest Regards.

      Robert Allan

  2. Hey Robert!

    I’ve lately come to realize what you say here. Online, and specially, affiliate business is all about helping people.

    When you’re active and help people, and enjoy doing it, that’s when your business really starts to boost!

    Thanks for confirming that thought with your words.

    Cheers and success, my friend!

    1. Hello Israel and thank you for reading my article.

      I try to give people who visit this site and my other two work from home sites as much information as I can.

      This way I don’t seem pushy and the information is usually relevant to what they are seeking.

      Of course you can insert links to any affiliate or product site and that is expected because the site is about making money online and people understand this.

      Help others to help yourself Israel and you can’t go far wrong.

      Thank you for your comment and I wish you success and have a great Sunday.


      Robert Allan

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