How To Start An In Home Business – The Secret Of My Success With Lead Generation

Updated 21st September 2019

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The Best Of Tips And Advice On Lead Generation To Guarantee Your Success In Any Home Business Venture


How to start an in home business and guarantee your success in any home business venture.  What is the secret folks?


A pretty high percentage of people fail in a home business opportunity because of one major reason: They didn’t present their opportunity to enough prospects! Period! Surprised about the answer? Well, it’s the truth.


They get told they only need to find business partners and they in turn will find some and so on and so on and before you know it you can retire rich. Hopefully you didn’t buy that because if you did you are in for rude awakening.

how to start an at home business - with exposure and lead generation tactics

So what is the secret to really succeed in any home business? Its exposure, and massive exposure. Playing the numbers game is absolutely vital if anyone is serious about their business. Now the numbers of course vary from person to person and also depend on who the opportunity is presented to.


For example, you make a list of one hundred names of family and friends, like the so-called experts told you.  You then invite all of them one by one to a home business opportunity meeting.


The average numbers are as follows: 60 out of the 100 will tell you right away, they are not interested! The other 40 will say that they might be interested and will attend the meeting but only about 12 will show up.


Out of those twelve persons, about 5 will show further interest and try the business. 2 out of those 5 will never sponsor one single person and the other 2 will get a couple of people interested in the business and might even sponsor some themselves.


But what about the one that is left? Well, this is the one you have been waiting for, they want to dive into the business with complete inspiration and dedication.


At this stage you have duplicated yourself because you already have a small team and you have one leader, one general. But what to do now? You have contacted your whole list and have no interested prospects left. Time to move to the cold market!

How To Lead Generation


internet in marketing and advertising

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In the cold market exposure is even more important but what do you do exactly? Try newspaper Ads? Talk to strangers on the street? Well, there are many ways to prospect, but what has proven to work really great is using the internet to create your own leads.


Why creating your own leads when you can buy them? Simple answer: Your own leads are totally fresh, unique and most importantly, they are pre-sold to your opportunity.


To create your own leads, you need a lead generating website. A lead generating website is not a sales page with huge amounts of text and images. Its a simple website describing the advantages of an opportunity and a contact form to fill out.


Most of the time a catchy title like “If I could show you a way how to make $3000 a month from home, would that be worth investing 20 minutes of your time to watch a video that explains just that?” works great.


The final action you have to take is drive traffic (people) to your website. With quality traffic you should get something from 2% up to 10% sign-up rate. I have experienced conversions as high as 20%.  This is usually because I have given away a freebie with my Ad.


Can you see what kind of massive impact that can have on your business? Imagine if you only get one hundred visitors a day to your website and 8 percent want more information on your opportunity, that leaves you with 8 hot and pre-qualified prospects per day. That’s 56 prospects per week, 240 prospects per month or almost 3000 prospects per year! Now you tell me, can you succeed? You betcha…


Lets continue this article on the Leads Generation Theme.


How To Generate Marketing Leads


If there’s one thing you need in order to succeed with marketing online with ahow to create successful online business home business, its leads. Without leads, you’ll never make much money regardless of your company, the pay plan, your upline or anything else.


You’re also going to need a lot of leads since there’s no way you’ll sign every one to be an agent (see last paragraphs above). How many you’ll need depends on several factors such as your skill and your business. Not to mention; if you have a lot of leads, you won’t have to feel like you have to sign every single one.


It’s a lot easier to say No to having someone that doesn’t match what you’re looking for if you have 20-30 people waiting on your call. There are other factors involved in succeeding, but if you have leads and use them well, that’s a big hurdle passed.


Lead Generation Home Based Business Internet Marketing


lead generation for home based business

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In this part of the article my aim is to give you a few ideas on how to generate those leads and make it as simple as possible. I don’t really like the term “Lead” since they’re really just people like you and I who are looking for a better life; but we’ll use the term for this article since that’s a commonly accepted term and to prevent confusion.


Let’s go over a few ways you can generate leads


First off you can go down the usual road of contacting everyone you know and ask for referrals.


Tell them about the great business you have and how they can benefit from either being a customer or agent. If you’ve chosen wisely and believe in your venture, you won’t see a problem with this. If you aren’t sure you have a great business, maybe you should keep looking.


A great way to decide if you have a good venture in mind is to ask yourself if you would sign up your best friend or valued member of your family. Or ask yourself if you would use the product or service if there was no pay plan involved. If the answer is No, maybe you should keep looking.


Landing Pages


Build lead capture pages on a website and get them listed high on search engines


This will generate leads that are interested in your company. However, anyone who has worked at getting a website listed high will tell you this is time consuming and far from easy and it’s not an overnight job either. You could spend months working on your site and never break the top 100.


You can advertise your lead capture page advertise with google - pay per click advertisingon Pay Per Click (PPC) search engines.


The largest sites are Google and Bing. These are the Ads that show up at the top or on the right on the listings pages when you search.


This is the fastest way and depending on the keywords you’re bidding on could be cheap or very expensive (some keywords cost over 100 bucks) and there’s no guarantee you’ll get a single lead. It only guarantees that someone will see your page.


The Cost Of lead Generation


If you’re going to go this route, do yourself a favor and either get trained on how to do it correctly or start slow or both. You can easily blow hundreds or thousands of dollars before you know it.  Have a read of this blog I published on the subject of pricing with PPC.


Local And Email Advertising


You can advertise locally by printing off  flyers and post them on bulletin boards around town.  In libraries and local authority notice boards (ask permission first) and also on supermarket notice boards are good choices because they are used by the general public.


