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Updated 21st September 2019


What To Make Money From Home From


how to make money online at, what to make money online at


Making Money Online Really Is Simple… So What Holds People Back from achieving success online? And…


What to make money online at, that is a question been asked by countless people since the internet was invented way back in the 1990’s?  Therefore you have to ask yourself.  If making money really is simple, then why aren’t more people making more of it?


The national debt in most countries of the world is going through the roof, more and more people are filing for bankruptcy, yet there is an abundance of money to be made on the internet.  The great thing about it is, it can also be made from the comfort of your home.


So again I ask, what is it that holds people back? Why can’t they get a handle on the “How To” part of making some real money? Sure, there are many people making good incomes whether from a regular job or from a home based business on the internet.  But the everyday person looking to make that little bit more, just can’t seem to get it together.


With all the gurus on the web telling us how we can make more, one thing is for certain, it will not happen overnight. You have to work at it, and therein lies the problem.  Most people are unwilling to act on something that they know at the back of their mind works, because of fear.  Fear of something new.  Fear of leaving their safe 9 to 5.  Fear of failure.


Fear is such a crippling word. It’s like a ball and chain shackled to one’s leg that they have gotten used to dragging around with them.  So solve the issue, take up the challenge.


Get out the hacksaw and cut the damn thing off, and start to…


Earn Money From

The Internet


Unless you have been living at the top of a mountain for the past couple of decades you will be aware that the Internet is growing and evolving everyday.  It’s also making people more and more money every hour of every day.


how you can work online at home


Simply put, the Internet has allowed millions of people to stay at home and get started to work out of their homes making money using the internet to make a full time income. Today people are researching for that perfect opportunity so that they too can work at home and start a home business that will enable them to make way more than they ever will in a normal 9 to 5 job.


However lets be honest with ourselves. It isn’t going to happen any time soon I’m sorry to say. However if you work at it, build it and treat it like a business you will see steady growth in how much money you can earn online.


So you’re asking yourself the questions.  How can I make money online at? Or what to make money from home from? I say, anything at all because there are a great many options, and believe me I have tried a lot of them over the years?  But I suggest when you start looking for an opportunity to work online, look for something that offers you residual income.  Once you learn the ‘How To’ for earning a residual income then you’re off to the races.


Why is this?  Residual income is a great way to earn money simply because you will get paid over and over again for all the work you put in at the beginning.


If you don’t find something with residual income, and go with something that just pays say once a week or month its good for now, but what will happen if the income source dries up?  Also you must remember that the market will sooner or later become filled with tons of people doing the same thing you’re doing. So choose something that pays you every day or week or at least month after month as a residual income.


What To Make Money At Home From – Residual Income

work home residual income


I know of a couple of good programs that allow you to make a good deal of money off a residual income that I am going to tell you about. Now before I do, be aware these programs will not make you millions.  What they will do however is help you start off in the right direction.  They will also help you make extra money every day/week/month if you really use them to their fullest potential.  Believe me, the potential is there for you to make a lot of cash, and a lot more than a normal job.


The first is a program called 50/50 that works off the crowfunding principle. I believe that everyone who can, should invest money, and this one is a great start. This is not about stocks and shares people.  It’s a really simple program with simple instructions.



“The above presentation contains images used under a Creative Commons License”


To Explain:  First off, the amounts are in US Dollars, and with the program you can invest as little as $25 or as much as you want or can afford.  Its entirely up to you.  First you have to register, and that will cost you $19.  Then you invest $25 for the lowest level (altogether that’s $44).  It will be $29 for the upper levels ($250 and over).  Once you have registered and made your initial investment you then get your own website and can start to work with it and get paid.


To that end, let me explain a little more how it works.


The program offers you a chance to join for the least amount ($25), and allows you to make 50% from whoever you refer into the system.


what is residual income


Example residual income: If you bring in Bob at $25, you just made 50% of that. Then Bob brings in Mary, you also get Mary as well and you just made 50% of her investment. And it goes on and on.  All anyone really has to do to get started making money is get two people to signup under them.  Surely you know at least two people who would like to make some extra money?


You can see these small amounts will add up to a really decent sum, and this can happen every day or week or month for as long as you want it to.  Of course depending on what the amount you start with, the more money you will make.


After a short time you can easily be making thousands of dollars each and every month.  Remember though, you have to work at it.  You do that, and the system will work for you as well.


One thing more.  Its always best to have the easiest program to pay with and to get paid.  For this I highly recommend using PayPal.  Its a worldwide service and costs nothing to create an account, and you can transfer your money from it straight into your bank account.


