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Updated 21st September 2019



For A How To With Affiliate Marketing [with tips to succeed as an affiliate marketer]


Affiliate Marketing: How to Be Subtle – There’s a marketing saying that goes, “People hate being sold to, but they love to buy.”  Read on for the how to on achieving success.


a how to on becoming a successful affiliate marketer

what you must do to achieve success as an affiliate marketer


This maxim pretty much hits the nail on the head. Many marketers fail to realize that you say more when you say less. When a blog post hypes up a product or you send an email that praises a product in a way that’s over the top, you will actually push potential buyers away.


It’s obvious that you have a vested interest in getting them to buy the product just so that you earn an affiliate commission. Once the reader detects that you have an ulterior motive, they’ll feel that you’re biased towards the product because you’re affiliated with it.


credibility – open, believable, truthful


Your motives become suspect and you lose credibility and trust. Once those go, getting the sale can be very difficult, if damn near impossible. That’s exactly why you must be subtle in your marketing.


One of the best ways to do that will be to show how the product helped you and how you benefited from it. While it may not be possible to do this for all the products you’re promoting, you can still be subtle in other ways.


For example, if you have a site showing how to build a Tree House for children, casually mentioning that ‘circular saws are much better than miter saws because they’re easy to use will get you more sales. You just need to hyperlink the words circular saws to the product you’re promoting.


Curious visitors will click on the link. After all, everyone wants to make things faster and easier for themselves.


However, if you say, ‘you need to buy a circular saw model XXX to do this job effectively. Its the best saw that I found for the job and only costs $YYY’, you’ve probably set off the reader’s Spidey senses. They can sense that you’re pushing the saw on to them because you were too obvious.



Sell Solutions Not Products


The goal is to use curiosity and strategically placed anchor text to get the clicks. They must feel like it was their choice. That is the key. When the reader is doing things on his or her own volition, they’ll not be in a guarded state and will be much more receptive to the sales copy, etc.


a how to of marketing strategies

selling is all about a problem solving strategy


As an affiliate, your job is to get the click. The sales page should do the selling.


While your content can gently pre-sell the reader, it should mostly be ‘benefits oriented’. You want to sell the solution to the problem and not the product. The best way to do this is by showing how the product solves the most common problems that your audience faces.


You don’t even need to mention where the product is sold or the positive reviews it has. If your content convinces the reader that the product is the solution that they’ve been looking for – without blatantly telling them, the reader WILL click on the links to see how they can solve their problems.


Everybody is looking for solutions. You’re just the middleman who gently guides them down the right path. That’s all there is to it. Be subtle.


Now that I have that part of affiliate marketing out of the way lets move on to the seven steps I personally follow to make money with my own affiliate marketing efforts.  Pay attention folks because if you follow these steps you will eventually be as successful as I am.



7 Steps to Optimize Your Affiliate Marketing


To succeed in affiliate marketing, you’ll need all the gears in your affiliate marketing ‘machine’ to be perfectly aligned so that the machine runs smoothly and generates sales like clockwork.


In order to reach this stage, there are a few factors that you must be aware of and make sure that they’re all optimized so that your marketing efforts yield the best results. Getting them wrong can end in frustration, a loss of time, energy and any money you’ve paid for advertising.


a how to in affiliate marketing for beginners

a how to in affiliate marketing for beginners in seven easy steps


Let’s look at the 7 steps below on the best how to on affiliate marketing


1  Formulate a how to plan


If you fail to plan, you’re planning to fail.  If you already have a niche in mind then before even getting started on the content creation or buying a domain, you’ll need to assess if your niche is worth targeting. Is it overly competitive? Are there enough products to promote? Will you be targeting the best keywords with your keyword research?


You need to know your plan of attack and exactly what you’re going to do for a how to in affiliate marketing. That is your first step.  Its all about ‘How To’ people, so get it right, and get it right first time.



2  Research your niche and target audience


The second step is research and reach. You must do a lot of research before diving into the niche. It’s fine to even spend a week or two doing thorough research. You’ll get a feel for the niche and know just how far your reach will be. Better to be well-prepared than to get started and be unprepared.


If the niche you have decided on has a very small audience, your earning capacity will be limited. While you can still give it a try, it’s inevitable that you will reach an income ceiling that you can’t seem to break through. So, be aware of this.  Here is the link to an article I published on Niche Marketing, I suggest you give it a read.



