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21st September 2019

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Freelance Jobs At Home


“Frustrated with your career not going anywhere fast?”  freelance jobs at homeThese days there is a solution to the daily grind and working for someone else who gets most, if not all of the benefits of the work you do.  Want to know what it is?


Today, many people have learned how to successfully freelance from home as a virtual assistant. People who specialize in writing, web design, transcribing, accounting, even computer support are finding that its entirely possible to freelance from home, rather than going to a normal 9 to 5 job every day. I published a blog on Freelancing From Home you might like to read.


There are several ways you can start your freelance from home business. You can freelance work in your own town or surrounding communities, or go global with a site such as  –  www freelancer com


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To market yourself, you will need a good, professional resume. It will also be a good idea to have a brochure, stating your services and costs. You can even have business cards printed to help boost your freelance from home job opportunities.


To get started take a look around your town at businesses that might be in need of your services. For example, some businesses may need someone to keep their books, but you do not necessarily need to go into the office all the time. It may be a simple matter of going into the office, getting the information you need then returning home to do the work needed.


Another freelance at home job you might be interested in is web design. Many successful web designers completely interact with their clients either through the phone or through email. A freelance from home job like this allows you to have clients anywhere, as I said above, global. Others have found freelance from home work as transcribers. You can have clients send you audio files via email, then transcribe them and send those files back to the client.


How To Advertise Online


Here are some important things to remember before you take on freelancing and  online at home jobs.


Decide what services you want to offer and set the prices. You may need to adjust them depending on how your business does. Be ready to market yourself either through Classified Ads, by distributing flyers, or creating a website. It may be slow going at first, but once you start, you will find that you can start a freelance from home business that is successful.


One of the very best ways to make money as a freelancer is as an online secretary and the next part of this article will be about…


How To Earn Money From Home Online  Providing A Home-Based Secretarial Service


A secretarial service or Virtual Assistant Jobs is a new approach to serving one of the oldest and most basic needs of even the smallest business community.  A home-based service can satisfy the entrepreneurial needs of even the most ambitious woman, or man!


This is a kind of service business with a virtually unlimited profit potential. Second year profits for businesses of this type, in areas as small as 70,000 people are reported at $100,000 and more. It’s a new idea for a traditional job that’s growing in popularity and acceptance.


online jobs at home without investmen


As for the future, there’s no end in sight to the many and varied kinds of work a person working at home can do for business owners, managers and sales representatives. Various surveys indicate that by the year 2020 – at least 60 percent of all the clerical work, as we know it today, will be handled by people working at home.


For most men and women, this is the most exciting news of things to come.  Now is the time to get yourself organized.  Start your own home-based service as a freelancer and nurture it through your start-up stages to total success.


My own research into freelancing indicates there is little or no risk involved, with most home freelancing services breaking even within 30 days.  There are reports of some showing a profit after the first week!


Your cash investment can be as little as $10 to $25 or in some cases no investment required, and if you already have a PC/Laptop and internet connection you are ready to go. You can set up your own office space somewhere in your home, and be in business in a couple of days.


Selling Your Services Online


Remember in the beginning, you’ll be the business.  You will have to wear many hats.  You will be the typist, salesperson, advertising department, bookkeeper and janitor.  So much will depend upon your overall business acumen. Those areas in which you lack experience or feel weak in, buy eBooks or CDs/DVDs and enhance your knowledge. You don’t have to enjoy typing,  or be fast, but you should at least be average and familiar with a keyboard.


Your best bet in selling your services is to do it all yourself. Youfreelance jobs from home should also think local to begin with.  Every business in your area should be regarded as a potential customer, so it’s unlikely you’ll have to worry about who to call on.   Here’s a link to my blog on how to advertise your business locally.  It has excellent tips and advice so well worth a read.


Begin by making a few phone calls to former bosses or business associates.  Simply explain that you’re starting a work at home clerical service and would appreciate it if they’d give you a call whenever they have extra work that you can handle for them.


Before you end the conversation, ask them to be sure to keep you in mind and steer your way any overload clerical, typing, or data entry jobs that they might hear about.


The next step is “in-person” calls on prospective customers. This means dressingearn money home online in an impressively professional manner, and making sales calls on the business people in your area. For this task, you should be armed with business cards, and an order or schedule book of some sort. All of these things take time to design and print, so while you’re waiting for delivery, use the time to practice selling via the telephone. At this stage, your telephone efforts will be more for the purpose of indoctrinating you into the world of selling than actually making sales.


Getting Yourself Noticed


Just be honest about starting a business, and sincere in asking them to consider trying your services whenever they have a need you can help them with. Insurance companies, attorneys and distributors are always needing help with their typing, or data entry transcription, so start with these kinds of businesses first.


Of course with all the software and design programs available how to design your own bannerson the internet such as Canva.  They have tutorials to help and although there is a paid version you can use the free one to get started. You could easily design and print off your own Banners, Logo’s, Business Cards etc, but if not…


For your business cards, consider a freelance artist to design a logo for you. Check, and/or pass the word among the students in the art or design classes at any nearby college, art or advertising school. Hiring a regular commercial artist will cost you quite a bit more, and generally won’t satisfy your needs any better than the work of a hungry beginner.


