How To Earn Money In Online – And Become Your Own Boss

Updated21st September 2019


How To Start A In Home Business – And Achieve Success In Life As Your Own Boss


How To Earn Money In Online And Become Your Own Boss – Do you want to change your life for the better?  Do you want to have your own income from your own business?  Do you want to be your own boss and be financially independent? You can achieve these when you have the determination to be your own boss?


Before I get round to telling you how you can at least make a start on achieving the above dream let me tell you a story about a farmers son who grew up to change the world as we know it today.  You could call it his Fate or it was his destiny.


success is in the


There is a vast amount of talking in the present day about “Freewill” and “Fate.” It seems that the majority of society believes that their surroundings and circumstances – their state of affairs – are caused by the subtle, mysterious workings of an omnipotent power, over which they are powerless.


The name of this power, they call “Fate.” And while they vastly disagree on exactly what it is, what it does, and what makes it operate, they do, nevertheless, agree, excluding the acts of God, that it somehow controls their actions, movements, and circumstances. 


knowledge is a power


Simply put, its predestinating them to a prescribed state of affairs.  What I mean by this is – each to his or her own with varying degrees of wealth or poverty; health or sickness; happiness or sadness, and a score of other things in between.


While there is some circumstantial evidence that is habitually construed to support their belief in “Fate,” there is no actual concrete proof that could justify a dogmatic view in favor of it. However, the same cannot be said of “Freewill.”


There is just too much tangible evidence to ignore its validity. And because of this fact, the minority – those individuals within it who actually believe in “Freewill” – the belief that we are independent agents responsible largely for our own state of affairs. 


They feel strongly that claim to a belief in “Fate” is a pretentiously evadable tactic used by those within the majority to deny responsibility for their state of affairs.  This includes their particular levels of poverty or wealth, happiness or sadness, etc. They believe that this justifies their failure to take corrective action to better their state of affairs.


So numerous are the examples that could be given, if space permitted, that support the validity of “Freewill,” and which examples would work, perhaps as well, I have nevertheless chosen Henry Ford because his story is most remarkable in that it embodies, as nearly as possible, the actual essence of “Freewill.”


A farmers son called Henry Ford made a monumental decision at the young age of 16 that he wanted to become an apprentice mechanic. Now that does not sound like a monumental decision, but it definitely was in the case of Henry Ford.


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Unknown, perhaps, even to Henry Ford, his decision was destined to strip “Fate” of its theoretical power and become a perpetual herald to the eminence of “Freewill” – to the fact that an individual, not “Fate,” is responsible for his or her own state of affairs.


Consider carefully the importance that one farm boy’s decision would have on the world. Because of this decision, Henry Ford would become the founder of Ford Motor Company.


Although Eli Whitney was the first to introduce the assembly line method of production, Henry Ford, because of his decision was to become one of the first to apply the assembly line method of production to the mass production of affordable automobiles.  He became a very rich man in a short period of time and is credited with contributing to the creation of the middle class in American society.


Henry Ford’s achievement was labelled “Fordism” because it helped to revolutionize industrial production not only in the United States but also in other countries. Henry Ford did many other things, but this suffices to point out that his decision at age 16 to become an apprentice mechanic was a monumental decision, and it gives validity to “Freewill.”


While most of the world knows of Henry Fords achievements, they do not know of the problem that Henry Ford faced at age 16 when he made his “monumental” decision to become an apprentice mechanic. Here was the problem that confronted Henry’s decision; and regrettably, it is still a problem that challenges many of us today.  Had Henry earnestly believed in “Fate,” as the majority does, he would have given up on his goal, resigned himself to the life of a farmer, accepting his “Fate” – a farm boy.


While most of Henry’s family and acquaintances saw Henry as a farmer, Henry was busy seeing himself as what he wanted to become and having the courage to take the necessary action to achieve it. This wasn’t always easy for Henry because his decision was not immediately accepted as popular by his family, especially by his father who, at first, was very obstinate about what he wanted Henry to become – a farmer;


However, through the demonstrated determination to achieve what he wanted, young Henry’s father, as did other family members, gradually came to accept and even to appreciate Henry’s decision about what he wanted to become.  They saw living proof through Henry’s own example, that each individual is a “Freewill” agent responsible for his or her own state of affairs.  They saw that an individuals state of affairs is determined most largely, not by “Fate,” but by specific actions that an individual chooses through “Freewill” to exercise.


Maybe you are still undecided about what goal you want to achieve, and/or you are still uncertain about which is right, “Fate” or “Freewill”? If so, then you are not alone. People will continue, at times, to have questions about which goals they should pursue and will continue to debate and disagree on the pre-eminence of “Fate” and “Freewill,” as they always have.


It may prove of benefit in helping you arrive at your own decisions about “Fate” and “Freewill,” to weigh the known facts. Namely, that while there is some circumstantial evidence that supports a belief in Fate.  However there is no actual concrete proof that could justify a dogmatic view in favor of it.  The same, however, cannot be said of Freewill.


There is such a vast amount of tangible evidence in support of its validity, and the fact that you can change your state of affairs by taking appropriate action; that we cannot ignore the validity of “Freewill”.  On the other hand we can neither ignore its claim to pre-eminence when you consider the example of Henry Ford. Add to this, the fact that there are dozens of others like Henry Ford, whose names I have not mentioned.


Maybe you have an inward desire to be or to achieve some cherished goal, as did young Henry Ford who more than anything else wanted to be a mechanic apprentice. It may be a simple goal that everyone expects of you.  Maybe your goal deviates a little bit, or quite a distance from what is, or what you perceive is expected of you.


