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Updated 21st September 2019


How To Work Online And From Home

Hi Folks


Robert Allan here, and I earn an income from the internet as a self-employed online home business owner with Wealthy Affiliate.


If you’re reading this article then I’m taking it for granted you’re interested in being self-employed and would love to work online from home as I do. But before I get down to telling you about the online program I have been a member of since 2014, and how it can certainly earn you that income from the internet I would like to say a few words. (well, quite a few words actually)


what about a home based business


Question:  What are the possibilities of earning an internet income working from home?


Earn Money At Home Online


In this introduction to working from home, and in fact earn decent money from it I will do my best to point out a few pit falls and problems you can, and will encounter along the way to earning that income from home you desire so much.


First off all let me say from personal experience, conversations with relatives, friends, and other work from home enthusiasts that most of the promotions for work from home opportunities on the internet that are available for people to make a realistic income are useless. They are mostly just stitched together.  Sometimes if you look closely enough you can even see join, know what I’m saying folks?  Also the majority of owners/vendors couldn’t care less about who are buying or promoting their products and systems. There is also an almost complete lack of good customer support, and emails and phone calls are usually totally ignored as well.


Am I ringing any bells with you folks? I’m willing to wager you’re fed up to the back teeth with all the so called guru’s and experts telling you they have the one and only answer to your prayers to work from home, especially when you find you’ve been ripped off yet again.


Of course once these people have taken your money they disappear without trace only to reappear under a different guise somewhere else with a brand new product or system that the same people who bought their last one are willing to invest their money again. Why do we not learn from our mistakes? Are we that gullible? I’m afraid most of us are because we like to look on the bright side, and the next one has got to be ‘The One’, right? Surely we must realize this is exactly what these fly-by-night scammers and fraudsters want us to believe.


Putting all that aside, the big question is. How does the ordinary guy in the street, the stay at home moms and dads, single parents or anyone else who for one reason or another is confined to their home find a good job or business opportunity in order to make a decent income from home? Let me tell you right now. You have to look real hard, and it can take weeks and even months to find one. 


Also bear in mind that even after you find one there is a pretty high percentage of those people who fail.  The main reason for this is that they have not got any kind of workable plan to follow.


what is a business plan


However At Long Last You Think You’ve Found A Work From Home Opportunity To Earn Good Money From The Internet


And what is it about it that makes you ask yourself. Why should I invest my money, time, and effort buying into it or even promoting it when all the rest I have tried have failed? Obviously it has to have something going for it otherwise you wouldn’t have been attracted to it to begin with.


The first question you should ask yourself when looking at an online job or a home business promotion is. Does it Ring True?


Someone once said many years ago. If It Looks Too Good To Be True, Then It Probably Is. Very true words, and over the years many people have come to realize this and lost a lot of money finding this out the hard way.


What Is Best Home Based Business


There is no real secret to achieving success with a home business folks.  All it takes is good common sense.  However the best home business is one with must haves.  Below the image is a list of Must Haves that are my personal criteria when looking to starting in online business:


make money at home


  • Is the opportunity being presented in a professional manner?
  • Are the instructions clear and concise?
  • Are the marketing methods you are advised to follow sound?
  • Are there strategies in place to build a successful business?
  • Is all the information relevant and not BS?
  • Are there training videos you can refer back to whenever you need to?
  • Is there a good support system in place you can rely on?
  • Can you contact the owner 24/7?


You might think that these points above are just plain common sense and what you would expect anyway. You would be surprised just how much of that information is very vague or non-existent in the majority of products or systems that people are buying, selling or promoting.


Of course once you’ve paid your money, and found out that no matter how hard you try you wont make a decent income working from home after all, it’s far too late.  This is usually because the Rock Solid Money Back Guarantees are not worth the paper they’re typed on.


More fool them you might say, but would you spend good money buying something from any store without there being some kind of instruction booklet or manual and a service agreement to protect your rights as a customer? I do not think so. It is the same with any program, product or service you are expected to buy, sell or promote. You have to be able to tell people what they are investing in and the back-up on offer or you do not get any sales.


Detailed information and instruction is a must, but I have found it sadly lacking in over 80% of the Work At Home products, programs and systems I’ve looked at and invested in over the years. I know over 80% seems pretty high but believe me, from personal experience, I have been there, done that, read the books and watched the video’s, and know it’s all too true.


But don’t despair because there are great work at home opportunities on the internet. There are somehow to work online and at home genuine people out there who do have an excellent product or system you can work with and promote, and you CAN use the internet to create your own business.


Therefore all is not lost for you ordinary guys, all the stay at home moms and dads, and countless other people who would like to make an income from the internet. I can say that with confidence because I do work from home with Wealthy Affiliate and make a good income from doing just that with honest and reliable people.


Within WA there are plenty of video tutorials and classrooms and there’s even a ‘Bootcamp’.  But don’t panic, you wont have to go anywhere because everything can be done from the comfort of your own living room from anywhere in the world.


Everything that will enable you to make an online income for many years to come is just a couple of clicks away, and you will receive plenty of support, because if you don’t make money you will leave and WA doesn’t make any money either. That would not be very good business sense, would it?


