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Updated 23rd October 2019


Work At Home With An Affiliate Program [What It Takes]


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This article is a how to for affiliate marketing and what it takes to make money from it.  Therefore do you have something you would like to make money from?  It could be an actual product or just an idea that’s been in your head for a while. 


It doesn’t really matter what your idea is as long as you believe in it, and know a bit about it.  If this is so then an affiliate marketing campaign is the road you should take to achieve the greatest success.


the how to in affiliate marketing for beginners


This article will take a look at what affiliate marketing is, how it works, and will provide insight into why its so popular by people the world over.  Also how it can be used effectively to generate an income for you, even if you’re a beginner.


Some business owners opt to start an affiliate marketing campaign as part of their overall marketing strategy. In most cases the affiliate marketing campaign is only a small portion of the overall marketing strategy but there are some business owners who opt to rely exclusively on this type of marketing.


tips for email design

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The main purpose of doing this is to save money while still achieving valuable advertising. However, once a business becomes more successful they should consider being more proactive and combining affiliate marketing with other types of internet marketing such as placing banner ads and orchestrating an email marketing campaign.


A How To For Affiliate Marketing


An affiliate marketing campaign is essentially a situation where other website owners place ads for your business on their websites. These website owners are known as affiliates. Its important to understand how this type of marketing works.


In general the affiliates are given a code for your banner ad to place on their website and given the freedom to promote their own website as they see fit. In promoting their website they are also attracting attention to your website because of the banner ad directing visitors to your own website.



how to work online at home as an affiliate


One of the most appealing elements of affiliate marketing is the affiliate is only compensated when they produce a desired result. This means the business owner is not obligated to pay the affiliate unless the affiliate is successful. Success may be defined as generating traffic to the website, resulting in a sale or even resulting in the internet user registering on your website via an optin form.


The compensation for affiliates is generally based on cost per click, cost per lead or cost per sale.


Cost per click and cost per lead are usually paid in terms of a flat fee which is awarded to the affiliate each time an internet user either simply clicks through the banner ad on his website or performs a specific action after clicking through the ad.


Cost per sale may result in the affiliate being awarded a flat fee or a percentage of the sale depending on the agreement between the business owner and the affiliate.


How To Make Money With An Affiliate Program


The most effective use of affiliate marketing is to actively seek out affiliates with a proven track record of promoting the businesses which they support. Most affiliate programs are open to anyone with a website and it is not necessarily damaging to allow those who are not particularly knowledgeable about marketing to run your banner ad.


how affiliate marketers work


However it is far more worthwhile to find affiliates who are quite adept and generating website traffic to their own websites. This is important because the more visitors they receive each month, the more likely your website is to receive interest from visitors who click on the banner ads they have on their sites.


what is a banner ad.


Another aspect of affiliate marketing which can contribute to success or failure is the design of your banner ads (see above graphic). Its important to remember affiliate marketing is viewed the same way other types of marketing are viewed.  Therefore care should be taken to create banner ads which will be appealing to your target audience.


This means everything from the colors of your ad to the size and style of the font should be carefully considered to create an appealing, eye catching advertisement.


A How To Of Affiliate Marketing For Beginners


You ask yourself  – is the how to in affiliate marketing, hard or easy?  That will depend on whether the individual is a complete novice or already has some experience.  But before you can actually get started with your affiliate marketing enterprise you have to create a website where you can include your product(s) and or service that you want to make money from.


To that end I will point you in the direction of an online program that will provide you with two websites for free.


buoild your own website for free


The step by step training videos and lessons will ensure you can get your first website presence on the internet.  All you have to do is create great content for that site and the training will give you all the direction you need to achieve this.


There are tools you can use such as Jaaxy with which you can find those all-important search terms.  There is a Live Chat function where you can ask questions to get an almost immediate reply.  There is 24/7 support.  You can Private message other members.


You also get your sites hosted on the internet for free and you get to choose your own Domain Name for them.


Internet Income Home Based Business


Ok folks I think I’ve given you enough info to get you asking yourself  –  “Can I Do This, Can I Really Have An Internet Income With A Home Business”?  If the answer is yes, then click on this link which will take you to a web page with a menu at the top.  You click on those headers and read all about this fantastic program.


After that you can either join for free or you can walk away from what in my opinion is the best start anyone can get to achieving their dream of being their own boss with their own online business.


the how to in affiliate marketing for beginners


I want to see you on the inside so join today and take action and get started today!


