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Updated 20th May 2019


Make Money Online From A Home Business


Selecting The Best Home Based Internet Business


make money online from a home business


Make Money Online From The Home – When you are looking for the best home based Internet business you can actually run from your home its easy to get carried away. On the Internet everybody claims to make big money from home and but for some dollars they are willing to share their secrets with you.


The truth is that there is no such thing as making easy money on the Internet – you have to earn the money with your hard work.


Don’t spend your time and money on home-based business programs you don’t want to work with for a couple of months. That’s what it takes to become successful.


Select the best home based Internet business from the start and here are the criteria that will help you get going.


#5 Things That Must Be Met To Make Money Online From The Home 


how make money online at home


#1: Not “get-rich-quick” scheme


If it sounds to good to be true – it probably is. You can find a lot of programs when you are paid for doing unqualified work or you get an unreasonable return on money invested. Don’t buy it. If overnight riches are your dream, your odds are probably better playing the lottery than going into business – and that includes a Home Business.


#2: No start-up fee


If you have pay to get started – the focus of the business is probably not on helping you becoming a business owner. You are the customer and the basic idea is selling you a product and/or service.


#3: Residual income opportunities


Residual Income is income that keeps coming in month after month, year after year, from work you do just ONCE. It’s like a royalty. An example would be writing a book or recording a song and getting paid forever on it.


#4: Leveraged income opportunities


Leveraged Income is earning money through other people’s efforts. There are only 24 hours in a day. Hence, there’s only so much you can earn through your own efforts.


#5: You don’t have to stock or deliver products


It really doesn’t matter if the products you are marketing are physical or information products as long as somebody else handle orders and shipping. If you have the storage space and you are happy to keep stock or be responsible for delivery a home-based internet business is maybe not what you are looking for in the first place.


Starting a home-based Internet business can change your life – give you more freedom and be very profitable – but only if you pick a sound business.


Even if you find a home business that meets the 5 requirements you will have to work hard to succeed. But your effort will build on a healthy foundation.


You will still need some luck, but it is true what they say – the harder you work the luckier you get.


Lets move on to business ideas that will earn you an income from the internet and at home.


Home Based Business Ideas Make Money Online From The Home


What kind of home based business should you try to start? After all, in these days when companies all over the world are down sizing or outsourcing, even the most highly educated and well trained workers may find themselves out of a job!


ideas to making money online


It used to be that if you got a job with a major company, or a state or local government job, that you were set for life. Handsome pensions, medical care benefits for yourself and family, union protection from unethical mean or desperate management, all of this and more helped to create a sense of security for workers all over the world.


Now the worm has turned, and many well educated and well trained people find themselves at the mercy of bean counters and buyout artists, shady politicians trying to make their bones at the expense of the workforce.  The recent contract negotiations between the New York Mayor and the Transit Workers Union is another perfect example of why you should consider starting a home based business or a job you can do online and from the comfort of your own home to protect your income, and your family’s security.


You might say, ” What have I got to offer?”. Well everybody can bring something to the table. Do you enjoy photography? Why?  because you can make some money on the side doing weddings, school events, even freelance photography for your local or national newspapers and magazines!


For example, do you know anything about Direct TV and satellite dishes? Just that the digital signal is great and that you can get a free affiliate account and make up to $105 for every deal you sign up. And there is no customer service or follow up required.


Ladies who like makeup? Well just sign up with one of the international companies as an affiliate, invite a few friends and colleagues over for a make up party, and before you know it, you can be raking in the dough! One of the wealthiest women in my home town is an Avon rep. It’s the magic of residual income, and the beauty of sharing in the revenue of everyone who you recruit to join these networks.


jobs working from home


But what about web based businesses? Is there a way that you can have products to sell, promotional materials, and an automated customer service solution where you can watch the money roll in and not have to know a thing about web hosting, shopping carts or web design? There sure is, and they provide a free ten part course, where I learned about just such an automated affiliate income system!


It’s called Wealthy Affiliate, and with it and your free websites you can utilizes online companies like the ClickBank Marketplace or Amazon to help you create a cash churning 24 hour a day residual income machine. You can customize your free websites to fit your desired look and requirements, even to the point of deciding which categories or particular products you want to feature. Wealthy Affiliate also offers the option of having your websites served by them, or having your own domain name hosted with them.


Let’s go back to the example of wedding photography. Utilizing the above referenced system, you can have a web portal based on your affiliate id that will pay you! Say you are assisting a wedding photographer, taking a second shot, to gain experience and get your name out. Just have a business card with a link to your customized wedding website, a phone, and your email, which you hand out at interviews, wedding rehearsals, meetings, even at lunch with colleagues and friends.


Make Money Affiliate Marketing


That’s method #1 to take your own skills and interests and turn them into income opportunities. It’s a prime example of affiliate marketing, which is probably the main method work at home business entrepreneurs use.


make money in affiliate marketing


The products which are offered through the above income system, are generally downloadable digital products. But you can make some decent money selling real products as an affiliate. All you have to do is join Clickbank, Amazon, Commission Junction, BeFree (they have merged now), ShareASale or Linkshare. They are all affiliate marketing networks which offer you access to hundreds even thousands of legitimate real worldwide merchants, all of whom offer ready made promotional materials with your Affiliate ID embedded.


