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What is a niche market and what is niche marketing for? – Making money on the internet by building a home based business starts with finding your niche and an interest in that niche you can make money from. Your interest is the key to a successful home based internet business. You have to get people to your online home business.


How To Work At Home With – What Is A Niche In


A Niche Interest – Hobbies, Passions, Work Experience


Making money on the internet by building a home based business starts with figuring out what your speciality is or what is commonly described as your Niche.  You may have a life-long hobby or interest.  You could perhaps use previous work experience.  You could be great working with your hands and fixing things.  Whatever it is within that niche it has to be something that you consider yourself to be an expert in and have extensive knowledge of. 

What Is Niche Marketing For - to earn money internet Examples;  Are you good at fixing things? Do you know everything there is to know about keeping tropical fish or rebuilding classic cars? If you’re interested in it, chances are, there are a lot of other people who are, too.


Your interest or experience is the key to a successful home based internet business. If you don’t really care about what you’re selling or promoting then this would come across to your potential customers.  You must never ever come across just as a person who wants to make a quick buck.  You must come across as a person who knows what they’re talking about and somewhat an authority on whatever you’re selling or promoting. 


This is what must come across to those people who have landed on your website.  Nothing less will do folks.  I know because I have been in this business a long time.  Believe me that people have to trust you.  If you don’t come across as a trusting individual then those people will go somewhere else.  Its as simple as that.

Moving On…


How To Earn Money From Home Online


Marketing Online To Earn An Income


After you’ve chosen your interest from a Niche and a focus for your business – let’s say, rebuilding classic cars.  You now must find an Internet Marketing system to create income from it.


Where are you most likely to find people who will be interested in your site and the products you have to offer? Certainly, there are brick and mortar establishments like car shops and clubs where people would see your Ads.  But for an online store, you should be marketing on the Internet. Go where car enthusiasts go. 


What I mean is, the online Forums, News Boards and Bulletins and chat rooms. You could even start your own blog. Be the place where those who want to rebuild their own classic car are.  Find out what they need, and then offer it to them. Moving On To Blogging and…


What Is A Blog – How To Earn Money Blogging


To get high rankings in search engines and be the business that comes up as a resource when people search means you have to match their search terms with the same or very similar keywords within your blog.  These keywords will be primarily  associated with your chosen business.  You must also make sure that you continually provide fresh, new content that contains those keywords.

how to make money in bloggingThis is part of why blogging is such a popular Internet marketing tool. Blogging requires you to post new information and observations pertaining to your business and subject on a regular basis.


This piles up the keywords for the search engine robots (spiders) who crawl the internet to find and helps to raise you in the rankings.  The more great keywords you have the more chance your website address will be clicked on as opposed to other similar sites. 


It could really help you if you learn how to make a blog site, and become a full time blogger or you could start www.blogspot.com.


Traffic Means Money – Buying Visitors Means Sales And Commissions


All of this adds up to more traffic (visitors) to your online home business.  This of course means more customers, higher sales/commissions, and a better overall profit margin for you.


Creating wealth online and making money on the Internet is as simple as finding the thing you are best at.  You then create a website for it.  You offer high quality products and services at a reasonable price.  You market those products with advertising that will be seen by those who are looking for your product.


Keywords as search terms  –  means getting people to come to your website to see what you have to offer.  Remember your blogs or articles must show that you know what you are talking about.  You must grab peoples interest right from the word go with a great headline.  Its really all down to great Search Engine Optimization.  And I know just the place where you can learn all about it.


How To For Home Business

what about work from home

I personally have been a member of an online community since 2014 and its success record for turning complete ‘Newbies’ into successful marketers is second to none.  As I said I’ve been in the online marketing business a good few years and know a good thing when I see it.  I have no hesitation in pointing you in the direction of wealthy affiliate.  All you have to do is believe in yourself and you WILL achieve success.


This company will show you and teach you all the how to’s for home business from scratch and how to market online.  It cost nothing to join, and you get two websites with hosting and domain names for absolutely nothing as well.  There is a one off upgrade if you want to take it but you can stay as a free member for as long as you want to.


Why not go and take a look and see what you get for zero dollars.  I think you will be impressed.  Before you do though could you please leave a comment below and let me and other readers know what you think so far.  perhaps you have a good idea you can pass on to other visitors.  I’m sure they will appreciate any and all help as you would yourself.


Make Money Online Free


If you are already into online marketing you could also investigate some of these other programs I’ve listed on the right of this page or just click on the link below and sign up and see what’s on offer.  Again its free to do this and all the other programs you can promote free as well.  I’ve been involved with it for a few months now and making a decent income from it.  You could as well.


