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Updated 21st September 2019


MLM Marketing Leads

The MLM Optin Leads Industry


its all about lead generation

The how to on generate leads from. Not much is truly known about MLM leads, especially how they are generated and delivered.  This article will give you my personal view of the MLM Optin Leads world.


Everyone wants to be on the inside… at least if you’re on the outside looking in.  I’m old enough to remember walking with my grandparents along the street at Christmas time, and looking in theon the outside looking in display windows of all the Christmas decorations, and toys.  I was on the outside, and I so wanted to be inside where the good stuff was.


Well, I don’t know if you’re on the outside of the MLM Optin Leads industry wanting to get in, but I want to take you on a tour to get the inside scoop of the leads business.  If you knew what actually went on in some arenas, you may think the inside scoop looks like this picture.


How Marketing Leads Are Generated


For the most part, network marketing leads are generated over the Internet.  While I don’t have a scientific study for this across all the leads companies, I would estimate 85-90% of all leads you find for sale originated on the internet. 


how to for MLM Leads


There are two main reasons for this.  Firstly, the internet is where the majority of people are doing their research today when looking for jobs, for ways to make extra money, how to, and what to invest in, etc.  So, why not go where people are looking?  Secondly, its usually the most cost effective.


Generally speaking, a person is surfing the Internet, doing a Google search, and checking out their options for ways to make extra income.  Or, sometimes the person isn’t even thinking about wanting more money when an online Ad catches their attention and they check it out.  So, they fill out a form and hit submit.


That is the basics of online lead generation.  Some person is out there surfing the Net. There is an online Ad.  The person fills out the online form and hits submit, and BOOM, they’re now a prospect waiting to be sold something.


Sounds innocent enough huh?  In fact, it sounds like quite a nice system.  Wouldn’t we all like to receive a batch of leads after they had been surfing the internet for ways of making money from home… they filled out a form… and now you have their name,  E-mail address and perhaps their phone number in your hand.


But, let’s look at what happens out there sometimes and some of the variables that can make a HUGE difference in the type of lead you now hold in your hand.


Incentive Leads


in-cen-tive (noun) – : something that incites or has a tendency to incite to determination or action


One of the biggest problems that exists among the internet lead generation business is the incentives giving an incentive to purchasethat “incites” or “entices” a person to fill out a form and hit submit.  If you have purchased leads before then you have probably come across the person who didn’t know they were going to be contacted about a home business… instead they thought they were going to get a new iPad, Tablet, $10,000, or a holiday cruise.


So, what do you do?  You go to XYZ Leads Company and you buy a batch of leads.  The leads are $2 each, so you buy 50 of them for a $100.  There’s a chance you might find a good prospect in there, but, for the most part, you’re going to have ‘Tyre-kickers’ as prospects.


No lead is ever pure because we don’t know what other sites the prospect has been to, or filled out forms, and checked out other businesses.  However, if you’re going to invest in leads, its worth a few extra minutes of research, or send an email, or phone the owners to know what kind of leads you’re buying. 


And, even more important, order a smaller batch of leads to test the market before moving forward with a company.  Leads are all about results, so ask and test.


MLM Leads, And How To Get The Best Ones For Your Business


Adverts for MLM leads seem to be everywhere.  Companies are offering you sure-fire ways to get all the MLM leads you need to generate a money making business.  Yet, how do you know that those MLM leads are quality leads? 


what is a leads funnel


If they’re not the best quality, do you have what it takes to make those leads work for your business?  If you’re concerned about the MLM leads you may get from another company, there are other ways to generate sales leads.  In my experience the best way by far is to generate your own with your own funnel that will generate sales.


Generating your own MLM leads means that you’re going to be able to tailor your leads to your specific MLM business.  This means that you will not be paying someone else to generate a list of leads that may be rather generic and second rate anyway. 


