The How To In Internet Marketing (what you must know about)

Updated 21st September 2019


The How To Of Internet Marketing


Using Your Content for Internet Marketing – If you are currently marketing your business online, and have not put a great deal of thought into the content on your website, you may be making an incredibly costly mistake.


The content on your website is invaluable for a number of reasons if you want to grow your business.


how to grow your business online


First of all it gives visitors to your website their first impression of your business and the products and services you offer.


Secondly, well written content can be instrumental in selling your products and services to your potential customers.


Thirdly, the content on your website can influence the size of the target audience you are able to reach by helping to improve your search engine rankings.


With your content capable of doing so much, its clear that if you don’t have much, if any experience of writing you should outsource to a content writer to assist you, but I will touch on that later in the article.


For now lets delve deeper into internet marketing and of course the importance of providing accurate, concise and informative content on your website when you are marketing online.


About The Internet And Marketing


One of the most basic reasons why the quality of the content on your website is so important is because visitors to your website will likely form their initial opinions of your website based on the content on your website.  You must always remember you are writing for people.


If the copy is poorly written, does not hold the visitors attention and does not promote your products and services well, visitors are likely to exit your website without making a purchase.


Conversely, if the copy on your website is well written, engages the reader and promotes the products and services you offer the visitor is more likely to investigate the website further to learn more about the products and services and may make a purchase.  Why? 


facts on internet marketing


Simply because the content of your website will be one of the aspects of the website which is first noticed by visitors so it is important for this content to be well written. They land on your website because of their search terms (keywords).  If they don’t find what they were hoping to find then they will simply look elsewhere.


Well written sales copy can also be very persuasive and may compel visitors to the website to purchase the products or services offered on the website. This is important especially if the main purpose of the website is to sell the products or services. The sales copy should accurately describe the products or services offered, stress the importance of these products and services and compel the visitor to make a purchase.


All of this should be done without appearing to be blatantly advertising the products and services. Writing this type of copy can be quite complicated and typically requires hiring a sales copywriter who is experienced and skilled at writing this type of informative and persuasive content.


Sales copy written by an amateur or an inexperienced writer will not likely be as effective as copy written by a professional with a great deal of experience in Internet marketing.


On Search Engine Rankings


Finally the content on your website is very important because it can greatly influence your search engine rankings. This is critical because high search engine rankings help your business to reach a considerably larger audience.


Internet users are typically looking for information quickly and want immediate results to their inquiries. Search engines understand this profile and write complicated algorithms which help them to supply the most relevant websites when a user searches for a particular word or phrase (keywords).


what is search engine marketing


This is important to business owners because Internet users realize the value of search engines and are likely to only visit websites which rank well in the search engines.


This includes websites which rank on the first page or two of search results. Your business might sell football jerseys and you may have a well designed website, a superior inventory and excellent prices but if your website does not rank well in search engines you are missing out on a great deal of free advertising.


If your website lands on the third page or lower most visitors who search for relevant terms will not likely visit your website because they will have found what they were looking for on earlier pages. This is where the content on your website becomes important.


Websites containing content which has been optimized for particular keywords will likely rank well with search engines. Hiring a writer skilled in writing optimized content can help to improve your search engine rankings so you can reach more potential customers.


I’m going to assume that you landed on this page because you are already involved in internet marketing but you would like to pick up a few tips and advice. But do you actually have a good idea just what its all about and the best ways to go about working with the internet and marketing online and so far how is it working out for you?  I suggest you read on and find out…


What Is The Internet And Marketing About, And Is Internet Marketing Working For You?


Determining whether or not your Internet marketing campaigns are working for you is a very important part of the advertising process. This is so important because while there is a great deal of Internet marketing which can be done without a great deal of expense, other types of Internet marketing do have financial costs associated with them.


search engine marketing optimization


Also, in both cases there is a time and energy burden to orchestrating the Internet marketing. For all of these reasons it is important for business owners to continuously evaluate their marketing techniques and strategies to determine what is working and what is not. This will help the business owner to focus their efforts on marketing strategies which are providing positive results as opposed to those which are either not providing results or are only providing lackluster results.


Lets examine a few different marketing strategies as well as how business owners can evaluate the effectiveness of these strategies and what have been proven to be the best ones, and how to implement those marketing strategies.


How To Marketing Strategies


Best of online marketing strategies – Affiliate marketing is certainly one of the most cost effective Internet marketing strategies available. This marketing strategy involves having other website owners known as affiliates post an advertisement on their websites to direct Internet traffic to your website.


This marketing strategy is cost effective because in most cases the affiliate is only paid when they produce a desired result such as enticing an Internet user to click through the advertisement, or to purchase a product or service once they click through the Ad. While the business owner is only paying for the advertisement when it produces a desired effect, it is still worthwhile to evaluate the effectiveness of these Ads to determine whether or not they are working well.


what is the best search engine optimization


Fortunately affiliate marketing Ads have a natural feedback mechanism which makes it easy to evaluate how well the Ad is working. This feedback is provided in the form of code embedded in the advertisement which specifies which affiliate generated the website visitors. This information is provided for the purposes of issuing payment to the affiliate but it can also provide the business owner with useful information on which affiliate Ads are the most effective.