Be sure to browse through any art books that may be available – at most print shops, newspaper offices, advertising agencies, libraries and book stores. The point being, to come up with an idea that makes your business card stand out; that can be used on all your printed materials, and makes you – your company – unique or different from all the others.


I might suggest something along the lines of a secretary with pad in hand taking dictation; or perhaps a secretary wearing a headset seated in front of a computer. You might want something distinctive for your company name, with perhaps a scroll or flag as a background.


At any rate, once you’ve got your logo or company design, the next step is your local print shop. Ask them to have the lettering you want to use, typeset in the style you like best – show them your layout and order at least a thousand business cards printed up.


Selling Yourself – How To Promote Your Business Online And Offline


For your layout, go with something basic. Expert typing services, in the top left hand corner… Dictation by phone, in the top right hand corner… Your company logo or design centred on the card with something like, complete secretarial services, under it… Your name in the lower left hand corner, and your telephone number in the lower right hand corner…


Everybody that you call on in person, be sure to give them one of your businesshow to earn money from home for online cards. And now, you’re ready to start making those in-person business sales calls.


Your best method of making sales calls would be with a business telephone directory and a big supply of loose leaf notebook paper. Go through the business directory and write down the company names, addresses and telephone number.


Group all of those within one office building together, and those on the same how to earn money onlinestreet in the same block. Be sure to leave a couple of spaces between the listing of each company. And of course, start a new page for those in a different building or block. Now, simply start with the first business in the block, or on the lowest floor in a building and number them in consecutive order. This will enable you to call on each business in order as you proceed along a street, down the block, or through a building.


You’ll be selling your capabilities – your talents – and charging for your time – the time it takes you to get set up and complete the assignment they give you. You should be organized to take work with you on the spot, and have it back at a promised time; arrange to pick up any work they have, and deliver it back to them when it’s completed.


Don’t sell yourself short though.  These business will try to get your services for the lowest possible price.


Establish your fees according to how long it takes you to handle their work, plus your cost of supplies – work space, equipment and paper – then fold in a profit margin. In other words, for a half hour job that you pick up on a regular sales or delivery call you should charge at the very least $20.


Handle dictation or special work assignments by phone. You should also emphasize your abilities to handle everything by phone, particularly when they have a rush job.


Learn How To Start Your Own Business From Home As A Freelancer and/or Virtual Assistant


Today, many people have learned how to successfully freelance from home. People are finding that it is possible to have a career as a freelancer rather than going into the office every day.


Build A Free Business Website


I did mention above that you could have your own home business website.  To that end I’m going to point you in the direction of a program and community that I have been a member of since 2014.


how to freelance from home

As soon as you join (FREE) you are given two websites (FREE).  Those site will be hosted for your on the internet (FREE) and you can name them whatever you want to. (always best to name them related to your home business as a freelancer).


There are hundreds of training videos and live weekly webinars you can watch and online lessons that you can take that will help you and show you exactly  how to build a free business website.  There is also 24/7, 365 days a year help and support.  You can access a Live Chat function where you can ask questions all day long for instant answers.  You can also send private messages to members and the two owners.


There is a whole lot more but you should be able to get the general idea that this is one great program and community to join.


For a lot more information you simply click on the image below my name and you are taken to a webpage with a menu at the top of the page.  Click on the menu headers and read all about what this program and community can and will do for you and get you started with your own home business as a freelancer.


That’s all folks and I hope to see you on the inside where you must get in touch and I will assist you any way I can.


Have a great day wherever you are in the world.


Best Regards.


Robert Allan

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  1. Hi Robert!

    I’m always looking for another way to earn quick cash! I’m an online freelancer, so I’m able to make a living from wherever my computer can connect to Wi-Fi, but sometimes this comes with unexpected costs that must be covered.

    I really liked your breakdown of all the different freelance niches out there, and I’ll be sure to refer back to it the next time I’m in a pinch.

    Thanks again!

    1. Hello Tucker and thank you for leaving a comment on how to earn an income as a freelancer.

      As you are freelancing already you will know that its a great way to make money from home or indeed as you say from anywhere you have an internet connection.

      Yes there are many ways you can earn money freelancing and its not just by writing though that is the most popular method.

      Those infographics I have within my article will surely give you lots of ideas how you can earn an income depending on your knowledge and experience.

      I don’t understand why there should be costs involved though.

      You are doing the work so its you that gets paid.

      Perhaps you can reply to this message and clarify.

      I wish you success in whatever method you want to make money from.

      Warmest Regards.


  2. Hey,

    Great article.

    I’ve been thinking about freelancing for a good while as a writer. I love writing and I think I could make a freelancing job out of it.

    I just didn’t know how to go about it. After reading your information I have a much better grasp on it now and I am going to try and put some of your tips into use.

    Freelancer looks like a good place to start.

    Thanks for sharing and all the best,


    1. Hello Tom

      Thank you for visiting my site and for your comment.

      I too am a writer and have been ever since I learned how.

      There is great money to be made as a freelancer Tom but you must choose the right people to write for and yes Freelancer is a great site to get started.

      I would give it a go and see how it pans out for you.

      There are plenty more site if Freelancer is not for you.

      All you have to do is type Freelancing into your browser and you will get plenty opportunities listed.

      Onwards and upwards to you success Tom and have a great Tuesday.


      Robert Allan

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