Onwards to success folks, and have an awesome day.


Robert Allan

how to make money online and from home

Hello I have been an affiliate/internet marketer for many years and I'm very successful at it. If you need any help and pointers to earning an online income from home or to start up your own home-based business then please feel free to read the other articles within this site. I'm sure you will go away with lots of tips and advice that will help you get started. Here is a link to my About Me page - This other link is my profile within the work from home make money online community I am a member of since 2014.


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  1. Hello Robert,

    You have given the beginner an excellent insight into the world of affiliate marketing. I have been using affiliate marketing for some years with successes now and then.

    The problems I had were generally down to promoting the wrong products. I like the way everything the beginner needs has been covered.


    1. Hi Derek
      Glad you liked the article and took something away from it that will help you with your own online efforts.
      As I said to another person who commented.
      Whatever your Niche is you have to dig down into it and find something that people want but have a hard time finding themselves.
      Then you use good related keywords to whatever the product is and I think you will find you will do better.
      Thank you for reading and please do visit again as I publish on a regular basis.
      Best regards.
      Robert Allan

  2. I belong to a Wealthy Affiliate as a premium member. This article is very informative and to be honest. The site comments are a nice little touch for me as well. “I deserve this!” Thank you for sharing this excellent information. It is important to note here that Affiliate Marketing is a business, and should be treated as one. It is not a get-rich-quick scheme. You have to put the time and effort into this endeavor in order to get the results you want. It’s very useful and can definitely be used as a great source for everyone who is interested in this topic.

    It’s great that your website motives people to find other ways of learning. Thank you for the informative article.

    1. Hi Nasrin.
      Good to know you are a fellow member of wealthy affiliate.
      You will know by now that marketing on the internet can be a steep learning curve but within WA you have access to great tools and a great membership team spirit who are always there for you.
      The Live Chat function is especially helpful when you want a quick answer to any problem you might have.
      I don’t know how long you have been a member but yes you have to treat it like a business and put in the effort and dedication with the commitment to carry on until you achieve your ultimate goal.
      If you get stuck on anything then by all means get in touch and I will be more than happy to help you.
      Onwards and upwards Nasrin.
      Robert Allan

  3. Hi Robert, I see you are an expert in the area of affiliate marketing. I am just learning about it. When you register to be an affiliate marketer, does the company give you a deadline for making sales/referrals ? Also if you are in a popular niche, what are the standout factors that would make you more successful than the others ? Thank you for this information so well presented.

    1. Hello JJ
      As a general rule affiliate don’t have a deadline to make sales. As long as they have a site with quality content coupled with images (some companies will give you those as well) then you are good to go.
      If you are in a popular Niche then the best way to go about it is to dig deep into that Niche and find something that people want but have a hard time finding it.
      You should ask questions in forums and on message boards to find out what’s popular and what’s not.
      Go on Google Trends as well and get Alerts from them when there is a new demand and get in there first as an affiliate to promote whatever it is.
      At the end of the day its as I said above – dig deep and give people what they want but have a hard time finding and you can’t go wrong.
      I wish you much success and if you get stuck, then get in touch via the Contact Form on the right side of this page.
      Robert Allan

  4. Hey there Robert

    Affiliate Marketing is simple: you pick a niche, create a website, write good content, become an authority in your niche and then you review and suggest products (physical or digital) and services to your audience. Creating an email list and having a social media presence helps a lot.

    It is important to note here that affiliate marketing is a business, and should be treated as one. It is not a get-rich-quick scheme. You have to put the time and the effort into this endeavor in order to get the results you want.

    Great post!


    1. Hello Marios
      First off, thank you for reading my article and leaving a comment.
      I see from your comment you have a firm grasp of what it takes to achieve success as an affiliate marketer.
      sadly a lot of people think that they can build a website then after a week or two they can sit back and watch the money rolling into their bank account.
      Not so I’m afraid and just like any Normal Job it takes time and dedication to make an online home business work.
      In order to make it work, and it doesn’t matter if you’re a complete beginner or have some online experience you do need the right training.
      Anyone can get that training with wealthy affiliate.
      It will take them step by step through all the processes to actually having a website that will earn them an income for many years to come.
      All it takes is dedication and commitment to achieve this ultimate goal.
      Please visit my site again Marios.
      I wish you much success.
      Robert Allan

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