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21st September 2019


Work At Home Jobs – How To Turn E-Mails Into Cash


Millions of people read and send e-mails on a daily basis.  They also post Ads online.  How would you like it if you could turn these easy tasks into a cash generator? Well a few companies on the Internet have worked hard to make this possible.

working at home jobs

When I was doing some research on the web I found the following types of companies that enabled you to make money-utilizing emails:


    * E-Mail processor Jobs

    * Post Ads Online


This is very popular among many people because everyone sends and received e-mails on a regular basis.  Also think about how many people turn to the classified Ads section in newspapers. 

Its the same with the internet.  People are always looking for a job, gifts, or a better deal than they could with online stores such as Amazon or eBay.

Work At Home Jobs – Processing Emails And Submitting Ads For Cash

Most people feel comfortable creating cash utilizing the skill sets they use on a daily basis. One of the things I have noticed as owner of a work at home site is that chances for success go up significantly when you match a persons income objectives, skill sets, time constraints and comfort level with the type of online work at home program they choose. I call this matching your profile.


I have included an example below of some of what is offered when processing e-mails from home:


  1. Check your E-Mail daily.
  2. Get paid $25.00 per E-Mail processed.
  3. Process out the info they supply in their step-by-step guidance.
  4. No cold calling required.
  5. No experience needed.
  6. Anyone with basic computer skills can perform the task required
  7. The only equipment required is computer and access to the Internet.

making money posting Ads

As for posting Ads online.  That’s as easy as email processing and you can make just as much money from it.  All you do is copy and paste. Its also especially good and convenient for moms and dads who stay at home looking after the kids.


Work At Home Jobs – Part Time Work Home


The beauty of this type of work is you can do it part-time and from the comfort of your own home.  You are your own boss.  You work to your own schedule.  You take a break whenever you want or just forget all about working and go out to the garden and relax.


However it is important and and necessary that you do your research or use a website like mine that has done some research for you. Many people fall into the trap of not doing the necessary research and / or not matching their profile.


Many will join a bad program or a program that’s not suited for their profile only to get discouraged and quit after a short period of time. It does not matter how much a company is willing to pay you if you do not do any work then you will not make any money.


Others choose not to do any research and often fall prey to one of the many work at home scheme scam artists looking to take their money and waste their time.


The opportunities are there for you provided that you use a good work at home site like this one or research program thoroughly yourself. You will also find many other types of companies when you do your research such as Home Based Data Entry Jobs, Type At Home, Rebate Processors, Telephone Home Jobs and Mystery Shopping. Here is what you need to do to get you work at home endeavor jump-started:


  1. Do your research.
  2. Join 2-3 programs that meet your profile.
  3. Take the time to read the step-by-step guidance before beginning.
  4. Start working from the comfort of your home and earning money.


Make Money Online – Your Own Home Business


Many people are using the Internet and it’s explosive growth to make money online at home. Why not get your piece of the pie?


The Internet levels the playing field for people from every walk of life no matter where they are located. The work at home opportunities out there are endless and I have only given you two ways to generate an income.  Please feel free to read other articles by visiting this link to another site with a program that will give you a great start to having your own online business.


You could also leave a comment below.  I always enjoy getting feedback pertaining to my articles or my site. Your feedback is important to me because it lets me know if the information I’m giving is good.


After you leave a comment you can take the first step toward your financial freedom!


But take action today or as sure as god made little green apples, tomorrow you will still be in the same position as you are in today.


There is section on the right side of this site called  –  Cool Sites For Easy Money.  If you don’t fancy this particular way to make money I’m 100% positive you will find one within that list.


To your success folks and have a really good day.  You can make it even better by clicking on some of those links I mentioned.


Sincere Regards.
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  1. Just read your article about Work At Home Jobs. I am ready to follow through on this idea.
    I am at a point in life where I no longer like having someone else making decisions that effect my livelihood.
    I am not the most skilled with computers, but this seems to be the way to go.
    Can you point me in the direction of a good learning program that has a quality support platform?
    The support part is important to me, because I am sure i am going to need the help!

    1. Hello Brendon

      Thank you for reading my article on Jobs You Can Do From Home.

      Thank you also for taking the time to leave a comment.

      There are many jobs you can do at home but there are also a lot of scams that will take your money and you receive very little in return.

      You ask about a good training program and I will point you in the direction of the one I have been a member of for almost 4 years.

      The program is called Wealthy Affiliate and here is a link to their web page  –


      There is a menu across the top and you can click on the titles and browse.

      All the information is there that will allow you to make an informed decision whether this is for you or not.

      You can sign up for the seven day free trial and see if its for you.

      If not, you leave and no harm done.

      You can stay as a free member for as long as you want to and you can take the getting started training and start to build your very own home business website.

      The 24/7 support is second to none and you can call on members all over the world for help via a Live Char function.

      The two owners also make themselves available via a private message system so you are never left on your own.

      Why not sign up for the free trial and find out if its for you or not?

      If you do then get in touch and I will help you all I can.

      Have a great day.

      Sincerest Regards.

      Robert Allan

  2. Yes, I have seen ads too for E-Mail processor jobs and posting ads online. They scream scam or total waste of time to me. I have actually tried a few, and I give it my all when I try various home jobs. Only to realize that for hours of my work, I have no compensation to show for it, and no light at the end of the tunnel. I did see your link to Wealthy Affiliate and this is something that I have been considering. Are you a member, and if so how do you like it? Is it a legitimate way to start a home business?

    1. Hello Matts Mom

      Thank you for taking the time to visit my site and for your comment.

      Yes I’m afraid there are just as many scams as there are legitimate ways to earn money at home.

      As I say in my article this is mainly due to the fact that people look at these Ads with dollar signs in their eyes.

      What they should do is do their due diligence and research the home job or home business opportunities very thoroughly.

      If they don’t then the chances of them being scammed are that much greater.

      Find a site like mine where I have done this research already and if I don’t like what I find out then I will not recommend it.

      Wealthy Affiliate I do recommend simply because they don’t promise to make you any money at all.

      WA is a training platform which you can try for seven days free of charge.

      If you think its not for you then you leave and all you have wasted is a week of your time.

      However if you want to stay then you can for as long as you like and again its totally free to do so.

      Wealthy Affiliate will give you all the training you need to get started with a home business enterprise.

      To help you on your way you will receive two websites with hosting and maintenance free of charge as well.

      I personally have been a member going on four years and there are many thousands of members like me.

      We took the training.

      We built our home business.

      We are successful and its all due to the training, help and 24/7 support, not just from each other but from the two owners as well who make themselves available every day.

      If processing emails or posting Ads is not for you then by all means sign up to Wealthy Affiliate and see if you have what it takes to be your own boss with your own online business.

      Whatever you do I wish you nothing but success.

      Have an awesome day.

      Sincere Regards.

      Robert Allan


      Here is the link to my Wealthy Affiliate profile so you will know I am a real person and member of what I consider the best online training program on the internet today!


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