What Is Making Money Online About [5 tips]

23rd October 2019


The How To On Affiliate Marketing (what is a super affiliate)


What is making money online about?  Before I became successful at earning anWhat Is Making Money Online About income from the internet I did ask myself the following questions. 

  1. What is earning money online about?
  2. How can I earn that money?
  3. What are affiliates?
  4. Who are these millionaire super affiliates I keep hearing about?


So I did my due diligence by researching on the net and I actually contacted a few of those super affiliates.  Two or three of them were gracious enough to get back to me, and gave me some great tips and advice.  I will now pass on the best of these tips in this article.  Read it all the way to the end folks and take those tips onboard and act on them if you too would like to earn decent money working from home.


what is affiliate in marketing


A super affiliate is someone who generates a significant amount of money for the products or services they represent.  Many super affiliates are very successful and make six figures simply promoting the products and services of others. Sounds good, right?  But, is the how to in affiliate marketing, easy to implement?  Read on for the top tips from super affiliates.


The How To In Affiliate Marketing – Top Tips That Help Affiliate Marketers Survive Online


affiliate marketing


Tip #1 – Build a strong content foundation.  Content drives traffic to your website.  But not just any old content.  It must be quality content that will build awareness, boosts your credibility and authority in your industry.  It gives people a reason to come back to your website.  It increases your search engine page ranking.  It provides value to your visitors.  And each and every piece of content you publish, can be used to promote an affiliate product or service.


In short, quality content is your single most important business asset.  Possible content forms include:


  • Autoresponders
  • E-Newsletters
  • Blogs Posts
  • Audio Messages
  • Video Messages
  • Social Networking
  • Articles
  • Press Releases
  • Reports
  • Ebooks


Mix it up as well!  Choose several forms of the above listed content to use to build and grow your affiliate business.


Tip #2 – Track and Test.  Make sure you know where your prospects are coming from. What content works best for your audience?  What types of content or links motivate them to click through?  What pages do they visit on your website?  What keywords do they use?  All of this information is essential to building an affiliate business that meets and responds to prospects’ needs.


Tip #3 – Go beyond the standard banners and buttons.  It’s fine to use the marketing materials your affiliate program provides.  However, as mentioned in Tip #1, content is what really works.  Create your own content, promotions and brand to promote your affiliate products and services.



Tip #4 – Build a community and a brand.  You are a business.  And to be a successful business, a brand image and a community are necessary. Building a community around your website and providing valuable content is a sure way to create a following that trusts you and your credibility – which results in click throughs and commissions. And social networking is perhaps one of the most useful tools to build a community and communicate your brand image.


Tip #5 – Communicate and follow up with customers. Regular communication is the best way to continue to motivate purchases.  Build an opt in list and create a plan to provide them with regular and valuable information.  Each ezine or autoresponder you send can promote but it should also inform.  Continuing to connect with your audience is essential for super affiliate success.


To Build A Online Business

In today’s market, to build an online business, in whatever form, is about building a community, and connecting with others who are interested in your topic.  Get online, blog, comment on blogs, network and drive traffic to your site with content.


make a free website


The highest majority of affiliate marketers have their own website, and I strongly advise you to do the same.  An online training platform I know that will give you two and host them for you at absolutely no cost to you is Wealthy Affiliate.


 get free affiliate marketing training

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Also free are ten getting started lessons that will guide you through the process of creating a website and get it up and running on the internet.  It will take you under a minute to accomplish this.


Once you have your website then all you have to do is create that quality content I have been talking about throughout this article.



Once you have chosen a Niche, and preferably one you have experience and or knowledge of, then you can join online companies as an affiliate that sell the product or service within that Niche.  Make sure you check them out before joining though.  Get as much info as possible in order to come to a decision whether they are going to be worth your time and effort.  Here’s a link to another article I published on the subject of Niche Marketing.


Those companies will give you an affiliate link which you insert into your content.  Add a few relevant images of the products, and you are ready to go.


wealthy affiliate online affiliate marketing training

Ok folks there you have it.  Now all you have to do is take action and soon you will have your own online business that you can run from home as an affiliate.


If you can spare a couple of minutes I would appreciate a comment below with your own thoughts on working online and from home as an affiliate.  I will reply.


Onwards and upwards to success, and please do have an awesome day wherever you live in the world.


Best Regards.


