Work Online Earn Money – How To Start A Home Business For Financial Security

21st September 2019


Legitimate Home Business Startup

How To Start A Online Business


With an increasing amount of scams on the internet posing as legitimate work from home opportunities, its becoming more and more difficult to find a consistent home business opportunity that isn’t going to take your money and run.

So if you’re Tired of scams? Here’s what I recommend


wealthy affiliate - the right place to learn

Work Online Earn Money – How To Start A Home Business For Financial Security.  There are countless opportunities to start up a home business.  People’s email inboxes are flooded every day promoting and/or asking people to join a business.  How do you know which are legitimate and which are outright scams?


When considering a home based business you have to determine whether-or-not you work well under the direction of someone else who has already established their business which you are entering into. Unless you are starting something completely new, you will have to follow the guidelines that have already been set in place.


The best way to determine if a business venture is legitimate and right for you is to do some research and footwork. Start asking around about the business, if you know someone who has joined a particular home-based business that you are interested in, talk to him or her about the positives and negatives. Do not go into the business venture with your eyes closed.


How To Work A Franchise


Take a franchising as an example:  Look at the advantages and disadvantages of these business opportunities that come with everything when you need to start. This is a very personal decision based on what works best for your personality as much as it is a financial decision. If you choose to invest in a business or franchise that has an already established a workable concept, you are not starting from scratch or trying to invent something new for consumers.


how to starting a franchise


The big plus about this type of business venture is that it will often bring in earnings at a faster rate than starting from scratch.  You will more often than not also have support in the initial phases and throughout the lifetime of the business.


The potential disadvantages of joining a franchise is that out of ten corporations that offer to sell franchises and other business opportunities nine of them fail in the first five years of being in operation. So when you are looking into this type of business venture, take notice as to how long they have been in service.


The other side of this is if you rule out all companies that have been in business for five years or less you could miss the opportunity of joining a business on the ground floor that has a great potential for profit.


After careful research and looking at the financial risks and benefits you have decided that a franchise is what you are interested in consider carefully the following questions:


  • Is there a particular district you will have to work in?
  • Do you like the product line?
  • Does the business have an established business record?
  • Is there a name brand that is associated with this opportunity
  • Is training and support part of the business package or are you on your own once they receive your money?


Starting a home-based business is a serious matter and you do not want to enter into a venture without thoroughly checking it out first.


Lets move on to other opportunities…


Looking For Legitimate Work At Home Opportunities?


Have you been looking for a legitimate home based business opportunity that will allow you to earn a steady income while working from the comfort of your own home ? 

Here to start you thinking is my number one recommendation.


legitimate work home jobs


Like you I too became interested in earning money online. My quest to find legitimate work from home jobs began in 2008 and continued for about a year until I finally received my first paycheck. I had been scammed a few times and believe me its no fun, but I persevered and went on searching for legitimate work at home opportunities. So its quiet hard to find a legitimate work from home opportunity among all the scams and schemes ?


More and more people are using the Internet to generate additional, supplementary streams of income. Finding home based work can be a fruitful way to earn an income from home. However, the path to success can be very perilous and there are several possible pitfalls. Many people on the internet have been wondering if it is possible that they can actually make any money on the internet at all.


Don’t lose faith. There are REAL work at home jobs out there. (see above graphic) Be aware though, a lot of competition is out there for these positions. Most of the people I know who work from home have spent a lot of time researching and searching before they found a position. Its safe to say you could be looking for as long a 6 months to a year before you happen across something.


Legitimate Ways To Earn Good Money At Home


Below the graphic are some legitimate ways you can earn good money with work at home opportunities.