If you figure a 1-2% success rate, you’ll get 1-2 leads per hundred flyers and then depending on your closing rate, you can figure out how many flyers you’ll need to hand out consistently to reach your goals. Also figure in printing costs. Even if you’re printing these at home, you’ll have to pay for ink/toner, not to mention the time and petrol it takes to drive around and post the flyers.


Chart Of Various Ways To Generate Leads For Your Business

best home based businessYou can also spam the planet with one of those e-mail 16 million people for 29.95 spam messages you get in your inbox every week.  Do yourself a favor and don’t. The best you can hope for is to not get blacklisted or in trouble with the authorities.  You could even get your ISP shut you down.


The way these are collected is by sending a little robot spider to crawl the web and collect e-mail addresses from forums, news groups, blogs, web sites and anywhere else they can find them. These are just bad news and as I said may get you black listed because you didn’t follow good advice. An easy way to tell if they are real leads or harvested is the price. If they’re unbelievably cheap or don’t include i.p. address, they are probably harvested.


Cold Calling – Is it A Good Idea?


This is just as it sounds. You pick up the phone book and start calling. This is the cheapest way to generate leads and if you have a thick skin may work for you. The thing to remember is that those people may be on the Do Not Call List and it may get you in trouble. The best thing to do is research the legal requirements before attempting this.

cold calling leads

Another way is to buy leads from a company that generates leads for you.  But even these aren’t created equal. Some companies sell the same lead to 5, 10 or more people; even people in the same niche business as you and sell them for weeks, months or longer. You could end up with a lead that is 5 months old and been called by 10 or more people and are just plain tired of talking to people or has already joined a company and are quite happy with it. Some are also overpriced and use shady tactics to get people to sign up such as contest sites.


Or you could join a Lead Co-Op that only sells the lead to you and generates it after you order meaning they are about 1-3 days old and only sold once. You want to make sure the company is reputable, been around for awhile and truly cares about their customers/members. They should offer multiple lead packages, training on how to effectively contact those leads. 


Also an  auto-responder would be nice to make contacting them for follow-up and training them easier.  And why not a presentation to explain what marketing actually is in case the person has never heard of the concept.


It would also help if the company has a pay plan so that as you refer your new downline to the great leads you use.  You can create an extra income stream (or at least get them for free) and so can your downline.


Duplicate Success With Fresh Leads


The thing to remember is that regardless of how the lead was generated these people have asked for information on starting a home based business.  You should make it your responsibility to give them the information as soon as possible.


Another thing to think about when choosing a method is will you be able to duplicate it to your downline and get consistent results? 


Ok folks I’ve said as much as I can in this article, but take it from me if you market online in any of its various forms then lead generation is the best way to go.


Once you have your leads you should be able to earn a passive income for years to come.  However you must never stop.  You must continue to generate leads on a regular basis so that you will always have fresh leads to work with.


Starting Home Based Business Internet Marketing


Earlier in this article I did mention you could create lead capture pages on your website.  If you don’t actually have a website then this company will give you two for free.  It will also let you choose what you want to call them and host them on the internet for you free of charge as well.


Get yourself over to the web pages and have a read on what’s on offer.  I think you will be impressed.


at home based business

Its nice to be nice and I would appreciate it immensely if you would leave a comment below.  Give me and the other readers of this article your thoughts on lead generation or starting a home business from scratch.


Onwards and Upwards to your success, and I wish you all the best for the future.


Warmest Regards.


Robert Allan



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  1. Great information Robert. I am in the first few weeks of my own online business and getting traffic is priority #1. The way you broke down lead generation numbers was very helpful. I will certainly use some of your techniques you offered here. Would you recommend PPC for a new business?

    1. Hello Hammer and thank you for taking the time to read my rather long article.

      I know you would find a great many tips and good advice to take away with you.

      One of the hardest tasks for any online marketer is to get people to visit your site.

      To this end PPC is one of the best ways to generate traffic but it can cost you if you don’t actually know what you’re doing.

      I did give a link to a blog I published on pricing and an explanation how those costs are broken down.

      You should definitely read that blog if you are serious about Pay per Click.

      Here is the link again  –

      All those other ways I’ve describe will work for you as well so perhaps you should try one or two of the free ones before you go spending too much money.

      Please visit again and I know you will go away with even more tips and advice.

      Thank you for your comment and I hope my reply has helped you.

      Have a great Friday.


      Robert Allan

  2. Great article Robert.

    I myself struggle getting leads to my offers, so your post gave me some things to think about.

    I may try the PPC route that you suggested along with some landing pages.

    How hard is it to set up landing pages with the company that you refer to in your post? I’m not very technical.

    1. Hello Chris and thank you for reading my article on Lead Generation. 

      Lead generation can be a minefield because there are so many scammers out there who will sell you leads that have been around for years. 

      PPC is a good road to go down but you must start of slow and easy and set yourself a tight budget and do not go over it. 

      Here’s a link to a blog I published within the online company program I’m a member of.  Its mainly about PPC with Adwords so there’s plenty there that will interest you. 

      Here is the link to another of my blogs on Lead Generation.  You are sure to pick up a tip or two from this blog. 

      Lead Generation 

      And one more you will find interesting 

      With the company I’m with it is very easy to set up a landing page but you really must know what you are doing. 

      You have to make it attractive to the people who land on it and that can be difficult if you have no experience.

      Much better to get some training under your belt before you try. 

      SEO Power Suite has a great guide here  – 

      I hope I have given you enough information that will enable you to get started and perhaps have a PPC Campaign up and running today and perhaps make a start on creating your own Landing Page as well. 

      Please visit my site again.

      Have a great day wherever you are. 


      Robert Allan

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