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21st September 2019


Review On How To:


Design Your Own Website

Lead Capture Pages


How to website design – When you have your own home business website designing and building your own lead capture pages is not as difficult as you may think. There are many advantages to learning this simple skill. In fact, most people are unaware that they can learn how to create a website and lead capture pages in just a couple of hours with the proper training.


how to build a landing pages



What Is A Lead Capture Page


A lead capture page, sometimes referred to as a landing page, is simply a single web page that appears in response to internet users clicking on a search engine search result or an online advertisement.  To start learning how to build a lead capture page, you need to have the following.


An HTML Editor to build your lead captures page with.

An HTML Editor is a specialized piece of software that assists in the creation of HTML code. Similar to text editors such as Notepad, HTML editors allow users to enter raw text.  Most professional web developers use an HTML editor to create and maintain their websites. This is because a good HTML editor can really boost productivity.


Simply put, an HTML Editor is a program very similar to a word processor. Believe it or not, if you can use a word processor like Microsoft Word, you can use an HTML editor. HTML editors are slightly more complicated than word programs. However, with proper guidance and training you can master using one fairly easily. There is a good chance that you already have one that came with your basic computer operating system.


what is best site hosting


Website hosting is the next step. This is simply a place to upload your lead capture page to the Internet. Be aware that not all web-hosting services are equal. Make sure you know what you are getting before you buy. If the service does not also offer a quality auto-responder avoid it.  Also cheap web hosting is usually not worth your time although there are exceptions they are few and far between. Click the image above to see a good one.


Last, you just need a little training so you can learn how to use the above mentioned. That’s the hard part, but certainly not impossible to find. (I will point you in the direction of one near the end of this article)


Unfortunately, there are many people selling lead capture pages that don’t want you to know how simple designing them is.


There are many companies that you can buy lead capture pages from on the Internet. There are a multitude of disadvantages involved with having a lead capture page built for you.


What are the disadvantages?


The page you buy is drastically over priced. Most companies offering lead capture pages are charging between $50 – $200 for only one page. (see above graphic) Why would you want spend such an amount on a lead capture page that you could learn how to design yourself in only an hour or two?


There is also the fact that buying a capture page you cannot alter the page’s text or “Ad Copy”. So, you have no way to test what results would come from alterations to the page. Often, changing only a few words on your page will increase your information request rates radically.


how to build lead capture pages


You also cannot create more than one page. So you can only find out what limited results you will have from the lead capture page you buy. It’s always to your advantage to have different pages to test against each other. (compare the one above to the other one near the top.  Which one would you prefer?)Then you can see which designs and text work best to attract customers to your business. After all, who knows your business better than you do? So, who is best qualified to design your pages? The answer of course is you are.


What are the advantages to designing your own lead capture pages?


You will save a lot. Let’s say that you only design 10 pages. If you were to buy them at roughly $100 each, that’s $1,000. A steep price to pay.


When you become good at building your own website and lead capture pages, you can literally have one completed and up-loaded to your server in an hour or two.


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When you have your own websites you can build as many pages as you want. Then you can test them to see which pages pull the most leads and even rotate site visitors to them. It’s like going to an arcade and beating the high score on a video game. The main difference is, you always win.


You can tie your “Information request box” to an auto-responder. An auto-responder is simply a sequential e-mail system that delivers messages to your prospects through time. This will allow you follow up with your prospects indefinitely and radically increase your closing sales ratio. Most people don’t purchase at first glance, but many do when you keep their attention through time using an auto-responder.


You can personalize you lead capture pages with you own video greetings. This often increases you response rates by 20 – 50%. When people actually hear your voice, it often makes them feel more comfortable giving you their contact information.


You can build a list! This is the most important thing anyone marketing on the Internet can have. Your list is your fortune. The people on your list are always potential customers for any offer you have.


To summarize:


Building a Lead Capture page is surprisingly simple. Learning how to create you own Lead Capture page or pages will save you a significant amount of money.  It will drastically improve your response rates, and help you to generate many more leads and earn far more money.


Why not cut Lead Capture page design companies out of the equation forever.  How can you achieve this?  Easy!  You build your own and take control of your online business?  Again, how do you achieve this.  Read On…


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Lastly, Anyone Who Can Follow Instructions Can Make Great Money Working Form Home Using This Program’s Training.


Onwards and upwards to success.


My warmest wishes for that success, and I will see you on the inside.



Robert Allan

(About The Author)


Why not leave a comment below and let me have your own thoughts on working from home to earn an income from the internet.  I will reply and answer any questions you may have.


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  1. This post is very motivating for those who don’t understand how “capturing leads” works.

    I have a question for you though. Out of curiosity, do you think the term “lead capture” makes people sound like something that needs to be trapped or tricked into something. I’ve always found that term very off-putting. I think this is one thing that initially scared me about affiliate marketing.

    1. Hello Aria and thank you for taking time out to leave a comment.

      Yes unfortunately the words Lead Capture could conjure up images of trapping or tricking to people who are not familiar with marketing.

      But to anyone who has some experience of sales, whether it be online or offline, they will know the importance of generating leads that will generate sales.

      There are of course many ways to do this but for the online marketer with a website the importance of a well presented landing page has to be their top priority in order to drive the potential customers to the sales page.

      As an affiliate your job is then to provide the reasons why those potential customers should turn into buyers.

      I hope this short explanation is enough for you to perhaps take the plunge and design your own Leads Capture Page and you have much success with it.

      Please visit my site again and you are sure to go away with lots more tips and advice that will aid you in your own online efforts to earn an income from the internet.


      Robert Allan

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