How To Make Money From Home – After Moving To Another Country

Updated 21st September 2019


How To Make Money From Home With No Prospects


Read how determination kept one woman self-employed when she had no prospects.


Have you ever noticed that what works for you at one point in your life, might not work five years in the future.  Maybe a divorce happens, or a partner gets a job transfer. Someone in the family could fall ill, and of course, kids come into our lives and then leave the nest to start their own lives. New opportunities arise and old ones disappear; it’s what we often refer to as…LIFE.

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I recently read a story about a woman who changed her self-employment career not once but three times. Finally she turned a life-long passion into a thriving home business.


Its such a great story. Her name is Anlé. Her story starts back in the late 1990’s when she and her husband emigrated from South Africa to Germany. It wasn’t an easy move for Anlé, but she was young and full of adventure and optimism.


Anlé’s husband, who was of German descent, found work right away when they moved, but Anlé could barely speak ”ja, nein and ich liebe dich.”  Not being able to speak German was a huge drawback to her getting hired.


What Is The Best Home Based Business To Start With


In Africa, Anlé was a promotional and advertising manager.  Now with this move to another country, Anlé was going to have to think of a different approach to making money, like starting her own business.


She had no idea what type of business to start, so she began to usework at home moms the Internet as a resource. She happened upon a site called BizyMoms and was able to read about women who had their own home businesses. She said “I couldn’t stop reading, all those business ideas! I printed it all and read all the stories of all Bizymoms and their home businesses. I made a decision that I too could start my own home business”.


How To Make Money From Teaching  English As A Second Language


What Anlé did next is the key to finding a profitable business. At first she looked at the needs of her local area. 


Anlé says, “It was a time in Europe where work home opportunitiesEnglish suddenly became a necessity because of the borders opening up between the various European countries”. 


Most people between the age of 20 and 40 suddenly needed English for their careers.”   Even though Afrikaans was her native language, Anlé had no problem speaking English.


She decided to take a five-day course on how to teach people a second language.


Now we all have fears that keep us from improving our lives and moving forward. Anlé was very scared to take the course. She feared of making grammar mistakes, or that she wouldn’t be able to cope. Anlé explains, “I think the biggest problem is that you loose your own identity when you move to a country where you can’t speak the language. 


You lose confidence in yourself when you go to the bakery and you cannot even say what you want.  The phone rings and you just stare at it and don’t dare to answer cause you wont understand and can’t speak to whoever is calling you.   The fear probably came from living with this situation for months and losing confidence in my abilities and myself.” Amazingly today, Anlé speaks German better than English.


The first day of class was hard.  “I must admit that first day I was so petrified that I could hardly get my legs to move from my car to the entrance, but I survived.”  Anlé took it one day at a time though and completed her five-day course.


Then it was all about getting the word out about her business. She put an Ad in the local newspaper and waited.  She really didn’t know if anyone would actually contact her or not. But it happened. She started to get clients. Then large companies started to contact her to teach their office staff.


Anlé says, “English is not my native language, but with determination and good preparation one could make a success of everything.”


Ways To Make Money At Home


Anlé’s soon became pregnant and had a little boy. She made it very clear to her clients that her son would be coming along to all appointments. But Anlé’s son did something that all of our kids do, he got older. Anlé says, “But as my son grew I found that it was not fair on him to spend so much time in the classroom, where he had to keep himself busy while I was teaching, and so it was back to square one.”


Anlé had to find a new way to make money. Again, she turned to the Internet to get some ideas on what type of business she should start. She explains, “All these years I had been following Bizymoms’ progress and as I needed a new idea I came across stories of Bizymoms who started daycare for little children.


My daycare, ‘The Zwergenstübchen,’ start a daycare business at homewas born. It was a wonderful time, five little children came from Monday to Friday and my son loved it too”.  Anlé truly enjoyed her new business. She explains, “I learned so much from them.  I learned to just leave all the ‘adult work’ and just play.