To learn more about how you can work at home and start making residual income please visit: 

Residual Money Program


My second program is…


Blogging + Affiliate Marketing Programs = Easy Money


How To Make Money Online Free


Making Money online has never been easier, and another easy way to earn an income from the internet is Blogging.  You can have a target blog online in no time at all.  With this blog you can market products and services for online businesses that will pay you generous commissions for people you send to their websites who buy their product or service.


can you make money with a blog


What is a blog?


A blog is the most simple tool to create a live web page. It truly requires less than an hour to create a live blog web page or site online. Traditionally, blogs were used as journals, or a place to voice opinions, or for communicating with friends online.  People use blogs to publish just about anything to the web.


Blogs can also be very powerful marketing instruments that can generate significant revenue!


The process is simple. There is a training platform I’ve been a member of since 2014 where you will have access to all the tools you need and simple instructions with videos for you to get started. There is no initial financial investment required of you, though you can upgrade for the first month for as little as $19.  There is also a six month subscription option, or you can pay for the entire year at a great discount. You can simply go to this web page or join here then you can get started right away.


make money from a blog website


Here’s how it will work:


You sign up to Wealthy Affiliate, then Create a website in 30 minutes.  Its simple, wealthy affiliate will show you how to create and build that website and then you can start blogging.  Your blog site is listed in search engines such as Google, and people searching for the products or services you have listed within your blog visit your blog.  Those people click on the Ads on your blog for the products they are looking for.  When they buy, you get paid a commission!


What Is The Best Online Businesses To Start With


There you go folks. I have given you two great ways you can earn an income from the internet at home.  Now you just have to make up your mind what’s the best online business of the two I have mentioned to make you a lot more money than you every did working for someone else!


how earn extra money from home


If you’re anything like I was when I first started working from home over ten years ago, it’s not the money that you really want; it’s what you can do with it that’s the real attraction. Money is just a tool to do a job with, so start right now, get rid of your ball and chain and grab your money tool.


I wish you all the success in the world, but to achieve that success You Must Take Action.  Take it today.


If you can spare a minute or two then by all means leave a comment below.  I always appreciate the feedback I get from my readers.  At the very least comments show me if I’m giving the information they seek or not, and of course this lets me know what, if anything I can do to improve visitors experience on my site.


My warmest wishes for your success.


Robert Allan


Hello I have been an affiliate/internet marketer for many years and I'm very successful at it. If you need any help and pointers to earning an online income from home or to start up your own home-based business then please feel free to read the other articles within this site. I'm sure you will go away with lots of tips and advice that will help you get started. Here is a link to my About Me page - http://quickwaysmakemoney.siterubix.com/about-r-allan This other link is my profile within the work from home make money online community I am a member of since 2014. https://my.wealthyaffiliate.com/robert-a


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  1. Hi Robert,

    Interesting blog. I have been doing affiliate marketing for quite some time now and it is an excellent way to make money online in a long term and sustainable way. It is not an overnight thing, it is something that requires a longterm outlook and hard work but it an excellent, tried and true method. 

    I will be doing further research into the links you provided as it sounds as though it works off a recruitment principle, and I’m not entirely clear what the product is, or whether there is a product at all so I’ll definitely be looking into this more.


    1. Hello Melissa, a return visit by you to my website so I take it you are finding the information you where looking for.
      This is good to know so keep coming back.

      Yes working online as an affiliate is a great way to earn an income and depending on the time you are prepared to spend on it can be very good indeed.

      The Crowdfunding program is also a great way to make money online.
      In actual fact though you only have to have two people signing up under you and then its those other people that are the ones that make you money. And then the people who sign up under them and so on and so on.

      Of course as I say in the article it depends on what level you start at.
      The more you put in, the more money you will make.
      Earn yourself some decent money Melissa coz its there for the taking.
      Onwards to your success and I wish you well.
      Robert Allan

  2. This is very insightful and informative article on how we can earn  some money monthly without  fail if we follow the procedure. I’m actually one one of those guys who is really Interested in working at home and I will do anything to achieve that goal. I have been working in foreign country for some time now and I am looking for a way out. And working at home is my only way out  and I have this blog I will work to achieve that goal .

