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The Basics Of Starting A Home Based Business


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Have you thought of starting a Home Based Business? Have you seen dozens of Ads like these below and thought if you could only learn how to work online you could tell your boss to go take a hike?


  • “Discover How To Make $100,000 a Year From The Comfort Of Your Own Home!”
  • “Make Tons Of Money With Little Or No Work!”


Do those two above seem unbelievable? You know what?  They most probably are. There are tons of marketers on the internet promoting these unbelievable Work At Home offers. The biggest majority of them are getting rich by getting people to believe that you can make massive amounts of money in a short space of time, and doing absolutely nothing to earn it.


The sad part is, a lot of people believe them.  Before they know it they are spending money they cannot afford to lose on worthless advice and software that is worse than useless.


I’m not saying that you can’t make a lot of money working from home.  Of course you can. I have done it and I’m still doing so, but it takes work.  It takes commitment, and above all it takes a damn good program that will give you all the tips and advice and TRAINING to earn good enough money that will allow you to chuck your normal 9 to 5 job.


As I said, starting a home based business does takes some work, time and effort. If you want to Work AT Home you must understand that this is exactly what it is. “Work”. You need to set aside, a time of day and at least 20 hours a week in which you can work on developing your Home Based Business.


The first thing you need to do is come up with a Niche.  Ideally this will be in something you have some knowledge of and perhaps experience of as well.  It doesn’t have to be previous work experience.  It could be a hobby or a lifetime interest.


What To Promote On Your Website


Then you can decide what to promote on a website in that Niche. There are many Niches and many products to promote.


what is a home based business about


Here are three Niches to get you thinking along the right lines so that you can be your own boss with your own business:


  1. Material Products such as Clothing, Bedding, Baby products or anything else that can be bought and shipped to your customers. There are many products that can be sold on the internet.


There might be something that you can make or have created that would be of value to people.


You can find companies that sell products to you at wholesale, and you can sell them for a profit.


You can find companies that dropship products directly to your customers so that you don’t need to keep anything in stock.


  1. Information Products such as E Books, Software Programs or anything that a customer can purchase and download to their computer. Information products are very popular. People can download the information they need at any time and most are reasonably priced. There are many products that you can purchase with resale rights and make a good profit. With information products there is nothing to stock up on.


  1. Promote Affiliate Programs – You promote other peoples products and when they make a sale you get a percentage of the sale. Contless people are making a lot of money from affiliate programs. You simply sell other peoples products and you both profit. It’s not as easy as it sounds though. There are many people promoting the same products so you do have competition

Build Your Own Website Free


Now, you’ve decided what you are going to sell or promote. Hopefully its something you that know about and will enjoy selling. Now how are you going to sell them? You will need a website. Building a website is not quite as hard as it sounds. There are a lot of great web hosts out there and most of them offer site building software to get you started. Here is my choice.

how to build a website free


First you will need a Domain Name. This is your web 

address. You will also need a web host. A web host brings your website to the internet. Most of the really good domain names are taken so when you decide to look for one, I suggest that you write down about 5 – 10 names so if one is taken you will have another to try.


Once you have your names, go to a site such as a Domain Service and use their Domain Search Tool to see if a domain name is available. Type in the domain name that you would like to check. If your Domain is taken, they will give suggestions or you can just type in another one.


  • I would also suggest that you take a .com name whenever possible.
  • Web addresses with a .com name are easier to remember and are visited more often.
  • If you find a name that you really like, you may want to buy it. A lot of great domain names are lost by waiting too long to purchase it.
  • Try to use a domain name with a great keyword that describes your Niche and/or Products in it if possible.
  • Try to make it as short and easy to remember as possible.


These are things that are necessary to get your website listed on the search engines.


  • Search Engine Optimization – Helps your Website get positioned for top rankings with Google and other leading search engines.
  • Website Analysis – (Google Analytics) Lets you know what your site’s strengths and potential weaknesses are and helps you secure crucial search engine success.
  • Submission – Submit your Website to the leading search engines.  This can be around the world or region-specific.


These are just the basics. There is more you will have to learn and, but there are also many resources you can utilize. There are some great products and informational resources on the internet. Just remember that if it’s too good to be true, it probably is.


The Advantage Of A Home-Based Business


about work from home for moms

What To Work From Home For Moms

A home-based business can give you a lot of benefits. Not only the financial benefits, but also lifestyle benefits. If you are already working in your own home-based business or just thinking about it, be sure to evaluate your options and consider the value of the benefits you will receive. No matter, because either lifestyle or financial, the benefits can be far greater than you working for an employer.


Home-based business opportunities can definitely provide you with independence and financial freedom if you make wise decisions.


Money is not always the motivation people start a home-based business. Sometimes the intangible benefits are more important factors when considering home-based business opportunities.


One of the more powerful draws to working from home is the sense of freedom you gain. You can set your own schedule, work the hours that are most convenient for you, and have time available for family obligations and leisure activities.


Parents with children or single moms and dads with children in school often think about what home-based business opportunities may be available to them. Teacher conferences, PTAs, after school activities and the ability to be home when the children are out of school are strong motivators in making the decision to start a home-based business.