Then my son and all the other children eventually went to Kindergarten, we were finally building our dream house, life was wonderful.”


Life is great when it’s wonderful, but when it turns ugly, it can be devastating. During the building of Anlé’s home her husband had an accident. He slipped and fell from a two-story building.


The doctors gave him a 20% chance of ever walking again. Anlé found that out later. Her husband, being a very positive person, turned it around and told he had a 80% chance to walk. He spent many weeks in the hospital, ten months in a wheelchair, underwent lots of therapy, and because of all the time he had to take off to recover, he lost his job. 


Anlé found herself with no job, a half-built house in middle of winter, and lots of debt!


More Ways To Make Money At Home


The situation was bleak, but Anlé didn’t work at home ideasgive up. She again turned to the Internet for help and motivation. She explains, “I read everything on Bizymoms, again and again, trying to find some more ways to earn an income.  And then one day I found it.  Liz Folger advised someone who didn’t know what kind of home business to start to  ‘do what you love,’ and as I have always painted and loved it, I tried to draw a picture of my son; combining the two things that I love most!”


When you look at Anlé’s work you will be amazed. She is such aAnlé’s son gifted artist, and that is how she is currently making her living. On the front page of her site you will see the picture she painted of her son. Anlé’s business is a dream come true. She says, “I get up in the morning and can’t wait to start!” And really, that’s how it should be. Anlé now works on a commission basis, and she has the support of all her friends and family. 


Anlé’s son is a huge supporter of her business. He is so proud of his mothers work. He tells everybody his mom is an artist and all his little friends get a business card with the strict order to give it to their parents. Anlé says, “When they come and play, he always shows them what I am working on and tells them if they want a picture of themselves, his mom can paint it.  I even got two commissions because of his networking.”


Anlé’s determination and power of business ideas for homepositive thinking has clearly helped in the success of her business. Two quotes that she loves are, ‘I always do the things that I can’t do, that’s how I get to do them,’ and ‘it’s always to soon to quit!’. She ends by saying, “It is very true that if you do something that you love, the rest, as they say is history”.

Work Home Opportunities – Home Based Business Ideas


If you have read down this far on the page then I am assuming you too are interested in working from home and starting up your own home business.  Perhaps like Anlé you don’t know where to start.  You can take a look at the Bizymoms website to get inspiration. 


However you can start from scratch with a community that I have been a member of since 2014.  The membership is free and you can stay for as long as you want to.  You also get two free websites.


This community has lots of busy stay at home moms and dads who started as Newbies and are now earning a good income from the internet.  Like any other new venture you undertake it will take a bit of hard work to get started, but you will have access to step by step training videos.  There are also classrooms, a certification course, bootcamp and Live Chat and therefore no reason on the planet why you can’t achieve success as well.


This is a web page you should visit, or you can click the image at the bottom of this page.  There is a menu at the top of the page, and by clicking on those menu headers you will have all the information you need to get started building your own home business.


That’s all I am going to say folks.  The decision ways to make money at home foris yours based on whether you believe you have got what it takes to be a success.  Only you can decide Yes or No if you want financial independence for the rest of your life.  Make it a big YES and take action today or you will still be in the same situation tomorrow as you are in today.


I wish you success and please leave a comment below.  Perhaps you already have a few at home business ideas to make money from home with a home business you can pass on to other readers of this article.


Sincere regards and best wishes.


Robert Allan


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  1. What a great read.
    Very inspirational.
    I myself have joined WA, I wish I knew about it years ago so I could have been a stay at home mum.
    I had to work as a solo mum only because I didnt know about online work.
    20 years ago there were not as credible options available like there is today.
    Wealthy Affiliate is the best I have seen.