3  Traffic Generation


Getting people to land on your website is of course of paramount importance. The more targeted traffic you have, the more sales you’ll make. So, you need to know where you’ll be driving traffic from and what you’re going to do. Focus a huge chunk of your efforts on getting the right people to your website.



4  What is content in marketing


No matter what affiliate product you’re promoting, there will be some type of content creation involved in your marketing strategy. You could be writing blog posts or creating infographics or just pinning images on Pinterest – whatever the case, its content creation and marketing.


People come online looking for information. They’re looking for content. The better and more engaging it is, the more visitors you’ll attract and retain. Your goal should always be to help the visitor out. Avoid appearing like a marketer who only hard sells and hypes products up. It’ll just turn off most people and cost you sales.


That link I gave above for Niche Marketing also has a section in the article on Content Marketing, so have a browse through that part as well.



5  Promoting your content

When you’re online, you must promote your content. Actively post your images in image sharing sites, share your videos in as many places as you can, get in front of as many crowds as you can, etc.


Take gardening as an example niche.  There are people on Pinterest who love gardening. There are also people in Facebook groups who love gardening. Let’s not forget all those people who subscribe to gardening channels on YouTube… because they love gardening.


Guess what? Most of them are not on all three sites. The audiences will be different. So, by promoting your content on different platforms, you’ll reach more people.



6  Analyzing statistics


Analyze your traffic stats, clicks, sales, conversions, etc. Even if numbers scare you, after a while you’ll get a hang of things. Once you understand the numbers, you’ll know how to scale your efforts and improve upon the winning strategies while ditching the poorer performing ones.



7  Rinse and repeat


Last but by no means least.  Find out what’s working and keep repeating your efforts. Rinse, lather and repeat. Consistency is everything and your repeated efforts multiplied over time will result in consistent sales.


Follow these steps and you Will achieve success as an affiliate marketer.



how to affiliate training

Five step to success concept which include goal, plan, action. Stairway and red carpet could represent step by step process of building career, self development, business to success, achievement and victory


Now all you need is a website to give you a platform on which to launch yourself on the internet.  Click on this link and read how a program called Wealthy Affiliate will give you two sites, and show you how to achieve that success.


If you have any thoughts of your own on how to with affiliate marketing then please leave them via a comment below.  I will reply.


Enjoy your day wherever you are in the world, and I hope to see you on the inside.


Best Regards.

Robert Allan

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  1. Hello Robert

    This is great ‘how to site’ lots of useful tips on how to get started with affiliate marketing. The content is well written, easy to read and flows well. There are a lot of sites out there which follow a similar pattern, and you have to be very good to stand out in a crowded market. However, I think that you have a great chance of success with this site. You have clearly researched the topic and write with authority on the subject.

    Best wishes for the future 


    1. Hello Robert and thank you for your visit to my website.
      I do try to give as much information as I possibly can so that people who land on my site through their search terms at least find some of the information they were looking for.
      I hope you found some useful tips and advice that you can now follow to help you earn an income from your own online efforts.
      I wish you much success.
      Robert Allan

  2. Thanks Robert, I enjoyed reading through this post especially the seven steps that are helpful in becoming a successful affiliate marketer. I learned a lot as well. How we present our product to our customer is very important. In my niche, I provide the solution in form of information. How do I make money from information? What product can I generate from information? 

    1. Hello Juliet
      Glad you found the article helpful.
      There are lots more tips and advice throughout this site that will help you even more so have a browse and pass the site address to your friends and anyone you know who is perhaps struggling with certain aspects of marketing online.
      I wish you success.
      Robert Allan

  3. Thanks for this useful how-to guide for earning money online with an affiliate marketing business. I was not sure what to expect but was pleasantly surprised at the tips and advice you have provided in this article. The first-person experience is a good way to build confidence with the readers so they take action and buy.

    The idea to sell solutions also makes sense. People want answers to their problems, they do not care about you, the writer of the review. How is it (product or service) going to help solve their problem and at what cost…The seven steps you mention and expand on also was super helpful. Good post, I have bookmarked the website to come back again!

    1. Hello Dave
      Thank you for taking the time to read my article and leave your own thoughts on the process of affiliate marketing.
      There are a whole load more tips and advice throughout my site and they cover all aspects of marketing online and indeed to earn decent money from your efforts.
      Yes, you must always remember that you are selling the solution and not the product.
      When you point people in the direction of the product then you are providing the solution and people are more likely to buy this way rather than you shoving it down their throat.
      Please do come back again.
      Best wishes for your success.
      Robert Allan

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