By generating your own MLM leads you are assured that you will be getting a list of quality MLM leads.  There’s also a more than better chance they will probably do your business a lot more good that any company promising you a big list of leads that may not be geared toward your particular MLM business. 


Also, by generating your own list of MLM leads, you know that these are the people that want to hear about your type of business.  Therefore you can develop and nurture your sales pitch to fit your MLM leads’ specific needs.


what is nurture leads


One of the reasons developing your own list of MLM leads means that you will get better quality leads is because you’re getting MLM leads that will be more responsive.  Leads vendors tend to develop generic lists of MLM leads where those people may end up being contacted by dozens of other MLM marketers, plus they may not be new leads. 


Ways Generate Sales Leads


Therefore, if you generate your own MLM leads, you should be able to contact the people right away.  This means your idea is fresh in their minds, which leads to a better response rate.


If you work on tailoring your MLM lead generating page on your website just right, you will get MLM leads in a way that allow you to respond right away while tailoring your sales pitch to what the person is looking for from your business.  Asking the right questions so that you know exactly what people are looking for when you contact your MLM leads is imperative to the success of your business. 


what is a leads capture page


If you’re considering creating your own MLM leads, make sure you carefully develop your MLM lead page.


So, what do you put on your leads page to allow you to tailor your pitch?  Develop some questions that you would want to ask of your MLM leads before you call them. 


Make sure the questions allow you to sort your MLM leads easily, so that you can qualify and disqualify your leads in a simple manner.  Do more than ask for a name or number by adding a comments section. 


This way, your leads have a chance to tell you about themselves, which allows you to have a little background information when you do call them.


If you’re on a budget, both time and money, generating your own leads can be a way to save on both.  The small investment of time in developing your MLM leads page will be a time saver when you gather quality ones. 


You will save time in sorting your MLM leads while avoiding time-wasting phone calls to bad or generic leads.  You will also be able to avoid paying someone else to gather leads for you that may not be of the same caliber of those you could do yourself.


Getting your own MLM leads takes just a little work, but when done right can lead to your ability to generate better leads for your business.  Also taking a little time to do some research into the questions you want to ask from your leads will save you a lot of time and money in the long run, creating a more effective business.


What Is An Email List For


So you have your business up and running, you have a small client base from generating leads and wish to expand.  What do you think would be a good idea at this point? Flyers? Media releases?  No, the answer is much more simple than that.  You need to reach the masses without draining your resources.  This is where an email optin list comes in handy.


Optin for Leads


The idea behind email optin lists is simple.  Whenever someone comes to your site, you place them on an optin list tag that prompts them to leave an email address.  Then this address in turn can be used for promotional and business purposes.


This is a very efficient and easy to use marketing strategy, and has definitely paid off for some of the biggest online firms on the planet.  This e-mail listing is not solely reserved for clients, it can be used to address employees, investors, suppliers, distributors, re-sellers, and potential clients alike.


The How To In Email Marketing


In this day and age, it is highly unlikely that anyone who doesn’t surf the internet doesn’t have an e-mail account.  With billions of people going online you can bet just about all of them have an e-mail address.


Permission based email marketing is the way to go, if you feel you may be bothering or annoying someone, by sending them information about your product or service.  The idea that you cannot send an e-mail to everyone on the list is purely preposterous.


Go for a high investment return audience if need be. When it comes down to it, e-mail has cornered the market on being a very fast communication device that’s cheap.  It’s far cheaper than using the telephone when you’re dealing with the long distance charges.  This could easily be one of the best marketing tools you find for your business why would you delay, and take a chance to lose more money?


what is an optin


Many people still have no idea how to generate flow to their sites and how to do follow ups for further business.  With optin email you will have an easy time keeping control of the business you can, could or will have.


This direct email marketing to client route is slowly catching fire, and will most likely take over as the marketing method of choice in the very near future.  Without a tool such as an email optin list; the company cannot reach nearly as much of a potential client base as with the program. 


