How To With A Home Business And Escape The 9 To 5 Routine For Good

Updated 21st September 2019


How To Work Online And At Home


How to with a home business – Working online and at home has never been more popular, and you want to get started and that’s great.  However there are quite a few obstacles to get around before you can actually get off the ground.


This is mainly because starting any home business can be a very daunting experience, and starting an internet based home business can sometimes be even worse.


If you already have a product, a shop etc then the internet is a fantastic area to boost your sales and increase your presence.  However if you have none of these and want to escape the daily routine and work from home, what do you do, where do you start, can anyone do it?


I’m telling you that if you want to escape the daily routine of a normal job and learn how to work at home and online, then read my article how you can.  Anyone can do it, even You!


what about a home based business


Work In Home Business


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The following are some basic questions that can help to get you working in a home business and actually get you up and running with it:


  1. Do I need to be educated to run an online business?


Often people are intimidated because of the internet, and feel that they need to be computer experts to run an online business. The fact is very little if any programming or computer knowledge is truly needed. If you can visit a website you can own a website. If however, you desire to learn more about computers and the internet to run your business there are various classes and training materials available both on and offline.


  1. What are the legal requirements to run an online business?


You want to keep your business legitimate. Without the trust of your customers it is impossible to succeed in the business world. Avoid any shady situations. Find out if your state or country requires a license or permit to establish an online business.


  1. How much money will I need to start an online business?


By now this question has ran through your mind when thinking of starting an online business. Stay positive and consider your resources because there are many different routes you can take. Your local bank should be able to explain to you the many different financing options available depending on your financial situation. Consider credit or check and cash, but be sure to estimate the interest you will incur.


Remember, if you already have a job you can always use your free time to get started part-time until you get the ball rolling.


Speaking of free time.  Once you have your mind made up to start an online business its a good idea to take an inventory of how you can budget your time. This need not be a hard thing to do because the great part about online businesses is you can set your own schedule.


Be realistic. To maintain a successful online business you must be able to devote a good portion of your day to your business. If you have kids and they are in school you should have more time available during those hours. Make sure you use the time you have wisely and productively. If your children do not attend school you will have substantially less time. Keep in mind, to maintain successful online business flexibility is key.


What Is The Best Small Business To Start At


If you do a search on the internet at the moment for home business opportunities the response from the search engines is immense. There are so many home business opportunities at present for people to explore.


best online businesses start

Some of these opportunities can be very good, however beware as there are many so called get rich schemes advertised. These schemes will tell you such tall tales as ‘earn thousands per day with only 5 minutes work’.


Not so people – An internet home based business is just like any business and requires determination, dedication and work to succeed.


Although anyone can do it, and people just like you can make a lot of money from the internet, however as with anything you have not done before there is a learning curve. There are lots of applications, tools etc to assist you, and some of these are very good, however again some simply do not work.


The best advice I can give you prior to signing up for a new home based business you found advertised on the internet is that you do your research before handing over any money. Think about it if the product is good, people will write reviews about it.  The same goes if the product is not good, people will want others to know what its like.


If you are unsure contact the owners of the website involved and ask questions. If you are still unsure then simply do not go with it, find another one. Ensure that you read between the lines on all sites, these sites are created in an attempt to entice you to press the ‘Buy Now’ button.


Best Small Businesses To Start  At


Of course there are numerous schemes on the internet whereby you join under someone else and sign up to some other programs.  You then have to advertise to get other people to signup underneath you, and when they sign up for the other programs you are paid a commission. Some of these are good, some are absolutely useless. Again do your research.


As there are so many small home business opportunities out there, which ones should you go for?  Lots of people have various recommendations, however it all does depend upon what you are good at. If you are good at filling in forms for example give data entry a try – this will earn you some money. If you are good at marketing sell something.


If you like what you are doing, are good at it and passionate about it you will enjoy what you are doing.  You don’t want your business to turn into a chore so enjoy it. If you like what you are doing you will do it better. If you do it better the money will come in.


what is niche marketing about

Think about what you yourself do when you, go on the internet.  Do you go on the internet to buy things.  Maybe you go on the internet to participate in forums or perhaps (as most people do) you go on the internet to find information. Again do what you know. If you go on the internet for example to participate in forums maybe think about setting up your own forum which you can charge a fee for.


If you go looking for information, what information do you look for, what information do other people look for? Have a think about what you are good at and what you have achieved over the years. If you can find a ‘Niche‘ then write an e-book about it and try to sell it on the internet.


How To Advertise Your Business On The Internet


Advertising is the key on the internet, you may have the best website in the world which has taken you weeks to develop and is your pride and joy, but if no-one visits it, what is the point in having it. There are lots of ways to advertise your business on the internet. Some are cheaper than others and some are even free.


Marketing techniques can be from pay per click systems, ezine advertising, RSS feeds, Emails etc etc. What is better 500 people who come to your website, poke around a bit and never come back or 5 who come to your site, like it, bookmark it and come back again and again and again.


how to advertise your business with


If you want you can also buy the traffic, however as your website is effectively selling something you don’t want just any old traffic, you want targeted traffic. Don’t forget just because you have a website you can advertise offline to (see above graphic).