Because of this, you are not exactly sure on how to proceed. In either case, do what young Henry did – listen to your inward yearning to be and to achieve what you want in life; not what someone else wants or expects of you – but what you want. And when you are firmly convinced about what goal you want to achieve, go after it like young Henry did.


Like Henry Ford, do not alienate yourself from friends and family. Instead, let your determination win their approval and support.


By recognizing and acting on his right to be a “Freewill” agent, young Henry Ford, with his newly acquired skills, was better suited to repair the farm equipment.  At the same time he was disciplined enough to exercise his obligation to help around the family’s farm on his return visits home. The decision of one 16-year-old farm boy has benefited not only Henry Ford and his immediate family; but it has, and perpetually does, continue to benefit the world, and you and me.


Can you imagine the magnitude of the potential loss that we would have endured were it not for the fact that Henry Ford chose to exercise his right as a “Freewill” agent? When you do likewise, what success story will you have to share one day?


Do You Want To Achieve Success


Ok I did say I would tell you how you can achieve your dream of being your own boss with your own business.  As this is the age of technology and the internet it makes sense to use those to become your own boss and achieve success.


How are you going to do this I hear you ask?


To get started you will of course need a website.  This you can get with the online program and community that I’m a member of, and have been since 2014.


As a member of this community you will receive not one but two websites at no cost.  They will be hosted for you free of charge and the maintenance is taken care of as well.  You can call these sites anything you wish and use them to generate an income from the internet.  Sounds good so far doesn’t it, and it is a great deal because you join for free and you can stay for as long as you want to at no cost to you.


Achieve Your Dream Of Being The Boss


Only you can make a real and significant difference in your life.  You have freewill, so make that a life worth living as your own boss and get started today by clicking on the graphic below!


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Good luck in your journey to success.


Robert Allan


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  1. You have broke down the information in this article very well compared to most websites explaining how to make money who really make a simple subject complicated. How much success have you had personally with payspree if you have used it? Wealthy affiliate is also a great one to promote

    1. Hello Josh

      I know you have commented on some of my other articles on a different website of mine so thank you for commenting on this one as well.

      I appreciate all who take the time to do this as it lest me know whether I’m giving out good tips and advice.

      I’m happy to say this seems to be the case so far.

      I do break up my articles into small chunks.

      Nothing worse than staring at a page with huge blocks of text.

      I have found people just wont read them and this is sad because they will probably miss pieces of information that will surely help them.

      I believe there are far too many people who do expect visitors to their websites to actually want to read huge blocks of text, and they couldn’t be further from the truth.

      To make money from the internet is relatively easy once you know the right way to go about it.

      Unfortunately there are too few actual platforms where this is so.

      Wealthy Affiliate on the other hand is an excellent training platform with step by step training with excellent videos.

      You take as long as you want to and try to fully understand one process or procedure before moving on to the next.

      If you have a problem then there are nearly a million members you can turn to for help, and there’s the Live Chat for an instant answer to any questions you may have and it doesn’t matter where in the world you are.

      As for Payspree I have been with them a few months now and I can say in all honesty that it only took me a few days to start earning money.

      It took me rather longer with Wealthy Affiliate but as I said that is a training platform whereas Payspree is a direct sell or promoting one.

      When you combine the two platforms you are onto a sure fire winner.

      With one you are shown how to and you get those free websites and with the other you get the products to promote on them.

      You can also submit your own Ad on Payspree and other people promote that for you.

      Its a Win Win all round.

      The decision to join either one or both is yours but don’t wait too long.

      After all time is money and you wont make any sitting on the fence.

      To your future success Josh, and have a really great day wherever you are in the world.


      Robert Allan

  2. Great little parable you’ve shared here – I love how you lead this into ways of improving your life and making a profitable living. Life is what you make it! It’d be great if you shared a few ideas and ways of making money throughout the post, that way it’s engaging throughout. Where did you first hear the story?

    All the best!

    1. Hello Kegan and thank you for taking the time to read my rather long article.

      I assure its very much appreciated.

      I didn’t mention any ideas to make money within the body of the article because that was not its main purpose.

      Its purpose was to show people that they don’t have to abide by the norm.

      They don’t have to stick to the same old same Oh of a ‘Normal’ job.

      Most people have dreams of being their own boss and in my experience it remains just that  –  a dream.

      But dreams don’t put food on the table or clothes on your back and certainly don’t pay the rent.  Therefore people put their dream on hold and mostly throughout their life they think about what might have been.

      It doesn’t have to be like that.  Take your gold watch and chain and retire.

      You can make a difference to what your future can be if you only had a little guidance.

      Hopefully that is the message that will come across in my article.

      Near the end I do point people in the direction of two possible opportunities for people to become their own boss.

      They can browse those work from home opportunities and then do nothing about it.

      On the other hand they will never know if they could be successful until they try.

      With those two opportunities it wont cost them a penny to at least give them the opportunity to see if they have what it takes.

      If they decide they don’t then they simply go back to their old 9 to 5 and the dream is gone.

      I hope you wont let yourself be a part of the what might have been statistics and you will give it a go.

      Get in touch with me when you join Wealthy Affiliate and I and nearly one million other members will always be happy to help you.

      You will never be left on your own, I guarantee that.

      Onwards and Upwards Kegan.

      Have a really great day.

      Warmest Regards.

      Robert Allan

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