Any method proven to work and show production in a business should never be avoided.  It may not work for you, but at least reviewing the information on it, and your options will give you a better idea on whether or not it would be right for you and your business.


How To Start Internet Marketing Home Based Business


Ok folks, there you have it, and if I were you I would investigate the various ways you can generate leads for your home business.  Start of slow and easy and gradually build up your client base.  Remember you want to continually add to it, so the more leads you can generate, the more optins you will have.


A great way to generate leads is to have your own website, and the online program I’m a member of will give you two sites for nothing.  They will also host the sites on the internet for you as well, and again at no cost to you.


the how to on internet affiliate marketing


Click on this link and then on the menu headers and read all about how this platform can get you started.  As well as MLM network marketing it will give you all the information you need on the how to on internet affiliate marketing programs you can run from home as well.


I wish you lots of success and please do leave a comment below.  I will reply.




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    After reading your informative and educative reviews, I found out about the benefit of Online business. Good to know the working method of email marketing. Frankly speaking, people’s needs change over time. My personal opinion is that the acceptance of MLM has decreased dramatically. Because it is possible to earn more in the affiliate sector than MLM businesses spending the same amount of energy and time. But before that, it has to be learned well. However, wishing to help is appreciable. I salute your effective experience.
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    1. Hello Ranao
      Thank you for stopping by to read my article and leave a comment.
      When you work online and from home you must choose whatever method you want to make that money.
      This could be Network Marketing or Affiliate marketing it really doesn’t matter and the money you earn will be relevant to how much effort you are willing to put into your work.
      I certainly wouldn’t say one is better than the other.
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  2. Hi Robert! Buying leads is something that I’ve been looking more into, so this article was very helpful for me. I have an affiliate marketing business, so I am interested in buying leads for that, but I assume it’s a similar process to buying leads for an MLM (maybe with some small targeting differences since they’re different types of businesses). 

    I am also considering getting an MLM sales funnel up and going, so I will definitely need to learn how to get leads to that too. I’ll make sure to come back to this article when it’s time to start collecting those leads! 

    I am thinking that i’ll buy some leads and I’ll use my affiliate marketing skills to collect leads on my own as well. The best of both worlds, right? 🙂 

    1. Hello Christina and thank you for taking the time to write a comment.
      Yes acquiring leads is very much the same whatever you’re working with online.
      Of course no matter what your online business is its always best to market to a targeted audience.
      Absolutely no point in doing otherwise, is there?
      Yes indeed use whatever skills and means to suit your particular market whether its affiliate marketing or network marketing its always best to go with what your experience of the market is.
      Please do come back and you are sure to go away with more tips and advice because I have published another article on MLM here –

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  3. This article is exceptionally rich in information, this is an exhaustive and helpful article indeed! I must commend you for taking your time to experience every action to revealing these secrets I don’t actually known MLM has this much benefits, I have always tried to abstain from anything related to MLM but you have opened my eyes to the beauty of what I don’t know. Thanks for the eye opener

    1. Hi Tracy
      Glad you found my article informative and enlightening.
      I do try to give as much information as possible so that my readers can make an informative decision whether to give it a go or not.
      Some do and some don’t but that’s the name of the game when you work online.
      Hope you read my other article on MLM Marketing as well as it to has a lot of tips and advice.

      Have a great day Tracy and be successful.
      All the best for that success.
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  4. I must commend your effort in your review on How To Generate Leads From An Optin List In A Online Business. This really an informative and educative article and I must say that I have learnt something important today in your article in using Optin email to my advantage in the online business world. I have bookmarked this page for further reading and guidelines. Thanks for sharing this article. It is really helpful.

    1. Hello Brent and thank you for taking time out to leave a comment.
      Its great you took something away from my article and hope it helps you if you ever decide to enter the MLM arena.
      There is money to be made but of course there are a lot of crappy programs as well where you will be hard pushed to make anything.
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