You can succeed on the internet without a website through various means, however you will get a far better response if you have one. There are loads of articles, tips and even templates on the internet that will enable you to build a really first class website.


How To Email Marketing – Is The Money In The List


Do you know what the most important thing is in internet marketing? Well guess what although they are your bread and butter, it isn’t sales, it is peoples email addresses.


This is known in the trade as the money is in the list. If you have a website look at various ways to get your visitors email address, be this by offering free goods, newsletters etc. Once you have their email address which is called opt-in by the way, you can send them mails without spamming. Nobody likes to be spammed. If you do your reputation will go down the drain. What you can do with these e-mail addresses is you can build your customers trust, you can offer services, you can sell them things – the list goes on and on.


Trust and respect – remember that anyone that visits your website is a customer or a potential customer. You will need to gain their trust and respect them at all times. Treat them as you would like other people to treat you.


The best piece of advice I can give you on starting a home business is use your common sense – if it doesn’t feel right drop it. Ensure that you research and constantly evolve as the internet evolves. The internet is here to stay so keep up to speed with what is happening.


How To Starting In Online Business


Earn Money From Home Online


There you go folks.  I have given quite a few tips and advice in this article and I’m going to give you one more.  Go to this web page.  Click on the Menu headers at the top.  Read all about what this particular platform can do for you to get you up and running starting in online business. 


There is really no excuse for not taking a looksee,, and you can try it out for seven days free of charge and in fact you can stay for as long as you want to at no cost.


As soon as you sign up you will have access to create two websites that you can get out on the internet to earn you an income from.


There are free lessons with videos that show you how to start a home business in easy steps.


There’s an online Bootcamp you can take part in that will show you how promote as an affiliate marketer to the big online companies such as Amazon and eBay to name but two.


There is a great Keyword Tool that you can use to discover great search terms that will bring visitors to your site. 


There is also a Live Chat function where you can ask questions to keep you on-track.


There is a whole lot more and way too much to mention in just one article but you wont know until you join for that 7 day trial.


Signup Today, And Escape The 9 To 5 Routine For Good and How To With A Home Business today.


Here’s hoping I see you on the inside, and make sure you look me up.


Warmest wishes for your success.


Robert Allan


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  1. Interesting article Robert I read from top to bottom and there’s a ton of information. To me you could maybe break this down into multiple articles but that’s just a thought. 

    As for my thoughts on the article… I don’t believe that anyone needs to get a loan to run an online business granted it does depend on what type of business, but for example affiliate marketing doesn’t require a loan and is very low cost to start. On the other hand if you’re needing to buy bulk to sell products online then that’s a different story.

    As far as making a plan for your time you’re exactly right, it’s ideal because it holds you accountable. Now not everything always works how you want it but say you want to complete a post and update an old one write it down as part of a plan.

    You’re also correct that there are tons of scams looking to make money off people that are uninformed or lazy. So people should always research before they pay for something.

    Anyway lots of good info here that could again be made into multiple articles.

    1. Hello Josh and thank you for reading my article and for your input via a comment.

      The articles contains over 1,800 words and its actually a nice length for being ranked well in the search engines.

      If the article didn’t get a good rank then not a lot of people would be able to read it.

      You as an online marketer should know this Josh.

      I also like to give as much information as possible so that visitors to my site can make an informed decision based on that information.

      No you don’t need a loan to get started with a home business online and in fact the link to the online platform I mention cost nothing and people can stay for as long as they want to at no charge.

      However saying this there are businesses such as a franchise that will require some financial investment.

      Affiliate marketing on the other hand doesn’t simply because you are promoting other peoples products or services.

      Everyone who wants to start an online or offline business needs to have a plan and stick to it.

      Of course there will be changes to it along the way but to actually get started a plan is a real Must Have or you are working blind and that of course will lead to failure.

      As for Scams  –  the old adage  –  If It Looks Too Good To be True, It Probably Is  –  is actually very true.

      Do your research and find out as much as possible before you signup is the advice I give to anyone contemplation work from home whether it be a job or a business.

      Thank you once again for reading my article and please do come again.

      Onwards and upwards to your own eventual success and have an awesome day.

      Best Regards.

      Robert Allan

  2. You have mention a easy quick cash system in your logo. Can make money online from online give me quick bucks? I dont mind keeping my job but I think I can do this work online at home all day. I need to learn from you. I am good with fishing so I think my niche market will be fishing

    1. Hi Kit and thank you for leaving a comment on my article.

      If you mean can working from home with your own business make you money very quickly then it will depend how much time and effort you put into it.

      Usually with a fresh startup it will take a few months before you see much return in your investment of time and effort.

      It will also depend what you are trying to make money from.

      You say you are interested in fishing.

      What kind of fishing though?

      For example is it fishing in rivers and lakes or deep sea fishing?

      Its always best to dig deep into a Niche and find products that people want and need but have a hard time finding them.

      Market this way and you will have a target audience and then you will make money faster than if you are just promoting fishing in general.

      Dig deeper Kit and if you get stuck you can send me another message.

      Have a great day and please visit again.

      Best wishes for your success.

      Robert Allan

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