    1. Hello Daisy, thank you for reading my article on How To make Money After Moving To Another Country.
      I take you have moved to another country yourself and the article rang a few bells for you.
      Also good to know you have joined Wealthy Affiliate.
      I’m sure you will have realized by now what an awesome program it is and you are making some headway to having your own online business you can run from home.
      Plenty mums who are members so you will make plenty of friends and a lot of those mums are single parents as well so you will have a lot in common.
      You get stuck, you get in touch with me and I will be more than happy to help you out with whatever problem you have and if I’m not around you simply go on Live Chat and you are sure to get an almost immediate reply.
      Onwards and upwards to your eventual success daisy and have a great day.
      Best Regards.
      Robert Allan

  2. Hi Robert, what an inspiring story about Anlé! It is always the case that those who made a success of their lives are those who persevere despite all the adversities.

    I have just started my own website for nearly 2 months now. It has been a struggle juggling a family and a full time job! Haven’t made a single cent!

    But, I’m never giving up. Thanks for a nice pick-me-up story!


    1. Hello Song and thank you for taking time out from your day to visit my website and read my short story about Anlé.

      I know you are a member of the same community as I am so if you are having problems please get in touch.

      I have published nearly 400 blogs within the community and they cover all aspects of making money online.

      Perhaps if you read some you will maybe get some idea where you are going wrong.

      If you don’t want to plow through my blogs then the community membership are always there to lend a helping hand.

      If you have problems juggling family life with building your business then you should definitely create a schedule or time table that you believe you can stick to.

      You must set aside a certain part or parts of the day that is just for you and your fledgling business.

      It does take a while to create and build a business from home and takes dedication, commitment and focus.

      You must never lose sight of your goal, so its good to see you say you will never give up.

      Its that entrepreneurial spirit that will get you to where you want to be.

      I truly wish you success.

      Have a great day wherever you are in the world.

      Sincere Regards.

      Robert Allan

      1. Hi Robert,

        Thanks for your encouragement! Yeah, I have a schedule to write an article a week. I know it’s not enough. Ideally, I read, I need to write 3 articles a week, 2 minimum. I’m slowly getting the hang of writing now. Will certainly check out your blogs.

        Have an awesome day!


        1. Hello Again Song
          Its always best if you can create a schedule but it has to be one you can stick to.
          It shouldn’t be too hard to write two articles a week.
          In fact I can write 2 or 3 each day, but then I love writing and have been doing it every since I learned how to.
          There are lots of useful tips and advice within the blogs I have published within wealthy affiliate.
          Most of them end up on page one of the search engines within a couple of hours and a great many within minutes of publishing.
          Keep at it and you will soon be doing the same as I am.
          I know it might not seem so right now but you can and will surprise yourself as have a lot of other newbies who never thought they had it in them.
          Have a great day and be successful.
          Sincere Regards.
          Robert Allan

  3. It looks great the fact you are able to join for free however it would be nice to know the different price points as well. What makes it quite legit is the fact the owners can be contacted via phone or email and make their information easily accessible so that is good to see. Seems like quite an interesting affiliate program and for 9.95 a relatively cheap one! Thanks for your review on this.

    1. Hello Sharon and thank you for reading my article and of course for leaving a comment.

      You mention the different price points but you don’t say to what program.

      If you mean the community I’m a member of then that was deliberate.

      The article is about finding a way to earn money when you don’t actually have any prospects and there is a language barrier.

      The article is not about a hard sell to join any particular program because I’m an online marketer and could be affiliated to those programs and therefore make money from people who sign up to them.

      I point people in the direction of two possible methods of making money from the internet if that is what they want to do.

      Its entirely up to them and solely their own decision whether they want to or not.

      My article is supposed to be an inspiring story that it is possible to overcome difficulties when you move from your own country and have barriers that you must overcome in order to find a job or enter into a business that you can do from home and this is especially so if you have children.

      The two programs I mention are free to join and I do say this within my article.

      I don’t know where you got the price 9.95 from because that isn’t mentioned in my article either and I don’t have a clue where you got it from.

      If you are at all interested in working from home and join the community I’m a member of then look me up and I will help you all I can to get started.

      Meanwhile have a great day and thank you again for visiting my website.


      Robert Allan

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