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Updated 21st September 2019


How To Tell If An Internet Home Business Or Job Is The Real Deal Or A Pyramid Scheme


Work from home with a job or work from home with a business you can make a living from instead of the usual 9 to 5.  BUT – Where to find one?  Who to ask?  What’s the right one for you?


On the internet where there are lots of different home based businesses and jobs you can do at home, it can be difficult and time consuming to find the one that works.  It stands to reason you want one that will earn you an income, while giving you more leisure time to spend doing the things you like.


When you come across a work from home business or job on the internet does that opportunity strike you as having a lot of second rate e-books? Is the software something that no one in their right mind would ever really buy? Are you told that people really do sell that junk, only to find out on closer inspection they only sell and resell the opportunity? Would you actually make any money from it?


Well if you have experienced any of the above then you have probably uncovered yet another garden variety Pyramid or Ponzi scheme that are all too common these days.


legitimate internet business or pyramid scheme


There are lots of systems out there that pride themselves on offering tons of Bogus software and products.  These include, but are in no way limited to: e-books outdated software and other fluff that they put up as real work at home businesses or jobs.  The fact is though its just a cloak for reselling the business or job, and by definition is defined as a ‘pyramid scheme‘.


Way back about 20 years ago when I first started working online there were a ton of these that rose and fell quite quickly.  The guys at the bottom where left with nothing, and a fat bank account for owner. Today on the internet its important when looking at any business or internet job to evaluate the opportunity for Real Market Value. This will be the greatest indicator of success.


What Is The Definition Of A Pyramid Scheme


Is a pyramid scheme a scam?  Yes it is!  Because first of all pyramid schemes have no real product, or pretend to, such as old software, e-books and other useless junk people will never buy.  Perfect pyramid scheme examples are: Big Ticket To Wealth, Road Map To Riches, Passport To Wealth, Perfect Wealth Formula to name but a few.


The pretense is a common tactic you will see in hyped up internet businesses and are a tell tale sign of an outright scam.  Often these so called products are a cover up for a pyramid scheme, and it just amazes me how many so called online businesses and online jobs are blatant pyramid schemes.  You signup, then most of the time you are left to get on with it.

are pyramid schemes scams

Now there’s nothing wrong with having a sign up fee as long as legit products are being sold and or promoted.  You certainly don’t want an opportunity that will definitely topple the pyramid leaving you in the rubble and the top point or owners wealthy.  Because this is so rare, just ask around and see if anyone involved with the business or job you’re looking at really made anyone any money. 


However if you can read between the lines you’ll learn the truth that they only sell the opportunity.


Even if you are comfortable with just reselling the opportunity I can guarantee that only the original few that first joined are going to bank the lions share of the money made.  But they will keep on parading their “heavy hitters” over and over again as if you too will make millions.  This is definitely not going to be true.  Why?  Because everyday the market becomes over saturated and inevitably the opportunity implodes and crashes down on your dream of being rich.


Legitimate Work Home Jobs – Legit Work Home Business


As I said above, when I first started working online twenty years ago I spent several weeks searching for a legitimate job or business I could get involved with.  It took me that long to eventually find decent work from home jobs, programs and or systems that I felt looked good enough for me to invest my time and perhaps a little startup money.


Eventually though even those good opportunities dried up and even more junk turned up on the internet to grab your money and run.  That was until 2014 and I found another good opportunity in Wealthy Affiliate.

work from home withIts not a get rich or pyramid scheme but a training platform.  Make no mistake there is work involved and success wont happen overnight.  To date I have never found another program with such a high success rate for its members. 


With over 500 step by step training videos this is a truly paint by numbers approach that trains a member even with zero experience to succeed. Also unlike many another home business programs, this system really does encourage Pay It Forward Ongoing Teamwork, and won’t leave you struggling on your own.


But right now and reading this article you’re probably just starting out with the idea in your head to start a business or job you can work at from home. So…


How To Find Out  – Do Online Business Make Money


These days when most people are finding they need extra money, home jobs and businesses have become more popular than ever. Organizations have stepped up to the plate providing what seems like thousands of jobs and new business opportunities to choose from.


With the businesses, most promise you’ll make good money. More than a few outright guarantee you’ll get rich. Surprising numbers say you’ll never have to do any work.


With all these claims floating around, how can you know if the home business you choose will make money? Do you just go online and earn money?