legitimate work home jobs


  1. Google Adsense : Earning money with your site, no matter the topic, has become easier than it’s ever been before. Every website owner should be involved in this. It’s just too good of an opportunity to pass up. Put Google Adsense Ads on your website. That’s so easy. Every time a visitor to your site clicks one of these ads, you make money. If you don’t have a website, consider making one as magical Google AdSense allows you to earn money through every page of your website. If you are serious in making money online, this may be your golden opportunity.
  1. Affiliate Programs: Affiliate programs are the ultimate in legitimate work at home business opportunities. An affiliate sends a customer to a merchant and is paid a percentage of the sales that customer generates. The concept is simple, but powerful. There is no doubt that the most successful group amongst online entrepreneurs are affiliates. Few are willing to go public about it but it is widely known that that there are a number of affiliates comfortably raking in hundreds of thousands of dollars in income every month.
  1. Online Freelance Marketplace : Looking to earn extra income using your hard-won skills ? – Be a part of 1 billion Online Outsourcing Industry! It matches up talented professionals from around the world with businesses that need services on a freelance basis. You can get Online projects in various area, like, Website Design, Web Programming, Internet Marketing, Logo Design, graphic design, writing, translation etc and more in other categories.
  1. Online Surveys : The real online paid survey sites are online divisions of market research companies. They pay you for your opinions, with many of them giving you cash rewards. Some of them enter you into prize draws or sweepstakes. These survey sites are all free to join. You have to only find them.
  1. Virtual Call Centre : Work at Home and Earn an Excellent Income. Virtual call centres are coming up. Excellent income per hour from home. Virtual Call Center projects can include order processing, reservations, enrolments, customer service, sales, market research, technical support etc. If you have prior experience of working as a call centre customer care executive this place is ideal for you to work from home.
  1. Mystery Shopping : Earn money to eat, shop, see movie. It is a fun and rewarding way to make extra money by visiting retail stores, hotels, movie theaters, restaurants.
  1. Make money by Blogging : So you want to make money by blogging. You don’t have to have your own personal blog and rely on Google Adsense Ads in order to make money blogging. Getting hired to blog means that you are paid for writing and posting the actual entries published to a blog.
  1. Online Tutor : Are you a teacher or expert on any subject and wanna earn money out of your hard earned knowledge ? Then why not consider online teaching. Online teaching is an upcoming work opportunity which is taking shape of an industry.
  1. Make money from photos : Want your photos to make money for you ? Submit your photos and get paid every time one of your photos is downloaded. Put your camera to good use and make money today !
  1. Online Proofreader: Earn money from home by completing online proofreading and writing assignments. Receive payment each time you complete a proofreading project.
  1. Online Writer: Do you have skills to write articles, term papers, essays, book reports, etc then you can earn money by becoming a freelance writer.
  1. Virtual Assistant : Virtual Assistants are home-based entrepreneurs who take pride in providing fellow small business professionals with a wide range of office tasks, from administrative support to web design & maintenance.
  1. Online/Offline Data Entry : There are several websites in the online marketplace providing data entry services/projects.
  1. Hyline management : You can earn Rs – 20,000 per month by doing online work for this company. For India only.


Well, there you have it… some very good criteria to help you in selecting a legitimate home based income opportunity. Use the above information as well as your own instincts when selecting a home business and you should never get scammed again!


Now you have to decide what home business will suit you and your current situation and I don’t just mean financial.  What is your previous experience for example?  Do you have any particular knowledge or expertise?  Perhaps you have a lifelong hobby or interest you could develop a business from. You should definitely write up a plan and go over it until you are sure you have all your bases covered.


Now you are ready to find that particular niche, and you are pretty certain you know it could be a great business for you to run from home.


Legitimate Work From Home Opportunities


So how do you find a legitimate work from home business among all the scams and schemes? Below I have listed some things you should definitely look for when selecting a home income opportunity…


how to start a home business on a


Proven Business Systems – Is there a proven successful business system you can tap into and get up and running very quickly? You don’t want to spend all of your time reinventing the wheel or trying to make a bad home business system work.  All you will end up with is debt because the end result did not justify the investment.  Ask for testimonials, and if possible, speak with those people live.


Length of Time in Business – Do not invest your time, money, and resources into any home income opportunity that has not been in business for at least five years. Most scams, schemes, and other bad business opportunities will not make it to the 3 year mark. Therefore, you can greatly increase your chances of finding a legitimate work from home business by staying away from those that have not successfully been around for at least 3 years.


No Hyped Guarantees – Every home business wants you to think that theirs is the best, so some fluff and hype can pretty much always be expected. However, you need to watch out for the business opportunities that overdo it.


For example, any home business that “guarantees” you will make hundreds, thousands, or even millions of dollars, in any amount of time, is flat out lying to you. There is no way that any legitimate work at home business can guarantee your earnings. Moreover, they certainly can’t know how long it will take you to do it, if it even is possible.


Credibility – Do not join a business unless it has a good standing. Plus it should have a good reputation with current and previous members. I suggest speaking to government authorities i.e. FTC and BBB for the USA, Canada and Mexico instead of asking around at forums.  Do your homework


Product(s) – Is the product something that people will actually want and use often? Look for a business with products that are used regularly in ALL households, not just products that appeal to a certain subset of people. This will help you tremendously in getting new customers as well as repeat business from previous customers.


