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Updated 21st September 2019


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What Is Make Money Online About


How to make extra money at home – Are you are in debt or struggling to pay the bills? Or perhaps you want to save up for a special vacation or to send your kids to college. You may be planning to go back to school yourself in order to train for a new career. Whatever you need money for, there are many ways for you get it without spending a fortune before you see results. (see graphic below for ideas)


One of the problems to make extra money at home, is that you often need to spend money first. So how can you minimize your outgoings and maximize your income? (I will leave a link to a program near the end of this article to show you how this can be done)

ways make money home

Most experts agree that a content-based website is the best way to make money online, but it can take months to set up and sometimes years before you see any real profit. Most people who want to make extra money can’t wait that long.


Others tell you the best way to make money is by creating your own products.  That can take even longer, especially the first time you do it.  If you are in debt, you don’t have that kind of time or money to spare.


Make Money On The Internet – Affiliate Marketing


So, is there an alternative? There is no magic way to make money online overnight, but there is a way to speed things up. Instead of building a huge website, build a one page site and use it to promote someone else’s product, a product which you can sell as an affiliate.

how to earn extra money at homeIf you have never built a website before, you can learn basic html by doing a search for “html tutorials” and you can also download free software which will create the html for you. Initially you won’t need expensive web-hosting. So get the cheapest you can find for now. You can upgrade later.


Be careful if you decide to use free hosting.  This will usually mean you can’t use a good domain name and you don’t want to have advertising on your site.


Before building your site, choose an affiliate program such as Clickbank or Amazon which sells a product which interests you.  You might need to buy it yourself so that you can write a knowledgeable article or review for your site. Be sure that the product has a reasonable commission – many offer between 50 and 75 percent.  You should aim to be paid about around $40 each time.


Submit Articles For – Extra Cash And Traffic Generation


One of the cheapest ways to drive traffic to your new website is to write articles for submission to article directories. This does involve work, but becomes easier with time and will bring results. You’ll start to make extra money at home and although it will be a small amount to start with, it will continue to grow.


Make Money At Home – Work At Home


Have you ever tried or wondered how to make lots ofhow to with google adsense money at home online?

Perhaps you want to know how to start an actual home based business to make money at home.

As I said at the beginning of this article, you are in debt or struggling to pay the bills?


Experts boost Adsense income using secret tips and tools that few know of. Occasionally, you do get to learn a trick or two when you join their lists or private membership forums.


It takes some exposure and proper learning and application to know what really works and what don’t work at all. Save yourself some time and find out for yourself what are some killer tips that can boost Adsense income.


If so, you may or may not of heard of Google Adsense, if not then its true that many people throughout the world make great money from the Google Adsense program each and every month.  It is one of the best programs to start your, home based business and make money at home.


Enhance Adsense Income ideas 1 – Successful webmasters create unique content using a few methods.


One way is by researching and writing which can be painful but rewarding. Another method is rewriting private label articles (PLR). This is faster but sufficient editing of at least 30 percent is required. The third is hiring ghostwriters to do the job.


This is great if you already have an how to advertise on googleestablished website or get any Adsense ready websites, package or Adsense websites, deep pockets or the returns would be significantly higher.


People always say content is king but if you have no time and want fresh content then just get Adsense ready websites.  You can search in google for “Adsenselover” it’s the ultimate package of pre-built Adsense ready websites packages. Content used to be king but now has become a pauper. (not strictly true I might add)


Only by using unique content can you boost Adsense income significantly. In the past, duplicate content can still stick well in the search engines like glue. Nowadays, search engines spit them out of their index faster than they stick.


What about those article spinners or content rewriter that promises you unique content? Most article spinners merely perform keyword substitution and reorganize the paragraphs of scrapped articles from the internet.


These are hardly unique in the eyes of search engines and in many instances, the content produced is incoherent. However, I have to admit that they can be useful reference if you intend to edit the spun content.


Enhance Adsense Income Ideas 2 – Mass Producing Websites or Adsense ready websites


The only chance for ordinary folks to dramatically boost Adsense income is to build dozens, hundreds or thousands of sites. I have known people including myself who have succeeded using mini-sites and blogs surrounding expensive, high-paying themes like debt and health.


Set your mind to build 2 mini-sites (5 pages each) a week, and in one year, you have 100 sites earning good Google Adsense income for you. Even if one site earns you a dollar a day, its a $3000 monthly income.


Adsense gurus make their fortune by owning multiple websites. It is true that Adsense is a numbers game. While several successful marketers profess that their Google Adsense income is built upon a few hugely popular websites, the rest win the game with sheer numbers. Not many people can build well-optimized sites that pull in thousands of visitors a day.


That is really the truth to boost Adsense income. Read on for more powerful tips and instant tools to boost Adsense revenue to another level beyond.


Enhance Adsense Income ideas 3 – Keyword Research


Some free favorite tools are, Google Keyword Planner Tool and Alternatively, try the free trial of WordTracker and if you like, pay for the service.


Keyword research is vital to rank in the search engines and for PPC campaigns. It should not be rushed into or glossed over if you intend to boost Adsense income.


Many webmasters, both new and experienced often make the mistake of not doing proper and detailed keyword research. Anyone hoping to put your Google Adsense income on autopilot should invest in keyword research.