Did I mention Wealthy Affiliate is FREE to join, well it is, and you get 2 Free websites and they’re hosted for you free as well. What can I say, is this the real deal or what? If you can find a better deal than this then you tell me because I will want some of that action.  But don’t bother looking, I know you wont find anything as good as this anywhere on the internet.


The reason I created this website was to help people like yourself make an income from the internet, just like I do. Therefore if you have anything that you want to ask or have any opinions on any of the content I have created on this site, please do leave a comment below this article. I will try to reply asap and I’m sure other people who visit this site will be interested to read what you have to say as well.


Also if you ever need any feedback or support regarding WA and what it can do for you, I will be more than happy to point you in the right direction for information. Simply leave your comment below and make sure you visit my site often as I update it on a regular basis with ‘Ideas’, ‘Information’ and ‘Links’ to practical help that I know you will find as interesting as I do. 


Of course if you join Wealthy Affiliate then you wont need to revisit this site because you will have everything to hand for Free including all the help and advice you will ever need to be a success.


how to starting in online business


Before I finish, here’s a run down of what you get as a member of wealthy affiliate:

Who Is Wealthy Affiliate For: Beginner or Expert

And here are some of the most common “positives” that people love about WA.

  • Getting Started Training (the process is completely idiot proof)
  • Video training, Tutorial training, Classroom training and Courses
  • Over a million HELPFUL community members
  • 13+ Full, Interactive Classrooms
  • Live and Interactive Help Worldwide
  • 2 Free, Beautifully Designed Websites to get you started
  • State of the Art Secure and Fast Hosting
  • Access to Industry Experts and Self Made Millionaires
  • A strict spam free environment.
  • Completely FREE to Get Started (with no hidden costs)


That last one is a biggie for most people who join.  Not only do you get access to all of the above, you get it for no cost.    This is the only program in the industry that does this (I’ve checked).


The Tools & Services within Wealthy Affiliate offer you a fantastic “tool belt” to accomplish what you need to become self-employed and start to earn you that income from the internet you’ve been dreaming about.


Easy to Build Websites!


building/hosting applications for your business. Included in the members area are:

  • Keyword & Competition Research Tool
  • WordPress Express (3 click website builder)
  • Low Competition, Cherry Picked Keyword Lists
  • State of the Art, Unlimited Cloud Hosting (Premium Members)
  • Access to over 3,000 website templates/themes
  • Content Builder for writing articles


Once inside Wealthy Affiliate, you don’t have to worry about the tools and services needed to run your business.  EVERYTHING is included. It truly is the only “all inclusive” online make money online from home business platform out there.


To Finish:


I ask again:  What are the possibilities of earning an income from the internet working from home?


how to work online from home


A Lot of people worldwide (including yourself) have probably asked themselves that question and come to the conclusion they would need some technical experience such as programming, coding, graphics design, or publishing. Many of us do not have any of these skills to help us get started earning a living online.


When it comes to earning money from home, there are many options that one can pursue, but one thing always comes to mind first: Making Money On The Internet.


Making money online and working from home is something that many dream about, but not very many people actually ever achieve great success.


Making Money Online – How To Start In A Online Business 


So what has been said on this page? Making money from home is possible, but it’s not always easy. There is, however a great way to make money from home that is actually quite easy and a straight forward step-by-step process.


Remember my Must Haves near the beginning of this article?  Well this program work home online freewhere you are shown how to earn an income from home using the internet has them all in spades.  It does not require any technical skills or a huge amount of start-up cash. It’s called Wealthy Affiliate, and it’s actually free to signup and you can stay for as long as you like for free.  It does sound simple and easy right?


Well it is! But how does it work?


To find out you should visit the web page from this link and find out what is a home based business about, how to start in a online business, and just how easy it is to get started.


If you could take the time to leave a comment below with your own thoughts it would be very much appreciated and I will reply.


Remember  –  Action Takers Are The Money Makers!


Thank you for dropping by, and I hope to see you on the inside.


Robert Allan
(Founder And Author Of This Website)


what about a home based business


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  1. Enjoyed reading your article about working from home online.

    I myself started this adventure and I am more than happy how it all turned to be.

    Now that you mentioned in the post, I am also a member of Wealthy Affiliate just like you. They really offer a huge support and their owners are always there on the website – helping their members.

    I really gratefull for this community.


    1. Hello Strahinja and thank you for reading my article on working from home.

      To work from home with a job or a business is a great way to be employed as your own boss, and who doesn’t want to be their own boss?

      Good to know you have taken the leap of faith to get started making money online and I hope you are achieving great success and if not you must keep at it an success will come.

      I did say faith above because you have to believe in yourself.

      You have to believe you have what it takes to be a success.

      You also must have the dedication it takes to achieve that success.

      Countless people give working from home a trial and do not succeed simply because they lack the dedication and belief.

      Wealthy Affiliate will give you everything you need to achieve that success but at the end of the day its up to you as an individual whether you succeed or not.

      Onwards and Upwards to your own success Strahinja.

      Please visit again and have a fantastic and successful day today and all the days to come.

      Warmest regards.

      Robert Allan

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