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how to find great keywords

A Short Review Of The Jaaxy Keyword Tool


Welcome To The Jaaxy Keyword Search Tool.


If you’re looking to find high quality keywords for your business,  just type in your keyword and the tool will find your nearest relevant keywords.


When you’re looking for great keywords to fit your articles and what they’re all about you must look at these five metrics below:


AVG – These will be the number of searches per month according to Google.  I recommend organic traffic as opposed to paying for it.


TRAFFIC – These are the number of people who visit sites using your keyword as a search term.  Hopefully one of those sites will be yours.


QSR – This is an indication of the competition you will have for your chosen keyword.  I recommend under 100, and better still, under 50. I personally like to go a lot lower and try to find competition 10 or under.


KQI – (Great, Normal, Poor) This gives you an instant pulse of keyword quality for any marketing campaign you might be running such as Pay Per Click.


SEO – (Search Engine Optimization) – This is a good indication whether your chosen keyword will give you a good ranking in the Search Engine Results Pages.
I usually try to get my SEO in the high 80’s into the 90’s.  See my example image below.


Example Search

how to find keywords


Ok folks this is short and sweet because you’re much better to give the tool a go and see for yourself how it works.


This is the actual Keyword Search Page.


And if you would like to upgrade and get unlimited searches then you can do so from here.


I wish you success and if you have the time then by all means leave a comment below.


I will reply as I always do to those who take the time.

Have a fantastic day wherever you are.


Robert Allan


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  1. Hi Robert, just wanted to thank you for your input on using Jaxxy. I, too, have started affiliate marketing, so I’m learning just how invaluable this particular resource is to my business.

    I gleaned a valuable piece of insight into Jaxxy from this article, and that is the SEO number. I hadn’t actually been paying any attention to that particular number when searching for keywords, I have just been trying to look for keywords under 50 QSR with a higher amount of average searches. I just got indexed in Google, so I’m definitely going to start paying a lot more attention to that number from now on. Gotta get those rankings!

    Thank you again, seems the more I see about affiliate marketing, the more I learn. I greatly appreciate anyone who helps me gain knowledge about the field, such as yourself. Keep on pushing out that knowledge, all us newbies need it!


    1. Hello Bobby
      Yes indeed you really need a good tool to find the very best keywords and Jaaxy certainly fits the bill.
      You would see from my article that I like to get my SEO in the late eighties and into the nineties and the higher the better.
      Without good keywords SEO you might as well forget ever publishing an article because if you don’t achieve a high listing in the search engine results pages your article wont be seen by a lot of people and at the end of the day if your working online to make money that isn’t any good to you, is it?
      QSR is important as well as that gives you an idea how much competition you will have so the lower you can get that the better.
      Its great you got indexed by Google and now you must hope that your keyword SEO will get you that listing on page one of the SERPs.
      Onwards and upwards Bobby and I wish you success.
      Robert Allan

  2. Hi Robert! When I started in affiliate marketing I didn’t comprehend the importance of a keyword tool. But as I have been writing posts and watching them rank in Google, I now take time to search for good keywords for my posts.

    I really like Jaaxy. And even though I have been using it often, there were still things such as KQI that I didn’t fully understand.

    I have used a handful of keyword tools, but based on my results I have decided to stick with Jaaxy.

    1. Hi Henry
      Thank you for your visit and your comment.
      Of course there are many keyword tools you can use but I have found Jaaxy very useful and its easy to use as well and the results you get are bang up to date as they are taken from Google’s own statistics.
      Its good to know you are going to stick with Jaaxy.
      I know from my own experience you wont regret it.
      Have a great day Henry and please do visit my website again.
      Robert Allan

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