    1. Hello Charles
      Thank you for your comment and glad you found my article informative.
      Giving the visitors good relevant information is always my intention so its good to know I have done so.
      There are many opportunities to work from home Charles so do your research and find one that suits you and your current circumstances.
      May I say you could do a lot worse than join Wealthy Affiliate.
      You will have that free trial with access to all the tools you need to decide whether working from home with your own business is a viable solution to your present situation.
      You can also stay as a free member for as long as you like so well worth thinking about.
      If you do join then make sure you look me up and I will help you all I can.
      Best Regards.
      Robert Allan

  3. I appreciate that the information on your website is written in such a way that someone without prior knowledge can understand it. I had heard the term “crowdfunding” but did not know what it meant. I am somewhat familiar with blogging and tried affiliate marketing in the past with no success. It’s good to know that there are training programs out there.

    I have been researching how to make money on the Internet and one thing that really bothers me is that many of the “make money” websites are very aggressive. Sometimes when I am trying to read an article, ads pop up and block my view. I find that rude and annoying. Most often, that’s when I exit the page. 

    This page is much friendlier. It was nice to be able to read the article from top to bottom without feeling like I was being attacked by aggressive sales pitches. You have enough visuals to make your article interesting without distracting from the content. I could learn from someone like you and I value the information and opinions that you share.

    Your graphic about linear vs. residual income is helpful. We never know what kinds of things might happen to drastically reduce our income. As I write this, many government workers are suffering the consequences of a government shutdown. Many of them had felt very secure in the employment before that happened and then suddenly found themselves needing to pick up food from a food pantry.

    Thanks for all of the information. You have given me food for thought.

    1. Hello Theresa
      I believe you have visited my website before so thank you so much for coming back.
      I can only assume you found the information you where looking for and hopefully you went away with even more that will aid your own online efforts.

      The 50/50 Crowdfunding program is really easy to use and as I stated in the article you only need to signup two people to get started on whatever level you choose to get into.

      Yes those pop-ups annoy me as well, as do sites with music that starts up automatically and you can’t turn it off.

      Good to know that you much prefer a site such as mine.

      I was just saying to a friend the other day who didn’t like the way I wrote this article that I write as if I am actually speaking to the people face to face.
      I like to come across in a natural way and if I do then people who read my articles will read all the way to the end. Its good to know I’m right.

      I did see on the news over here in Europe that the closing down of the US Federal Government has had a terrible effect on its employees having to use charity food banks in order to have something in their bellies and some of the people interviewed said they were having to sell personal items to pay their bills.

      This is just one example of losing your Linear Income whereas if it was residual…need I say more?

      Thank you for reading my article Theresa and for your input.
      I hope you are having a nice day and I wish you success in whatever you decide to do.
      Robert Allan

  4. I have been desperately looking for a real way to make money online. During this period, I have come across every scam there is so I’m extremely cautious at this point.

    I know blogging can be pretty profitable but can somebody without blogging experience be successful at it? I mean, ZERO. Never owned a website, never written a post. I would be interested in blogging but I’m not really an expert at it.

    Also, i have been looking into paid survey websites, do you think surveys are worth it?

    1. Hi Ezra
      Yes I have to agree there are a lot of scams on the internet so you really must do your research.
      If there is an opportunity you believe would give you an income then ask questions on Forums, Online Notice and Bulletin Boards and anywhere else that you will find people that are actually working with the opportunity.
      Yes Blogging can be a very useful way to earn money online.
      You say you know nothing about it but all you really need is some experience or knowledge of something and write about it.
      It maybe a passion you have for a hobby or lifelong interest.
      All you then have to do is find products associated with that and affiliate yourself to a company and promote those products.
      Of course having your own website will go a long way to you actually making money simply because you are in control.
      Surveys are ok if you only want to earn a little extra money and of course you sometimes get pretty good freebies but as a long term money maker I would definitely try something that will give you an income for life.
      Why not take a look at what wealthy affiliate can offer you in the way of a great start and it wont cost you a penny.
      Best Regards.
      Robert Allan

  5. Making money online from home can benefit a lot of people. This article has taught me a lot about that. I learned the difference between linear income and residual income.  The guide you have put for making a website is so organized and easy to read. I’m definitely going to follow the guide.

    Thank you so much for sharing this article.

    1. Hello Sujandar Mahesan
      Thank you for your visit and your comment.
      Good to know you have taken something away from the article.
      A residual income will always be better than a linear one simple because ones you lose your job you lose your income but the residual income keeps on going until you actual stop it.
      I don’t think you will be doing that once you get it going, will you?
      A website might seem like a daunting task to anyone who has not created one before but with the right training and keeping it step by step you will have a website online in no time at all.
      Then you just fill it full of good content advertising whatever it is you want to.
      Wealthy Affiliate does have such training so perhaps you might like to take the seven day trial and find out more.
      Can’t hurt, can it?
      Onwards to success and I hope to see you on the inside.
      Warmest Regards.
      Robert Allan

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