Robert Allan

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Hello I have been an affiliate/internet marketer for many years and I'm very successful at it. If you need any help and pointers to earning an online income from home or to start up your own home-based business then please feel free to read the other articles within this site. I'm sure you will go away with lots of tips and advice that will help you get started. Here is a link to my About Me page - http://quickwaysmakemoney.siterubix.com/about-r-allan This other link is my profile within the work from home make money online community I am a member of since 2014. https://my.wealthyaffiliate.com/robert-a


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  1. Hello Robert!!

    This is amazing to read such an article that gives the way to earn money. You have written such an article. Good to know about the super affiliate. This is new to me. You have described the way very nicely. Building a strong content foundation is so important for a business. It is true. And this brings us our targeted traffic. I liked this idea most. 

    Thanks for giving such an idea and for showing the path to the success. Hope it will help me to succeed. Best wishes are also for you.

    1. Hello Zihad and thank you for leaving a comment.
      I too hope the information you took away with you will help you to eventual success.
      If you ever get stuck then drop me a line or two using the Contact Form on the right side of this article.
      have an awesome day Zihad.
      Very best wishes for your success.
      Robert Allan

      Hello Robert!!

  2. Ronald L Washington

    Your article on how to on affiliate marketing offers great information. Your essential point seems to be that there are many, many ways to make money as an affiliate marketer but the content is king. You do a great job of explaining the best way is methods to create content; Autoresponders, E-Newsletters, Blogs Posts, Audio Messages, Video Messages, Social Networking, Articles, Press Releases, Reports, and Ebooks. I clicked on your site link and note you make it clear that Wealthy Affiliate is your chosen way to make money on the internet.  As I understand it affiliate marketing is largely based on doing reviews of products and having someone buy that product through your website. You well explained why WA is the one you chose. Do you use any others like Clickbank, etc?

     I am new to the online marketing space and I am using WA. When I first encountered  WA, online I read a lot about it and researched many others and started out for free but realized that if my plan was to make money I had to be willing to put money in, so I became a premium member. I noted that once you get to a certain point in the training you are almost compelled to go premium if you are to go forward. Do you agree? You explicate WA contents, elements, and training process very seriously and succinctly. This is my first real venture into the online space and after much research, I settled on Wealthy Affiliates. I felt that they could deliver on the promises that most affiliate marketing sites make. You’ve helped hone my thoughts. 

    Thanks for the great information.

    God bless you!

    1. Hi Ronald and thank you for your visit and your comment.
      Its very much appreciate when a reader leaves one as it lets me know what people think about what I have to say on whatever subject I cover in the article.

      The subject of this article is of course Affiliate and how they make money and for some who go on to become a Super Affiliate simply because they really work hard at their chosen path to earning an income from the internet.

      Yes there are many ways affiliates can make money but I always tell people who ask me “How Can I Make Money As An Affiliate” to go with what they have experience and or knowledge of.
      This could be from past work experience where they worked with a particular device.
      It could be they worked as a nurse.
      They could have worked as a farmer.
      They could have experience of retail.
      It really doesn’t matter. They will have gained skills in the work they did and those skills whatever they are will be transferable.

      The list really is endless and the products or services they can promote are just as endless.
      Whatever you know something about Ronald, you can make money from promoting it online.

      Whatever you know something about from experience and have knowledge of means you can publish articles with some authority.
      This authority will come across to your site visitors and they will be thinking – This person Knows What They Are Talking about.
      This being so they will come to trust what you’re telling them and those visitors will turn into buyers of whatever you’re promoting because they trust you. Trust is all-important Ronald.

      Yes I am a member of Wealthy Affiliate and have been for going on five years now.
      I am in fact one of the top ten members and an Ambassador for the company.
      It is a great place if you want to learn how to make money at home from the internet.
      It will also give you all the training you need to accomplish that.
      There is lots of help and support from the Support team, the two owners and the membership which currently numbers over a million and a half.

      What I say in my article is 100% true. You can join for free and stay for as long as you want to at no cost.
      There is an upgrade to Premium Membership, and you do actually get a whole lot more from the company at that level, but free or premium you get an awful lot to help you make money as your own boss.

      Wealthy Affiliate does deliver on its promise to get you up and running with your own online business.

      Please do visit again Ronald as I publish on a regular basis and you will always, and without exception learn something new as I do every day.

      Onwards and upwards to success with Wealthy Affiliate and if you get stuck then get in touch.
      Warmest wishes for success and have an awesome day.
      Best Regards.
      Robert Allan

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