No way folks, there are a few steps you must go through before you even think about how much money you’re hoping to make.  Always remember  –  your business is your job and your job is running your business. 


A lot of people just starting out tend to forget this very important point.  Treat your business like a job of work that has to be taken care of.


work at home with a job


  1. You must be selling or promoting a product a big group of people REALLY WANT. Notice I didn’t say a product everyone wants. That’s not necessary. You’ll do best if you sell a product that just some people want, but you need those people to want it badly enough.


Make sure you consider the product that a home business is selling. Too often, business opportunities focus entirely on the compensation plan. But at the bottom of every plan is a product that must sell, or there won’t be any revenue to fuel the compensation plan.


  1. Don’t plan on learning your business all by yourself. You’ll earn more money faster if you have plenty of experienced help. Find a company that will give you 24/7 help and support no matter where in the world you live.


You’ll not only need step-by-step explanations of how to run your home business, you’ll need some personal encouragement to keep your enthusiasm up over the long haul.


  1. This many be the most important point of the lot. Make sure generate business sales leadsyou have a way to get a non-stop supply of good, leads. Presenting your home business to your relatives and friends may work for a few weeks, but after a while, you’ll need new prospects.


This is where most home businesses fail. They spend money on buying leads and advertising, but soon find they don’t get the results they were expecting through advertising.


Make sure your home business opportunity comes with a solid system for attracting new customers.


There are even more ways to ensure your home business is a good one, but using these three tips will take you miles toward creating a home business that produces the extra cash you need, and in a timely manner.


Find Work Home Jobs Online – AND –  How To Earn An Income Online From Home


I suppose it’s possible to get rich without ever lifting a finger, but those opportunities are few and far between.


You see mentors like me have a vested interest in people like yourself because the income you are going to earn online is reflected on me.  How well have I done my job to find you jobs or businesses you can do online from your home. I’m hoping to make money as well. But once you are up and running commissions can easily become a daily occurrence.


how to work from home with a


What is the best way to earn money online from homeas far as I’m concerned its having your own online job you can run as a business.  Make no mistake folks, when you work from home with a job, that job is your business.  Also as far as I’m concerned you landing on my website and reading this article is the end of your search.


Please check this site to get your financial future on track for success. The menu at the top will give you all the information you need.  It will certainly tell you the truth about what it takes to make money online and if its for you or not.


I wish you nothing but that success folks.


If you have the time I would really appreciate it if you left a comment below with your own thoughts on working from home with your own business.  I will reply.


My Very Best Regards.


Robert Allan

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  1. Hello there,

    I just had to comment when I saw you also dislike the pyramid scheme. I have been a victim of scamming for more than 3 times in these pyramids of deceit, which is a great name by the way.

    The people who get you into them are just so smooth in words and you don’t even know how you find yourself in there. But you get to wake up and come to senses when you have already ripped off.

    These scammers should be jailed for life.

    1. Hello Dave and thank you for reading my article.

      I have came across a lot of Pyramid Schemes in my time Dave and some of them had a really good promotion campaign going.

      Good enough to take in countless people who only lost money for their efforts.

      But we live and learn or are supposed to.

      Hopefully my article will go a long way to steering people away from those schemes and onto a program such as wealthy affiliate.

      At least you are not asked for any money upfront and you can stay for as long as you want to as a totally free member.

      If you decide its not for you then you leave, its as simple as that.

      Onwards to your own success Dave and please visit again.

      Warmest wishes.

      Robert Allan

  2. Loved your article especially explaining the pyramid scheme, I was in this kind of business at least three times in my life, I gave up all three times, it was hard to sell, I never saw in money coming in.
    When I started an online business I researched for 6 months, and Wealthy Affiliate is the Real Deal, all they provide for you, and all the help, makes you keep going and pushing yourself for success.

    1. Hello Denise

      Glad you liked my article on Home Business or a Home Job and of course those damn Pyramid Schemes we have all fallen foul of at one time or another.

      Hopefully all who take the time to read my article will know what to look out for if and when they decide to work from home.

      Yes Wealthy Affiliate is the real deal and now that you are a member you will know what work is involved to get a home business or job up and running and making you decent money.

      It will take a while but as you say if you push yourself and take in all the training tips and advice you WILL succeed.

      Onwards and upwards to that success Denise and thank you for visiting my website.

      Best Regards.

      Robert Allan

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