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PaySpree Review – A Scam Or Not A Scam  –  That Is The Question?



Work At Home Jobs – Have you ever asked yourself what is the highest paying work from home jobs?  Well I can tell you that its marketing online?  This being said.  Do you know what the best paying online programs are?  I can tell you its with the big online companies such as Clickbank, PayDotCom, Amazon and eBay to name but four.

how to earn money in onlineAfter some thorough research and actually making some decent money from it I have found another one, and much quicker at paying out. I have also come to the conclusion that its not a scam and a 100% safe and reliable way to earn an income from the internet.

The name of this online goldmine is PaySpree.

If you know about affiliate online companies such as Clickbank then the principle of PaySpree will not be entirely new to you.

PaySpree is a network just like Clickbank. Its a place where Affiliates and Vendors make money promoting and selling products or services.


how to earn money from home online

How To Work At Home With – The Internet


How Vendors Make Money


1) What type of products can you list on PaySpree?

The list is quite varied and growing all the time.

For example below are just 10 types of products that you can list:

  1. Tutorials & Courses
  2. Weight Loss & Fitness
  3. Home & Family
  4. Computing & Internet
  5. Money & Employment
  6. Marketing & Ads
  7. Fun & Entertainment
  8. Sports & Recreation
  9. Society & Culture
  10. Make Money Online

2) How much does it cost to list products on PaySpree?

There are two types of fees that you should know of.

The first fee is $29 and is a one time for life and is for promoting an unlimited amount of Ads. If you only decide to list one product, then its for FREE.

The second type is the service fee which is Free for any transactions up to $4.99, costs $1 for any transactions from $5 up to $19.99 and $2 for anything above $20.

3) Payment options

This network uses PayPal, AlertPay and MoneyBookers which is much better than being paid with checks.

4) Online Program Safety

This network makes it very hard for any customer to see the real download location which makes it hard for anyone to “steal” your product.

5) Integrating With An Auto-responder

If you are focusing on generating leads for your business, then this is for you. Here you can connect any auto-responder to your landing page.

6) Managing Your Affiliate Account

Here you can see the names and e-mails of who is promoting your products. Your affiliates will also be paid instantly which will make the process so much easier for you.

7) Creating Sales

Talking about urgency. The more sales you make with your product the more expensive it becomes. This creates urgency for the buyer to act fast before the price goes up again.


How Affiliates Make Money


If you are an affiliate marketer looking to be the middleman for sales you generate then this will trigger your interest if not your curiosity.

1) How much to promote products?

It is almost the same as on the vendor’s side, but with one small difference. You do not have to pay any account activation fee. For each transaction below $4.99 is free while from $5 up to $19.99 will cost you $1 and from $20 upwards is $2. No hidden costs.

2) Payment options

This is the first thing that I look at before I join any affiliate network. I don’t really care for checks so when I can get paid through PayPal, then that’s great for me.

The current payment methods are through PayPal, AlertPay and MoneyBookers.

3) Commission rates

There are 4 types of commission rates that you should be aware of.

  1. 50%
  2. 60%
  3. 75%
  4. 100%

How can someone give you 100%? I was a bit unsure until I looked at some of the products. Some of the products that I saw had a bit of a twist to them. Let’s take $5 AutoPilotCash System as an example.

Here you need to buy the product which is $4.99 which gives you reseller rights to sell it again where you will make 100% for each person that buys.

This really does not look like a viable business model to me if you are buying something just to sell it again. But you have the rights to sell it on yourself so of course you will make money from it.


What’s Great About The PaySpree Program


  • No payout threshold – This is a great feature that will allow you to withdraw your money the moment you make it. Usually if the threshold is very high, the chances are it could be a scam.
  • Great commission rates – I like the commission rates a lot and its much better than what most of the products on Clickbank and others are offering.
  • Activating your account – To pay a one time fee of $29 to list an unlimited amount of products is really not that much
  • They pay via PayPal – This is a big YES for me.  Checks are so old fashioned don’t you think.
  • Very easy to list a product – This can work great for the vendor, but not that much for the affiliate id they don’t pay that one-off fee.

There you go folks, a quick rundown on what PaySpree is all about and how you will make money from signing up to it.  I did and I assure you I’m glad I did simply because I have tried several others with very limited and no success.  I reckon I’m going to be with PaySpree for many years to come. So in answer to my title –

PaySpree – A Scam Or Not A Scam  –  That Is The Question?  –  Most Definitely NOT!



Have the most awesome day wherever you are in the world.


Robert Allan


If you have a look at this program and like what you see then you would receive two sites free of charge as a free member.  Stay as long as you want to as a free member.  You will also get 10 free lessons on how to work from home jobs and even create your own home business.



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  1. I just finished your Payspree review and it’s great to know that you are actually having success and they pay out quick.

    I’ve tried other programs that cost more than I make. I’m going to sign up with Payspree and give it a try. Thanks for the great review and sharing your personal experience with Payspree.


    1. Hi Jack.  Thank you for reading my Review on Payspree, and for your comment.

      I always appreciate it when readers take the time to do this and reply to any questions they may have.

      Although my website isn’t very old I have been with Payspree for quite a few months now and indeed I have been making decent money from it.

      Decent enough for me to continue that’s for sure.

      Yes I have to agree with you about other programs that promise you the earth all wrapped up in dollar bills.

      Most of the time you really have to put the hours in and work hard at it.

      This is not to say you don’t have to work, but all the hours of the day that god sends?

      If it’s going to take that amount of work for very little return, then thanks, but no thanks as far as I’m concerned.

      Payspree is pretty straight forward and the amount of money you make is really down to you choosing the right product(s) or service(s).

      I always advise people who ask me to go for the high end products.

      To me it makes all the sense in the world to do this simply because why bother with a product or service that pays out piddling commissions.

      Much better to go for the high end ones because with one sale you will get paid an amount equal to many of the other small ones.

      Therefore when you sign up make sure to have a good old browse and choose the ones that will give you a reasonable payout for the work you do promoting it.

      Let me know how you get on, and please do visit the site again as I will be posting more tips and advice you will find helpful.

      Onwards and Upwards to your success Jack.

      Sincere Regards.

      Robert Allan

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