However, you do need at least one website to qualify for the above affiliate programs. As I said above you will get two from Wealthy Affiliate for free.  Once you have your site you can use pay per click advertising to promote the real life products available from Clickbank, Amazon, CJ and Linkshare, as well as serving Adsense Ads on your pages, to offset, and sometimes even profit from your Google Adwords campaigns!


What Is Google Adwords About


What is google adwords for?  Well if you haven’t heard, its a fantastic easy and cost effective (if you are careful) method to get the word out about your product, affiliate product or any website you choose!


google adwords - google adsense


You create some Classified Ads, and link to either your site, or an affiliate site that you have a relationship with, and you can watch the cash roll in on a massive passive income stream. It’s not as easy as 1-2-3, but if you have a knack for writing copy that grips, and you have identified a good converting site, why, you can literally be making, 10s, hundreds, even thousands of dollars a day using Google Adwords.


google play store

There is one more great way to may money from Google and that is to advertise their ‘Play Store‘.  Countless young people all over the planet are really into playing online games and a lot of them don’t actually realize what is Google Play Store.  A Google Ad on your website would be a fantastic way to generate a lot of money once you get the word out there about your site.  You could even have a link to the google play store app download page and earn commissions that way.


Ok folks this is all I have to say in this article but feel free to read some of the others on this site. (btw I created this site with wealthy affiliate, and it is a free one)


How To Work Online And From Home


If you click on this link it will take you to the Wealthy Affiliate web page.  On that page you just have to click on the menu headers to read all about what wealthy affiliate can and will do to show you how to work online and at home.  They will get you up and running with your very own internet business.


Onwards to your eventual success folks.  Please leave a comment below and hopefully I will see you on the inside.


Warmest Regards.

Robert Allan

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Hello I have been an affiliate/internet marketer for many years and I'm very successful at it. If you need any help and pointers to earning an online income from home or to start up your own home-based business then please feel free to read the other articles within this site. I'm sure you will go away with lots of tips and advice that will help you get started. Here is a link to my About Me page - This other link is my profile within the work from home make money online community I am a member of since 2014.


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  1. Making money online is no easy task. It requires a lot of hardwork on a regular basis and anyone  that goes into online business should always have the support of people and should not just go in alone because it can be a rather lonely job.

    Working online can become a successful business because there are a lot of options and there can be a lot of assistance as long as you are in the right place. There are a lot of tools and methods that can be used in achieving success which is why wealthyaffiliate is an awesome platform that can help you achieve success.

    They offer literally everything you need to succeed in the online world.

    1. Hello Jay and thank you for your visit and for taking the time to comment.
      No indeed making money from the internet is not as easy as getting a regular wage.
      You will probably have to put more hours into building a home business than you would in any normal 9 to 5 job.
      How ever the rewards are there for all your hard work and once you see a return on that hard work you will never want to work for anyone else again.
      Of course you will need help to get started with your online business and there are many platforms out there that will do the job but in my opinion the number one is Wealthy Affiliate.
      The beauty of this platform is that you can stay for as long as you want to as a free member and still get to keep and use the freebies.
      Good to see a fellow member visiting my site Jay.
      Onwards to your continuing success.
      Have a good one.
      Robert Allan

  2. Hi Robert,

    I surely do agree with you in this instance. When I first started my online business journey, I thought it was that easy and can quickly make money out of it, then I came to see the reality that there is NOTHING out there like get rich quick scheme. It really requires a lot of hard work, determination and patience.

    If anyone tells you that you can make over $1000’s in just a week without any hard work, it is a real scam and a lie. Nothing of that sort exist in the real world. It took me about 6 months to a year to make my first sale in affiliate marketing, and it wasn’t easy at all. But that is the reality.

    Thanks a lot for all the tips you shared here, it was very helpful reading. I know all your readers will also benefit from them.


    1. Hi Stephen
      Thank you for stopping by my website and reading my article on working from home to earn an income from the internet.
      Once you know the how to’s it is relatively easy to make money online but you have to know what you are doing and as with anything new you really do need to follow those who have went before you and have achieved success.
      Its finding that program or platform that you can get mentoring that can be difficult because of all the scams out there.
      These are what are commonly known as the ‘Get Rich Quick Schemes’ and they are rampant on the internet and in my opinion most people who go into working from home will fall foul of them at one time or another.
      Fortunately with experience you are able to see them for what they are and you can steer away from them.
      Good to know you are making some inroads with income from affiliate marketing and long may it continue.
      I wish you well Stephen and revisit my site for more tips and advice that will surely help you to earn even more money.
      Warm Regards.
      Robert Allan

  3. Hi Robert.

    These topics about “Making money online” and “Working from home” will never cease to interest people all over the world.  The internet has so many opportunities and I´m thrilled to see that you are encouraging interested readers to try out the best online business you can ever come across working from home: “Wealthy affiliate”! I am a keen fan of their way of doing things and it certainly works for me! One question: For how long have you been working from home?

