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Updated 21st September 2019


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What Is The Best Home Business to achieve success and especially if you are a complete beginner? – However if you have been considering finding and starting a home business you may have heard many different opinions on how to run it. Some will tell you to run it like you would if you were working away from the home. Others may tell you to make your own hours and be flexible.  So, what is the best way to work from home?


One of the primary reasons that people even consider working from home is to some how get a handle on their personal lives. They feel divided leaving every morning and dropping kids off at daycare or school; working all day and then picking, them up to only feed them and put them to bed. One of the advantages to having a work at home business is that you can set your hours and that will work with your lifestyle.


You want to be careful not to let the chores that need your attention run overtime so that you are doing your home business at night and the weekends.


One way to manage this is to rent a post office box where all your deliveries for your business go instead of coming to your home and mixing in with your home mail.  This would surely lessen the amount of time you are running to the door frequently to sign for mail related to your business.


Create A Work Schedule


It doesn’t matter if your the husband or the wife, or a single parent you will hopefully have had the foresight to create a day planner and/or schedule for when you will be doing the daily chores and doing the business. You can utilize your break times to do chores around the house. You may consider hiring someone to come in and do the little chores for you such as a teenager looking to make a little extra money.

create a flexible work schedule


Multi-tasking is an important quality when you are entering the home business environment. If you are not good at organizing your time and resources and able to do more than one thing at a time over time it will have you climbing the walls with frustration.  To keep your sanity it would be in your best interest to have a plan you can follow and a flexible personal schedule you can keep to.  It could also be a good idea to partner up with someone who is a good multi-tasker. 


Its also a good idea to get your family involved in accomplishing chores around the house. If your children are old enough to do laundry or dishes and other chores around the house start setting a schedule that you want them done by.  This way your chores will be done, your children will be learning responsibility, and you will be able to accomplish what needs to be done with your business.


Let your children know when you are available to take them places instead of telling them you have no time because your business requires you to stay home. Write in times in your day planner to take your children places and do special things for yourself and/or with your spouse. If you put all your energies into the business and neglect your family you will either not have your family or you will lose your source of income or possibly both.

Being a stay at home parent can be a very important aspect of raising children.  You might like to read this article.


Now lets move on to what an actual home business entails and how to get started…


Starting Your Own Home Business 


Starting a home business is the dream of many people; in fact, it has become the ideal for millions. If you are reading this article, the chances are high that you are one who believes that there is much more to life than just waking up each morning and working the rest of the day for a wage.


However running a business from your home is no joke. There are a lot of details that you will need to keep track of if you want to achieve success. Keep in mind that a home business is in essence not much different from a traditional 9 to 5. The aim of your business is to make money, remember that. It has to be as efficient and therefore its your job to make it as profitable as you can make it.


how to start in home business


If you are thinking of working at home with a home business, then you must first consider all the variables that will be involved in your potential decision. Working at home, like working outside, carries its own set of advantages and disadvantages. It would be a good idea to first scrutinize each argument, and examine how much weight such arguments should have on your decision.


There’s nothing wrong with working for a wage, especially if it pays the bills! However, an increasing number of people are finding that working for someone else is not very rewarding. After all, as an employee its not likely that you are being compensated according to your real value to the company. In other words, you only get a small percentage of the fruits of your labors – your boss or company gets the lion’s share.


Now, working at home is not a financial cure-all. In fact, you can expect to have  rough times, especially at the beginning. However, as long as you stay disciplined and do the work that you have to do, you can expect your venture to grow, and the money earned to grow as well.


How To Choose And Start A Home Business


If you are serious about making money online, then you cannot ignore the possibilities how to start a successful online businessthat are offered by home businesses. These days, however, there are so many opportunities available that separating the wheat from the chaff can become a real problem. Everyone who wants to earn some serious money must acquire some skill in evaluating home business opportunities.


In evaluating home business opportunities, the lesson is this: choose the opportunities that suit you; in areas that you love and have experience and/or knowledge of. You will never go wrong by following this path.


If you are interested in plants, start a plant nursery.

If you are a book lover, consider starting a book club.

If you are passionate about beauty products, consider setting up a small shop, maybe even mixing your own concoctions.


You can also become an affiliate to the big online companies and promote their products.  Countless people all over the world earn great money at this.


The possibilities are endless and infinitely varied. Whether you want to sell goods or to provide services, or promote someone else’s you only have to make sure that its a quality product at a reasonable price. As long as what you have to offer is useful, you should be able to make your own opportunities, not wait for them to come by!


Starting Up Your Own Home Business – The Right Type Of Opportunity


Ok, so you have researched the facts, weighed the pros and cons and have finally decided that a home business is right for you.  But now you need to figure out what type of business you want and how to proceed with marketing this business. 


What Is The Best Home Based Business For You


There are many types of home businesses but not all of them are right for all people.  You need to ask yourself these questions: 


  1. Do I want to start my own business from scratch? 
  2. Do I just want to join an MLM and sell for someone else? 
  3. Do I want to sell physical products or digital products? 
  4. Do I want to do all the work online or offline too? 
  5. Do I want help with my business or do I want to go solo? 
  6. Do I just want to become an affiliate and promote other people’s online products?


MLM/Direct Sales – The company you sell for is in control of how you run your business.  You are paid a commission for sales and usually have to recruit a downline.