Compensation Plan – When evaluating the compensation plan of a legitimate work from home business, ask yourself these questions – How hard is it to get in profit?

Can you earn a full time income with them?

Are the income expectations reasonable (not full of hype)?


There should be a clear compensation plan and you should earn commissions from your very first sale.


Lead Generation System – Until you get more experienced at marketing it will be very difficult for you to bring in very many leads on your own. A good mentor will teach you a way to self generate your own leads for highest conversions and success, plus be able to provide the leads at a fair price.


Resources and Training – Every good home based business should have a resource center that members can go to for support, training, and resources to help them succeed with their home business.


Your questions should be answered quickly and accurately and there should be more than one means to get help. Members should have the following available to them at all times; live webinars, one on one advice, team members, 24/7 online support, and live chat to name a few must haves.


How To Start A Home Business –

How To Work Online Earn Money


To finish I will elaborate on those last two paragraphs.


The online company I am a member of (since 2014) has all the above mentioned and work home jobs


Now I want you to click on the image below my name.  Visit the web page and read all about what this particular company can, and WILL do for you to get you up and running with a home business all of your own.


No more working for someone else who reaps all the benefits and rewards of your hard work.  No more getting up at the crack of dawn for a long drive to your JOB.  No more not seeing your kids grow up.  No more taking a vacation when a boss decides.  No more staying late because there’s overtime to work at basic rate which will hardly pay for an evening meal in a restaurant.  In fact no more anything you don’t want to do.


how to work for

Sounds good, doesn’t it?  Success can all be yours as your own boss with your own business.


Get yourself over to that web page and read how success can be a reality instead of a dream.  Join today at no cost and start earning what you are worth.  You can stay for as long as you want to free of charge.


Before you do could you leave a comment below and let me know your own thoughts on working from home with your own business.  I will reply as I always do to people who take the time to do so.  Of course if you want to get to those web pages and get started I will completely understand.


Onwards to success folks and I will see you on the inside to help you all I can.





Robert Allan

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  1. Seth_6478#Marketer

    Your site looks good but the links don’t lead to no where. When I click the site there isn’t anything that happens. so you might want to fix that. But other then that it looks good. Keep up the good work.

    1. Hi Seth, I checked my article and every link took me to where it was supposed to.

      Thank you for your visit and please come again.


      Robert Allan

  2. I think I have realised that I am definitely one of those who do not ‘fit in’ working in another’s company. I get very frustrated. So thankfully I figured that bit out!

    I have looked into many of the suggestions you have made, including virtual assistant work, and have decided the best fit for me is blogging with affiliate marketing and putting adsense into my website.

    I like the image at the end and have completely gone with your recommendation. WA is a life changer. Thank you for putting this message into the world!

    1. Hello Courteney and thank you for taking the time to leave a comment

      This is an extract from my About Me Page  –

      [The day job was fun at times and rewarding. But it was an investment in other people’s dreams.  I knew my working week routine would stretch into years. But in “My Time” I was creating a personal investment that was building a digital house one brick at a time. It was incremental and so satisfying that it soon distracted me from my employer’s goals for me. We came to a mutual understanding and I took early retirement

      I left my job to pursue my desire to work from home as my own boss as well.  No more 9 to 5 for me thank you very much!

      There are a great many ‘Jobs’ you can earn an income from the internet doing.  Mind you a lot of them are very poorly paid jobs so you are much better building your own home business.  This of course will take time but the rewards are there if you can dedicate yourself to achieving your goal of being your own boss.

      For you its Blogging and that is a great way to make money once you have a following.  This again takes time, but again you will reaps the rewards.

      Affiliate Marketing is also a great way to earn money but can I suggest you go for the high end products to promote.  This way it wont take so long to make some decent money rather than promoting several inexpensive products for equally small commissions.

      I like the image at the bottom of the article as well and I believe a lot of readers of this article will be able to relate to it.

      20 hours out of the home Monday to Friday is an awful lot when you consider how much time you actually need to run your own business from home once its up and running.

      I see you are already a member of Wealthy Affiliate so you will know just what this program can do for you.

      I wish you success and if you ever get stuck on anything then make sure you get in touch.

      Thank you for visiting my website Courteney and please come again.

      Best wishes for your continued success.

      Robert Allan

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