    Kind Regards


    1. Hello Marianne
      Yes working from home is surely the dream of many people right across the globe.
      Of course many try and many fail and this I put down to lack of decent training.
      Fortunately you have found Wealthy Affiliate as I did back in 2014.
      The step by step training is second to none as is the 24/7, 365 days a year support and not just from the WA Support Team but from all the other members as well.
      I personally have been working online since 2006 when I took early retirement and it did take me some time to eventually start making small amounts of money from my efforts.
      Now I am where I want to be and my lifestyle suits me down to the ground.
      I can do anything I want to.
      I can fly to anywhere in the world first class
      But best of all I am my own boss and don’t have to answer to anyone.
      I’m willing to wager you love being your own boss as well Marianne.
      have an awesome day wherever you are.
      Best regards.
      Robert Allan

  4. Hello there,

    theses are very helpful advices and steps You cover here, great job! Creating an online business is truly an amazing way to ditch a regular 9 to 5 job and start turning Your passion and dreams into creative and valuable content creation, and later share it with the whole world! However, making online business is a hard process, but a very rewarding one, therefore it is crucial to educate people and prepare them for their ”journey”, which Your article does a great job of doing so! 

    1. Hello Evald and thank you for taking time out to read my article on working from home.
      Yes creating an online business is a great way to chuck your old 9 to 5 and become your own boss.
      Most everybody will have an interest or hobby that they are passionate about so why not make a decent living from it.
      I’m glad you found my article informative and I’m sure my advice will help you on your own journey to achieving your goal of owning a successful online business you can run from your own home.
      Have a great day and be successful.
      Robert Allan

  5. I agree that there is no easy money on the Internet and one has to earn it one way or the other. Your tips on what needs to be met in order to make money online are to the point. Affiliates are reaping big online it’s no secret, but not everybody becomes successful until you get guidance.

    W.A has its fair share of already successful affiliates made in the online world today. That’s why I am so glad that I have joined the platform.

    Many thanks for your insights Robert.

    Best regards

    1. Hello Victor
      There is easy money to be made on the internet but its how you go about it that’s the hard part.
      There is a lot to learn before you see the money coming in and for that you do need the training.
      Working online is just like any other job.
      When you first start a new job you probably know little or nothing about it.
      There will be a lot of how to’s you have to learn.
      Usually in a normal 9 to 5 job there will be an initial induction and you are shown processes and procedures you have to follow to get the job done.
      Its exactly the same working from home because at the end of the day it is a JOB and you have to work at it.
      Its like they say – you will only get out of it as much as you are prepared to put into it.
      You have joined Wealthy Affiliate Victor and you will know that the training takes you step by step all the way to achieving your goal of being a home business owner.
      You have the 24/7 support and Live Chat where you can get any question answered almost immediately.
      You are never left on your own.
      I wish you well and all the success in the world.
      Onwards and upwards and have a great day.
      Robert Allan

  6. As a member of Wealthy Affiliate it is easy to say that it is the best make money online platform out there.  You are right that no matter what it takes time and hard work.  

    I still stay away from Adwords cause that can be quite costly if you screw up.

    At the end of the day this is a great article and anyone thinking about joining something should stop thinking and  get involved.


    1. Hi Dale and thank you for reading my article.
      Hope you found it helpful and it will aid you in your own online efforts to earn an income at home.
      As a fellow member of wealthy affiliate you will know exactly what it takes to achieve the success you want.
      As for Adwords or as some call it, Adsense, it is a great way to earn money simply because once Google puts the Ads on your website that’s your job done.
      It really is set and forget.
      Thank you for your comment and please do visit again and you will go away with lots more tips and advice that I know will help you achieve your dream of making lots of money from the internet and from home.
      Have a good one Dale.
      Robert Allan

  7. Hey there! How are you doing? I really enjoyed reading this post as it contains lots of valuable information on how to make money online. I’ve been a fellow member at Wealthy Affiliate for 4 consecutive months. So I can guarantee that affiliate marketing works but I’m not sure about the other ones as I’ve not given them a try. If your looking to start somewhere, I strongly suggest that you go through this website. 

    By the way, how much money can a web developer per week? Thanks a lot in advance for answering my question. Well done!!! 

    1. Hello Anirudh
      Thank you for your visit and reading my article on working from the home.
      Yes there is a lot of value in my articles as there is on my website as a whole.
      I have been working online for many years now and when I started there wasn’t a lot of information that was actually any good for people to access that wanted to work for themselves.
      I was also a website designer in years gone by when it was relatively easy to create a website with coding.
      I used to seel those websites for about 100 hundred GBPs which was quite a lot of money back then.
      Now a days you can make more but its a lot of work.
      Then along came WordPress and this put paid to the line of work for me.
      I also went into Affiliate marketing and make pretty decent money at it so yes it is a great way to get started.
      I also tried MLM for a short period but it was way too much work for the time and effort I put into it.
      Good to see you are a member of Wealthy Affiliate and I am sure you will agree its one of the best platforms on the internet to get started on a new career as an online business owner.
      You get stuck, you get in touch and I will be happy to help you out.
      Have a great day and be successful.
      Robert Allan

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