Distributorship – You are in control of your own business.  You keep all profits and do not need to recruit a downline.


Digital Products – Selling digital products such as ebooks is done online and there is no need for an inventory, shipping or worrying about damaged goods.


Affiliate Programs – many people make a good online income just by selling other people’s products.


Service Provider – This would include such things as virtual assistant, party planner, pet sitter, etc.


These types of businesses can be combined to form one very successful business.  Such as applying for a distributorship and then also offering ebooks on your online store site.


Once you have chosen your business there are countless ways to do this online and offline. 

how to market your ecommerce business


A How To In Offline Marketing


Offline marketing would include:


business cardshow to marketing strategies


attending expos

craft fairs

trade shows


phone calls

newsletter advertising

door hangers



school functions

catalog distribution

mailing lists

home parties

car magnets



attending local community events and networking and more


Use your creativity to come up with your own unique marketing ideas. 


A How To In Online Marketing


Marketing strategies online include:


link exchangeshow to marketing strategy

search engines


online auctions

email press release

online chats/seminars




ad swapping

ezine publishing

article marketing and much more!


To market your home business takes a lot of work, consistency, time and commitment.  Handing out a couple business cards and throwing up a website will not suffice.  Work as many as these marketing ideas as you can.  Find out which ones really work for you and then expand on them.  Then try more!


I want to make sure you understand that you cannot treat your business as a hobby. 


If you want a successful business with a full time income, you have to work your business full time. 


If you find one of these programs that claim you can make thousands a week for 5 minutes of work, (that actually work) please let me know. 


In the meantime, start using some of these ideas and get your business name out there!


Ok folks I believe I have given plenty of information in the various parts of this article on what is a home based business about, and now its decision time.  Is working from home with your own business right for you or do you believe its a great idea but you could never get it off the ground?


Let me tell you right now you can get it off the ground and I am living proof.  I came across an online communitytraining for a home business income training platform back in 2014 and I joined as a free member.


This website and two others are the fruits of that training so I know it works.


It will work for you as well if you are really serious about being your own boss with your own business you can run from your home.


There is an image below my name and if you click on it you are taken to a web page with a menu across the top and within that menu you will find all the information you need.


Time to take action folks.  Learn how to work online at home.  Click on the image.  Take in the information and then decide if you are ready to be your own boss instead of someone else reaping all the benefits of your hard work.


My absolute best wishes for your success and please do look me up on the inside.


Robert Allan


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  1. Hello Robert,

    I really liked the way you started off the post with comments about why we would want to start a business.

    I really resonated with feeling “divided leaving every morning”

    I really want to spend more time at home with my girlfriend and having a home business allows us to not only work together but to travel together.

    Having an online business allows us that freedom.

    As a long-term online entrepreneur, I totally agree with your suggestion to plan the days.

    It is really easy to get sidetracked online and go down those deep ‘rabbit holes’ never to be seen again for hours.

    You offer loads of clear options and the pros and cons, which I think is great for someone considering this journey.

    I have been part of Wealthy Affiliate so I can certainly back you up when you suggest readers to look at WA as a serious option.

    It is an excellent community where loads of help and support is given.

    I have never seen any other community like it.

    Good luck in your endeavours.


    1. Hi Tim and thank you for taking the time to leave a comment.

      I always appreciate it when visitors take the time to do this and give me and other readers their take on working from home or even just thinking about it.

      Many people dream about being their own boss and the internet provides the best opportunity to do that.

      However most of those people don’t know where or how to get started.

      This is why this site band two other ones I have are dedicated to giving people as much information as possible to achieve their dream.

      Of course the first thing they should do even before they find a home business opportunity is create a plan.

      They really must put pen to paper and write down what they believe is the best way to go.

      Then they must do their research on the internet and find out what and where home businesses are available that match their plan.

      They will probably have to amend and/or adapt their plan to the choices they make.

      They should also ask people who already have their own home business and get their tips and advice.

      They should also, like you and I join a training program that will give them their initial start and guidance to move forward with their fledgling business.

      Wealthy Affiliate will give them that and a whole lot more.

      I have been with WA 4 years now and have never looked back, and once anyone joins I’m sure they wont either.

      Onwards to more success Tim and have an awesome and successful day.


      Robert Allan.

  2. Wowza, that site is full of info. Almost boggling LOL.

    Have you used many of the products?? Or is this just a compilation? I see quite a few I would try!

    I have come to the conclusion that you can spin your wheels on free marketing forever and it’s like the lottery.

    Paid traffic seems the way to go. Do you agree??

    1. Hi Dennis

      Thank you for reading and commenting on my article  –  What Is The Best Home Business For A Complete Beginner.

      I have used a lot of the products.  Some I discarded almost immediately and others I gave them a fair crack of the whip to see if they did what it said on the tin.

      I have to say the biggest majority didn’t come close.

      But there you go you live and learn and you wont learn until you try.

      Free marketing can make you some money but no where near as much if you pay for it.

      And yes Paid Traffic will always be the right kind of traffic simply because you can laser target your audience.

      PPC is usually the best method for this and as long as you start of with a small budget you should at the very least cover your expenses with some left over to up the ante.

      Why not give it a go with Google, they can give you some very good deals.

      Onwards to success Dennis and please visit again.

      have an awesome Wednesday.

      Robert Allan

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