How To Home Based Business And Keep It Stupidly Simple

21st September 2019


Are You Looking For A Home Based Business Opportunity

Look No Further


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How To Home Based Business And Keeping It Stupidly Simple. Did you know that the founder (Ray Croc) of the most successful and most recognized restaurant chain in the world, coined the phrase, “Keep It Simple Stupid” or K.I.S.S. for short. He recognized that simple is good, that simple is the most productive way to run a business. This simple concept is what has driven the McDonalds franchise into the monster it is today.


If you are looking to be successful in a home based business of your own then why not stick with a concept that works, simplicity? How can we find such a business opportunity? E-A-S-Y! Wealthy Affiliate and Affiliate Programs!


You need a home business where you don’t need to concern yourself with an inventory and shipping.  Your life will be a lot less complicated and less stressed than it would be running your home based business in the traditional sense!


Generating traffic to your affiliate links is accomplished in the same way as you would generate traffic to any internet business. You will want to have your own website.  Wealthy Affiliate makes it very simple to create and set up your own website using their free WordPress Website Builder application and they will host your site as well at no cost. Click on the graphic below to see a demonstration.


create a websites


Your website does not have to be fancy, and jam packed with bells and whistles that would just annoy your visitors.  All your site needs to have are quality articles and display your affiliate links. Once people click on your affiliate links, then they will be taken to vendors websites. 


With each of your affiliate programs put an article or review description of what product is being offered along with your affiliate link.  You should not divulge too much information about your affiliate product or service because then people will “think” they know what it’s all about and loose interest.  All you need is a description to stimulate their curiosity. Let the vendors website do all the selling!


Here what you need to do:


Choose your Niche

Research affiliate programs and products in the niche

Build a website

Create quality reviews

Market to your audience

Promote your affiliate products


Advertising Your Website

Cost Per Click Marketing


Make sure to put Cost-Per-Click (CPC) advertising on your website such as Google AdSense. Google makes it very simple to put their AdSense on your website and it’s free! The Ads displayed will be relevant to the content of your website and you will be paid a commission every time someone clicks on one of the Ads.


Doing business online is a numbers game. Most people who will go to your website will not buy from you, they will look around and leave. Think about it, if someone is going to leave your website, with or without buying, wouldn’t you rather they left through a link that will pay you every time someone clicks on it?  A very substantial part of your income will come from cost per click advertising.


how to advertise your website

Click Image To Enlarge

Once your website is up and running there are a number of ways to drive traffic to it. Here are two of the best. They are also free!


Start your own Blog. This is a great way to drive free traffic to your website! Google will even give you your own Blog site for free at and it’s simple to set up. Having your own Blog and making daily posts will with time establish you as an authority figure in peoples minds on whatever topic your Blog is about.


With time people will come to trust and believe in you, and people will buy much more readily from people they know and trust. As peoples confidence in you grow some of them will want to see what you have to offer them by checking out your website.

how to affiliate marketing with a website


Writing articles and submitting them to article submission sites is a great way to drive lots of free traffic to your website. Just remember to put your bio along with a link to your website at the bottom of each article you submit.


The search engines will spider your articles word for word, and when people search online for information using keywords or phrases that are in your articles, they will turn up on the search results along with a link to your website so be sure to include highly searched for keywords and phrases!


Internet Marketing Home Business Opportunity


Having your own home based business does not have to be complicated. Affiliate marketing programs offer the simplest home based business opportunities available because they work with you by taking all of the difficulties that come with owning a business off your hands!  With affiliate programs the only thing you have to do is find the money making products within the big online companies such as Amazon and eBay.  (The Buyers) They’ll do the rest!


Looking For The Right Online Business?


Is the Wealthy Affiliate program a system that works?


how to start a an online business


I have been in the home based business for over 10 years and I’m making the amount of money that you want to make from home.  I have been in the Work From Home Business industry since 2008 and I have reached a six figure income, but the true meaning of life to me is loving what you do. Getting up every morning and can’t wait to get to work. Do what you want when you want. NO BOSSES!!!