This information is especially useful when the affiliates are posting different Ads. The business owner may conclude the Ads posted by the more successful affiliates are more appealing to potential customers and may opt to use this style of Ad for all of their affiliates.


Other Internet Services – Message Boards


Business owners who use Internet marketing strategies such as posting on internet message or discussion boards to promote their business might want to consider asking customers to complete a short survey when making a purchase. This survey can include useful demographic information which is always helpful for marketing as well as information regarding where the customer learned of the products or services you offer.


message boards


Including the message board web address as one of the responses will give you a good indication of whether or not the message boards are helping to drive customers to your website. You may also have some unofficial feedback in terms of the response to your postings on the message board.


If the general consensus is in support of your posts, you may infer you are generating some interest in your business or website through this tactic.  Its working folks, so keep at it!


Traffic Generation


Finally, an Internet marketing strategy can be evaluated by studying website traffic results as well as sales receipts. Anytime you implement a new Internet marketing strategy or technique it is worthwhile to study your website traffic reports and sales receipts carefully to determine whether or not there is a spike in either traffic or sales immediately after the marketing effort.  You would get such a report if you use Google Analytics.  (see graphic below for this site)


For example, if you send out an e-newsletter to those who have requested additional information about your products or services, you may notice there is an increase in traffic or sales soon afterwards. This is a good indication the e-newsletter was well received and effective.


traffic generation


However, if there is not a marked increase in traffic or sales subsequent to the e-newsletter it indicates the marketing effort was not effective.


Ok folks there you have a great rundown of what it takes to be successful at internet marketing.  So I hope you have been taking notes, or at least bookmarked this article for future reference if you ever decide to give internet marketing a go.


Speaking of which, if you do decide to give internet marketing a go to increase your profit margins or just to earn an extra income working from home then you will need your own website.


Now, I know there are countless companies and programs online that will give you a website, and sometimes for free, but you will most likely need some form of guidance, and perhaps some training on marketing online as well to get you up and running.


Online Marketing / Online Course


I know just the program that will provide such a course for you and it wont cost you a red cent to try it out.  In fact you can stay for as long as you want absolutely free of charge, and learn all about what it takes to achieve online success.


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Not only that but you will receive two websites for nothing and they’re hosted for you for nothing as well. 


  • There is a free online certification course  where you will have access to training with walk-through videos.


  • A free keyword tool for researching those all-important search terms


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All-In-All a pretty good deal.  Why not give it a go by clicking on the image below.  Enter a few details (no credit card required), and you are off to the races.


Please look me up on the inside, and before you go, could you take the time to leave a comment with your own thoughts.  I will reply as I always do to those who take the time.


Here’s to your success folks and please do have a great day wherever you are in the world.


Warmest Regards.

Robert Allan






the how to for internet marketing


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  1. Hello Robert – very useful information about internet marketing.  Your post was a great reminder of how important quality content is. I’m a newbie and working with WA and my focus now is on posting quality content on my website. Hopefully thing will cook soon. I will be bookmarking your post for more ideas in the future. 

    Thanks for the opportunity to view your post!

    1. Hi Nathaniel
      Yes indeed quality content matters and as I have said many times – remember you are writing for real people.
      Also yes you should always bookmark the articles or blogs that you know contain information that will be useful to you, not just at the moment but later down the line as well.
      Please visit again as I publish on a regular basis.
      Good to know you are a member of Wealthy Affiliate.
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      I have actually published over 500 blogs passing on my tips and advice and they are referred to by the membership every day.
      Have a nice day and success to you.
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  2. This article has definitely covered all grounds concerning online marketing and it would be an helpful guide to any marketer or blogger who solely wants to monetize their blogs. The list of various suggestions concerning internet marketing are just massive. I think in all, everything major on writing worthy content and making sure to use the right keywords in order to get high ranking on google. This is simply great. Thanks

    1. Hello Again Darrick and hope you took something away with you from my article on the how to in internet marketing.
      Lots in there that you must know about and implement the strategies I have mentioned.
      Yes you must do your due diligence and research your keywords thoroughly.
      And also always remember you are writing for real people.
      Put yourself in their shoes and think what would your keywords be to find the information in the article.
      It works every time for me so absolutely no reason why it wont work for you as well.
      Have a great day Darrick and be successful.
      Robert Allan

  3. These are solid ideas for internet marketers of all types. There are bloggers who solely monetize their work with ads on their site, bloggers who utilize affiliate marketing, and those who have online stores that sell dropshipped items or their own products. Each of these needs to have internet marketing skills. Thanks for the lengthy list of ideas to find online marketing success!

    1. Hello Aly
      Happy to pass on my tips and ideas how to actually make money from your internet marketing efforts.
      Lots of good ones in the article so hope you took some notes.
      Also please visit again as there is lots more information that you can apply to your own website.
      Onwards to success Aly
      Warmest wishes for that success.
      Robert Allan

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