Working from home gives you the benefit of flexible hours and the freedom to adjust your schedule according to the needs of your family.


Stress reduction is another benefit of operating a home-based business. If you plan properly and budget your time wisely, being your own boss can a reduce the stress you feel due to constant demands and co-worker interruptions.


Any business will likely produce its own kind of stress, but certain stressful factors can be avoided when you take advantage of the more promising home business opportunities that are available to you.


You will have no daily commute, you will save money on petrol and other car expenses.  You will have the extra time in the morning and evening to relax and interact with your family instead of spending that time getting to and from work.


Research every opportunity carefully and make sure you are willing to put forth the effort that will be needed in order to succeed. A home-based business opportunity can not only give you the benefits of earning money while working from your home it can give you a lot of other benefits as well.


A home-based business is the perfect chance for you to attain financial and personal freedom. There are numerous home-based business opportunities available to you.


Lets move on to an opportunity I want to point you in the direction of.  You can join today and get started today at cost.


The Absolute Easiest Business To Start From Your Home

And Actually Make Money!


The reality is, everyone needs to work for a living.  Most of us work very hard at whatever job we have, usually for someone else’s company or business.  You get paid, and your boss (or their company) keep the majority of the profits that you worked so hard for.  After working hard for years so that others could get wealthy from my efforts, I decided that it was time for me to keep all of the money that I worked so hard for.


For years, I had searched for the most lucrative way to make money with a home based business. I tried everything on home businesses I could find.


multi-level marketing

internet businesses

selling health supplements

selling phone cards

direct mail publications


Then it hit me that I was still working so that someone else could get wealthy.  All of my efforts still resulted in someone ”above” me in the chain making money from my efforts!


What Is Best Home Based Business


There are many reasons why you should start a home based business (see graphic below). It was at that point that I realized that being my own boss was the absolute best way to get out of the rat race and make real money from a home based business.  And I get to keep all of the profits!  All I had to do was find that home business opportunity and learn how to work online and from home.  Guess what?  I found it.  I learned all I could from the training.  I created a website for free as well.  Now I make money from it every single day.


start business home


Here is the link to a webpage where you can read all about how you can get rolling in no time at all with a website and your own home business.


Remember, there is no need to re-invent the wheel.  Just get stuck into the training and you will be well on your way to success.


Warmest Wishes For That Success.


By the way could you spare a couple of minutes to leave a comment below and let me and the other readers of this article what your thoughts on working from home are.  Perhaps you are already involved with an online opportunity, and could give a few pointers on how you got started.


Maybe you have been wanting to get started but don’t know where or how to.  Believe me there will be a lot of people just like you.  This is your chance so grab it with both hands and don’t let go.  Click on the image below my name and find out how you can get started.


Robert Allan


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  1. Yep – I certainly know what you mean by those adverts that promise the world…

    I fell for them myself, twice! (thankfully I didn’t waste that much money in the experience!).

    I’m quite interested in the marketing lessons you are covering here, if indeed they do have a free option to get into?

    Do they also offer free tools etc or is that an extra charge to get started with?

    1. Hello Chris and thank you for visiting my site and for your comment.

      I think that most people who genuinely want to work from home and earn an income from the internet have been scammed before and probably more than once.

      It did take me quite some time before I achieved any level of decent success and made enough money to keep me plugging away.

      yes Wealthy Affiliate will give you free lessons to get you up and running with a home business.

      You will also receive two websites that will be hosted for you as well at no cost to you.

      You can also stay for as long as you want to as a free member although i would urge anyone interested in making some real money to take the one and only upgrade.

      Yes there are lots of free tools available.

      Tools such as the WordPress Express software that will enable you to actually build a website.

      There’s also a free keyword Tool and a Content Builder that will enable you to write great content for your site.

      There’s a Live Chat Function where you can ask questions of the other million plus members when you get stuck on anything.

      There is 24/7 support every day of the year no ,matter where you live.

      There are weekly webinars that offer step by step training on all aspects of working from home.

      In other words you have everything you will ever need in one place to achieve success.

      It is well worth your while to give it some serious thought if you really are serious about being your own boss with your own business.

      Thank you again for your visit and please come again where I’m sure you will go away with yet more tips and advice that will surely help you succeed.

      Onwards and Upwards Chris.

      Robert Allan

  2. What I love the most about working from home is that you can actually work from anywhere in the world. I started my blog a couple of months ago and as soon as I start earning a decent income, I plan to start travelling!
    Plus, you don’t have someone to tell you what to do and you don’t have to work 8 hours per day to make someone else rich. 😉

    1. Hello Jenny and thank you for your visit and your comment.

      Blogging is a great way to make money from the internet and travelling at the same time you could easily make your blog into a travel blog.

      As you say you can work from anywhere in the world as long as you have access to the internet.

      Please visit again and I’m sure you will pick up lots of tips and advice that will aid you in your money making enterprise.

      Onwards to success Jenny and have an awesome day wherever you are right now.

      Warmest Regards.

      Robert Allan

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