Ok folks this is all I have to say.  So if you can afford free and want to investigate online jobs at home without investment or a home business enterprise I wish you great success.  You can get a free start with Wealthy Affiliate, and whatever you decide to do to make it, I know you will make money.


Sincere Regards.


Robert Allan

how to earn money in onlineDo You Want To Earn Money From Home?



Hello I have been an affiliate/internet marketer for many years and I'm very successful at it. If you need any help and pointers to earning an online income from home or to start up your own home-based business then please feel free to read the other articles within this site. I'm sure you will go away with lots of tips and advice that will help you get started. Here is a link to my About Me page - http://quickwaysmakemoney.siterubix.com/about-r-allan This other link is my profile within the work from home make money online community I am a member of since 2014. https://my.wealthyaffiliate.com/robert-a


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  1. Selecting your niche is extremely important to your online success for many reason. But many people have difficulty selecting their niche because they don’t see themselves as an expert. Or they think no one else would be interested in that topic.

    As far as being an expert goes, if you know more about a topic than one other person at least that one person will consider you an expert on that topic. So there is no problem if you don’t know everything about your niche in the beginning. The most important things is that you have an interest or passion for that niche. That way you have something that drives you to continue to write and learn about that niche. The more you learn the more other people will see you as the expert within that niche.

    There are billions of people on this planet and many of them are on the internet. No matter what your interest. There will be at least a few thousand other people out of those billions that have the same interest as you.

    1. Hello Steve and thank you for taking the time to read my article and for your comment.

      Yes everybody on the planet will know something about something.

      Maybe they don’t realize it and this is why they say  –  I don’t know anything about such and such, or I don’t know enough.

      But a little knowledge is power and if you can write about it then you have something you can cash in on.

      As you say you can learn as you go along.

      Its the same with any job you start.

      There are a lot of how to’s at the start but as you progress you gain more and more insight to how something works or how its put together and how you can make money from it.

      Internet marketing is no different from any other job.

      You just have to do your research and the internet is a great place to learn and acquire knowledge about any subject you can think of.

      You don’t have to be a genius to make money from the programs I mention in my article.

      all you need is to write an article just like mine and tell people about the pro’s and cons.  The final decision like anything else is up to them but if you have written your article in such a way as to point people in the right direction then you are on to a winner.

      Thank you again for your comment and hope you took away a tip or two.

      Please come again.


      Robert Allan

  2. I have heard many opinions about niche selection but I think I agree with you. It should be something you like to engage and you are an expert.

    But I have one question. In your opinion, can you find available customers in any niche on the internet or there are limitations?

    1. Hello Ilias and thank you for reading my article on Niche Marketing.

      I have worked online from home for many years now and i can say from that experience you must have knowledge of whatever you are promoting or selling.

      People who visit your site must believe you know what you are talking about.

      Over a period of time they have to become to trust you and your opinion otherwise they will go somewhere else.

      As for your question about there being a niche limitations.

      I don’t believe so and you might be surprised at just what people are searching for.

      There are billions of people accessing the internet every day search for something or information on something.

      They probably don’t believe they are alone in searching for whatever they are even if most people would never have heard of it before.

      But with that amount of people searching every day there are sure to be quite a few search for exactly the same thing.

      The world is filled with weird and wonderful things and weird and wonderful people are always on the lookout for what they are interested in and want information on.

      So again I say there are no limitations to what a niche can be and a product or service within that niche that people are searching for.

      Please come again and browse my articles whatever your own personal niche is I’m sure I will have some piece of information that will aid you.


      Robert Allan

  3. You make some good points on the importance of choosing a niche that suits oneself. Having an interest in a subject or being an expert in it certainly makes creating content on it or trying to sell stuff more fun and interesting not to mention you’re naturally be more persuasive.

    However, I’ve also found in terms of my own website that one doesn’t have to start out as an expert but can become an expert as one researches and learns more and more. But one definitely needs to be interested in the subject or niche, especially if one is going to do a lot of researching.

    1. Hello BooBish and thank you for leaving a comment.

      Glad you think my points on choosing a Niche are valid.

      Throughout the years I have worked online from home I have come to the conclusion that yes, you must have knowledge of whatever you are promoting or selling.

      How can you say you are an expert without that knowledge and experience.

      Take it from me you would soon be found out by the very people you are targeting because some of those people will be experts.

      Of course you can become an authority over time but just like any other job you have to learn a lot of how to’s in order to be an authority.

      It does help if you have an interest or would genuinely like to know more so you do your research and give answers to problems people might encounter.

      They go on to the internet and come across your site and low and below you have the answer they have been looking for.

      It all takes time but you can generate an income from the knowledge you accrue with your due diligence and researching.

      I hope you will visit my site again.

      You are sure to find more tips and advice as I publish on a regular basis.

      To your success and have a very nice day.


      Robert Allan

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