I am very thankful for the career that I have had since 2008. I’m very happy with my lifestyle now and have never regretted taking early retirement. I’m sure there are a lot of people in today’s work force that really don’t like their job. I also know there are many people who live pay check to pay check and can hardly get up in the morning to go to work for peanuts. Lousy conditions. and insane bosses, who needs that?


When I first started I signed up to many online businesses programs in which I did not have a clue what I was doing. I paid a lot of money in advertising and countless hours on the internet that never did anything for my business but drain money from my account and take time away from my family. Did you know that 95% of all internet businesses fail due to the lack of knowledge and sincere mentors to help you.


For about 2 years I searched the internet for the one business that was credible, something that I could do from home with little or no big investment. That’s the funny part. I have filled out hundreds of surveys and stuffed countless envelopes and they are never what they seem. Believe me!! I’ve been there. Save yourself the headache!!! Use my years of stupid decisions and save yourself!!!


Internet Marketing Training For Beginners


The Wealthy Affiliate system is one of a kind and the owners, support team and the community of members go above and beyond to help you become successful. You are actually trained by real people for as long as it takes, not some email system that tells you what to do. Bypass that evil learning curve.


how to start with home business


The two owners of Wealthy Affiliate are one of a kind in my book. Always implementing fresh new updates to keep their program moving forward. It doesn’t matter who you are.  You could be someone who is a complete beginner who doesn’t know how to turn on a computer to a wizz kid. You will always be treated with patience and respect. You can know nothing about the internet and become a very successful business professional in a short period of time.  I sincerely vouch for the Wealthy Affiliate system.  


I did mention earlier in this article that you should have a website so I will finish with some information on –  Website Promotion and How To Achieve Success With It.


How To Website Promotion


Anybody could own a website. Anybody could upsell their own products and services to their target audience. Anyone could try to promote their website with low cost promotion. But there are not many website owners that have a truly great site with traffic all day long, but don’t make a penny.  Why is that? What these individuals or even companies lack is the most essential factor of success – a low cost website promotion that really works.


If you have been trying to promote your own website and you have received traffic every hour, that’s great. For those people who need assistance, who don’t have the patience to promote their own product and services, and lack knowledge to properly advertise themselves, here are some guidelines to help you achieve success with low cost website promotion.


Lets start with a short list of promotion tactics;low cost website promotion


Website Search Engine Submission

Search Engine Listing

Social Media Marketing

Reciprocal Backlinking

Quality Content

Google Local Business


Search Engine Submission and Ranking are the two basic parts to a low cost website promotion. Both of the parts have the same effect on the market of the website – for your products and services presented in your web site catches the people’s attention.


Affordable Website Promotion


The first inexpensive method of website promotion is the search enginehow to for website ranking submission. This first part is the act of filing information and submitting your website to search engines. There are two types of search engine submission – manual and automatic. For a low cost and effective website promotion, automatic submission is ideal because after filling in the information, a software program would forward this information to other search engines.


The second money-saving website promotion is ranking.  This refers to the numerical position in which your website appears on a search engines listings, based upon the website’s criteria. Some search engines rank the order in which your search results appear primarily by how many other websites link to each page. The leading websites on this order would eventually fulfill a low cost website promotion.  Check out the graphic above for a few how to’s to get your website ranked.


Other types of inexpensive website promotion you could use to boost up traffic on your website are banner advertising, classified ads, text links and section sponsorship.


Banner advertisements pop up above and below web pages, and sometimes in another window.


Text links and section sponsorship may cost more, but these methods helps in promoting to your specified target audience. It wouldn’t harm your website to try these methods.


Make Money In Marketing Online


Always remember that the effects of your not so costly website promotion hits are increasing significantly each day.  Don’t waste time; get into internet affiliate marketing programs.  You will make money with the right training, and wealthy affiliate certainly gives you that.


To get you up and running from the ground up with a website of your own at no cost and with hosting at no cost as well I’m going to give you this link to a web page that will give you all the information to get started today.