How To With Adsense


For to Start I have added below the main Four Steps on how to get started making money from Google Adsense.


way to adsense income

1. To start making money from Google Adsense, a blog or a home based business, you need to join up for a free account. This account is totally free to join and after a few days you will be accepted and sent your log in passwords and advert code so you can display adverts on any webpage.


2. Follow the simple instructions given on blogger on how and where to place your advert code to maximize your potential earnings.


3. Grab yourself a free blog from the official Googlemake money blogging blogging site found on the internet under blogger dot com


4. Use any tips available on the web on how to get a steady stream of traffic to your blog which will greatly increase the chance of people clicking on your adverts.


It is really that simple. You get paid monthly to your bank account or by cheque which ever way you prefer. There are in the world today a few Adsense Millionaires, if you don’t believe me then just google the words Adsense millionaire and see for yourself.


If you don’t have the time build a website for a blog then you might consider any package of pre-built Adsense ready websites. Just go to google and type for “Adsenselover”. It’s a very good package for fresh contents and ready to use websites. Just go to google and make search for “


Create Business Website Free


If you have your own website why not consider making money from it to make money online. You would be pleased to know that many people are using their websites to make good money. This is mainly because the internet has changed the way business is being done today.

educating you to make money online

Many of you might have tried free make money online schemes that have left you disillusioned.


However there is a program and community that I have been a member of since 2014 and its free to join. What is it all about?  Well its called Wealthy Affiliate and its all about helping you to get started building out a website with video training and lessons what you must do to get it generating money for you.  Of course there is a one and only upgrade but you don’t have to take it. You can actually stay for as long as you like and get to keep the freebies, and you will be shown with video training how to set up a website.


How To Make Your Own Website For Free


build website

The freebies include two websites, domain names, hosting, site maintenance, keyword tool and more…


This being so its well worth your while to go take a look. You will be impressed.


So if you are struggling to make ends meet, here is a simple way to make money online without spending a small fortune in the process. All you have to do to get started is click on the link below.

work at home | make money at home


See you on the inside folks and I will help you all I can, and good luck in the journey of making money on the internet.


Very Best Regards.


Robert Allan


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  1. This is awesome, and detailed, thanks for sharing this!

    I have started out in affiliate marketing, and I would also definitely endorse the Wealthy Affiliate program as a good investment.

    I have a couple questions though! You mentioned creating a one-page website and using it to promote a single product. Is this like a landing page? How does it become optimized for search engines with only a single page of content?

    I was also curious about what you said concerning article directories. How does that work? Can you submit posts on your blog to a directory to get attention to your site? Is there a cost to this?

    I’m sorry to have so many questions, it’s just that this information is very useful to me. Thanks for the help!

    1. Hello Jordan 

      Thank you for reading my article and for your comment.

      I am assuming you are already a member of Wealthy Affiliate and are taking the training so that’s a good start. 

      A One Page website can be just one page, but I did say you can have 5 pages on each mini-site you create. 

      Its entirely up to you if you only want a one page site to promote one product or service or have more than one page and promote other products or services. 

      Ideally you would have a home page the visitor lands on with a link to another page outlining what your product/service is. 

      People do love to read reviews so that’s what your second page should be. 

      If you have more than one product then you do exactly the same thing.

      You give a link from your home page to that review as well. 

      If you have yet one more product then you repeat what I have said above.

      This will give you that 5 pages. 

      Of course you would optimize those pages for the search engines in the usual way with great keywords and informative content with great images. 

      Remember to add keywords in your Alt Text as well as your image Description. 

      Article Directories 

      Here is a link to a Directories List. 

      Submitting to Article Directories is a great way to give your website exposure.

      Once you submit articles to directories they are there for years to come and they can get shared around the internet by readers. 

      Yes you can also submit your blog posts to directories as well as long as they are original and you are the author.

      do not on no account copy someone else’s work. 

      I hope I have given you enough information in this reply that will enable you to improve your own online efforts and please drop me a line or two if you need any more pointers. 

      Thank you again and please visit again. 


      Robert Allan

  2. Hi Robert!
    Thanks for the nice detail describing how to make extra money. I recently jumped into the affiliate marketing game but have not yet signed up for AdSense.

    Have you had an easier time with affiliate marketing through Amazon for example or AdSense to generate income on your niche sites?


    1. Hello Chris and thank you for reading my article and for your comment.

      First of all I hope you are making money from your affiliate marketing efforts.

      I know from my first experience that it can be quite hard to crack that particular nut.

      If you do have problems you should get some training and the company (wealthy affiliate) I’m with can give you that in spades.

      I don’t do Adsense now as I have moved on to tutoring/mentoring for a living and of course building informational sites such as this one.

      This I do to help my fellow members and the general public.

      I have some Amazon products on my other websites  and the income is pretty steady.

      Again it takes time to build out a decent website before you start to see a return on your investment of time and effort.

      Have you not tried Clickbank?

      If you haven’t then I suggest that you always go for the high end products.

      Absolutely no point in promoting small items simply because you will put the same effort into promoting small products as you do with the more expensive ones.

      Why settle for small commissions when you can sell one high end product that’s equal to say half a dozen small products?

      I wish you success whatever you do Chris and please visit again.

      Have a great day and the weekend to come.


      Robert Allan

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