Achieving Success With A Home Business Schedule (with up to date report)

21st September 2019


How To Run A Successful Home Based Business [How To Keep Your Home Business Running Smoothly]


Time is one of our most precious assets when we make money online homework at home. If we don’t invest our time wisely we can easily get to the end of the day and wonder where the day went! Try some of these tips to help make your time work for you in your home based business.


Tips Starting Business Home

tips for running business from home Book it in. Block-out regular meetings and activities in advance, including work, family and social commitments. Schedule these in your diary as soon as they arise and for as long as they will continue – this way you won’t forget important appointments or double-book yourself. Using color coding can also help you to distinguish between work, family and fun activities at a glance.


Remember travel time. So many people only schedule time for the actual meeting and fail to plan the time needed to travel to and from the venue. Schedule the meeting and the required travel time together, and be sure to allow yourself enough of a buffer in case of bad traffic or other delays.


Travel time can be put to good use returning calls.  You can be thinking about and planning projects, and listening to motivational or educational DVDs.  Before you do travel, consider whether it is really necessary.  Why not try a teleconference instead?

manage your time so the important things get done firstBefore and after. The other thing most people overlook is the need to schedule time before and after each meeting to prepare and complete follow-up activities. We’re so used to rushing from back-to-back meetings to our desks only to get immediately caught up in returning calls and responding to emails.


Usually the work and undertakings that come out of meetings doesn’t get done until long after. Scheduling time will allow you to turn up prepared to contribute and to action minutes.  You can then follow-up on projects and create the communications required as a result of the meeting while the information is still fresh in your mind.


Schedule Your Time For…


Make time for the regulars. Schedule time for regular activities such as the first 60 and last 10 minutes of your day for planning, weekly reports, project updates and monthly newsletters. You know these activities will come around Don’t leave them till the last minute or overbook your time with so many other meetings and activities that you can’t find the time for them. Create a schedule for the time and use it to meet your regular commitments.

home business planMake time for a break. Block-out your vacations and short breaks at the beginning of each year. By scheduling and planning for your holidays in advance you’ll not only have something to look forward to but you’ll have a much better chance of avoiding the usual pre-holiday stress which comes with trying to complete everything before you go. There’s also much less chance of neglecting to take those much-needed breaks.


Letting your clients know in advance when you’ve scheduled your vacations for also means that everyone proceeds with an awareness that your away-time needs to be factored into plans.


how earn extra money from home


It is also good practice to block-out time every day for lunch. Too many people work through the day without even a 15 or 20-minute break away from their desks in the sunshine and fresh air. Human beings are incapable of working at full capacity for such extended periods of time, so schedule a break everyday and take it.


Scheduling Appointment Software – Keep Track – Importance Of Time Management


Protect your time. It’s especially important to ensure you block-out time for all of these activities and commitments if other people have access to schedule appointments in your schedule. Only allow access to those people who have a real need to book time with you and give them clear guidelines about the meeting bookings you will accept to prevent them from wasting your time.


If you have a personal assistant, ensure that he or she understands which appointments can be made without your approval and which must be referred to you first. This groundwork will ensure that your diary is maintained and that you are only seeing people who have a direct impact on your results.


start home business


Keep a back up. If you’ve ever lost your schedule or data you’ll know it can virtually bring you to a stand still. It can also cause embarrassment and hassle when you can’t remember which appointments you had and when. Keep a back up of your schedule: if you use a paper schedule, photocopy it weekly, if you use a piece of software make sure you have it synchronized with your computer and back it up weekly.


These are all great tips and advice so start and implement them today. You know what they say – don’t put of until tomorrow what you should do today!


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Onwards and upwards to your success and have a great day wherever you live in the world.



Robert Allan


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  1. hi there,

    Great tips right there, I always have a difficult time saying no to my mother even though I clearly know I am busy and cannot make to help her out, I live in her house and I don’t know what to do when it comes to her nagging me and at times I write articles on a time she has made miss the deadline on countless number of times what do you suggest I do?

    1. Hi Dave and thank you for visiting my website, reading my article and leaving a comment.

      I don’t know what your personal circumstances are but if it was me I would put headphones on and listen to some quiet music so you wont hear your mother.

      Of course you should also make it clear to her that you are ‘Working’ and this is the work that will earn you money and if she is continually interrupting your work time then it will affect how much money you will actually make.

      The almighty dollar always make people stop and think Dave and if she is going to keep interrupting then there will also be less money coming her way.

      Hope you get it sorted out soon and you achieve your ultimate goal.

      Onwards to your success and  try to have a great day.

      Put your foot down and do it today!


      Robert Allan

  2. I have been working from home for over three years already. I can thus speak from experience that you need to stick to schedules that you have set up before. Personally the most important thing is having a space for your own where you can work undisturbed. I enjoyed reading the other tips on how to have success with a home business. Time management is another important matter, sticking to a strict work schedule will help most of us. Did you also speak from your own experience?

    1. Hello Jerry

      I have been working online from home for over ten years now and I know the importance of having a schedule and a time-table you know you can stick to.

      And yes you must try and have a designated work place that is just yours and your friends and family have to understand that sometimes you will not be available for them.

      After all at the end of the day what you are doing online will eventually be for a full time income and they will reap the benefits of that just as much as you will.

      Therefore set boundaries.

      Set aside times during the day/evening when you are working.

      Thank you for taking the time to visit my website, reading my article and leaving a comment.

      Onwards and upwards to your success Jerry and have a great day.


      Robert Allan

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