Do yourself a favor…..

At least take a few minutes out of your day to see what WA is all about by looking at these web pages.


I wonder what would happen if you don’t???


I would be very angry with myself when I found out later that it was something that worked and I just blew it off. Think of being financially independent to do whatever you want whenever you want. You can have a life like that. Months down the line I’ll be working from my very nice apartment in the city while you are still stuck in traffic trying to get to work.


Please leave a comment at the bottom of this page I will reply and answer any questions you may have.


Check it out.  You owe it to yourself.  I will see you on the inside and help you all I can.


To Your Eventual Success.


Warmest Regards.


Robert Allan

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  1. Hey Robert,
    Wow amazing content! I’ve been a member of WA for some time now but boy, how I wish I would have travel back through time and visit your site first!

    It’s so detailed and has all the steps I’m implementing now! I look back at your “Getting Started level 1” section and boy, I remember I got stuck at the “Finding Content through keywords” part!

    I ended up going to keyword samurai and got a lot of keywords but then came another problem – I had no idea what to do with those keywords!

    Problem after problem arose back then but after joining WA, the courses covered pretty much everything and more and now, I’m doing well and I wish others would not have to go through what I went through.

    Just follow Robert’s advice and get straight to the answer guys, highly recommended!

    1. Hello Riaz Shah

      Thank you for taking time out of your day to visit my website and leave a comment as well.  Much appreciate you doing this.

      Good to see you are already a member of wealthy affiliate and doing well.

      The proof is in the pudding as they say and its working out well for you.

      Yes there is a lot to learn and take onboard when you are first starting out with a home business but the training, help and support you have access to with wealthy affiliate is second to none.

      It also does not matter if you are an expert with computer or a complete beginner you cannot help but achieve success if you follow the step by step training courses and videos.

      All the help you need to achieve that success is all in one place and that place is Wealthy Affiliate.

      Onwards and upwards to more success Riaz and have another successful day today and many days to come.

      Warmest Regards.

      Robert Allan

  2. Very nice site! A little lengthy but good content and straight to the point. I like how you inserted real world situations throughout your content and gently nudged your reader with the knowledge you have of online marketing. All in all I believe you have done a great job in explaining what you offer.

    1. Hello Jeff and thank you for your visit and for commenting.

      Yes I have put a lot of information into this article.

      However you must remember that people have come to this page seeking information and therefore its always best to give as much as you can.

      There are many articles within the website that taken altogether is sure to give people interested in earning an income from the internet a great idea just what it takes to achieve that.

      I believe I have done a good job and from all the comments throughout this site my readers seem to think so as well.

      Please come again and you will go away with lots more tips and advice.

      Have an awesome day.

      Robert Allan

  3. Gee I wished my site looked as good as yours. The content on your site is amazing, you must have had a well worked out plan of the content for your website and what to write about.
    You must be very creative to get your website looking so good. I cannot see any little hitches that some websites have, so good on yer as we say in Aussie.
    Hope this helps

    1. Hello There Janet All The Way Over There In Australia.

      Good of you to drop by my website and leave a comment.

      Hope you found the information you where looking for and if not this visit then by all means come again.

      Thank you also for complimenting my website.

      yes it did take a lot of planning but the end result was worth it.

      I try to give my readers the best possible information I can otherwise what’s the point.

      people are looking for specific info and when they find what they are looking for on my site then they will come back again.

      It really is as simple as that.

      I have been writing ever since I learned how to and I have a very fertile imagination that comes up with great ideas what to write about.

      With this website its how to earn an income working from home with a home business and that seems to be a very popular way for people to earn money.

      I personally believe that just like myself over ten years ago people are getting fed up working for a boss and want the freedom a work from home business or job will give them.

      Its all down to personal choice Janet and you have a website as well so you must be hankering after that freedom as well.

      I wish you much success and hope you do well.

      You get stuck at any time then just drop me a line or two and I will be happy to point you in the right direction.

      Onwards and Upwards and have an awesome day.


      Robert Allan

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