Writing Product Reviews (4 step guide)

Updated 17th August 2019


How To Write A Review

[with steps, tips and templates]


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What Is A Review? Or to be more specific.  What is a product review?


The definition Wikipedia gives is –


A product review basically has these functions:  To convey to a potential customer what knowledge the author has about a particular product or service, and what the pros and the cons of that product or service are.  In doing so, the author should clearly convey the message to the readers that they are familiar with these pros and cons, so that the readers can determine whether or not it’s the right one for them.


This being so I will now give some guidance and tips so that you, the affiliate marketer can write your own product or service review.  Please leave a comment below the article with your own thoughts on the subject.  I will reply as I always do.


Product Reviews are a superb form of content for affiliate marketers to produce.  By design, they offer benefit to a prospect, and they’re also an ideal place to include links to the affiliate product’s sales page.


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However, in order to write a review that actually motivates potential buyers to click through to the merchant’s sales pages, there are a few steps you should follow.


Writing Product Reviews

[A 4 step guide]


Step #1 You’re not selling in a review, you’re actuallysteps to writing reviews providing information that’s going to solve a problem. Therefore you MUST present the information honestly and accurately.  Tell readers what the product is and what it does.


Step #2 Stress benefits. What makes the product different?  Who benefits from the product? This is also a great place to tell a story.  Talk about a situation where someone used the product and what they gained.


Step #3 Present yourself as an unbiased reviewer. Point out any drawbacks to the product or service you’re reviewing.  However, be sure to counter those drawbacks subtly.  It’s like when you go to a job interview and they ask you to tell them your weaknesses.  You turn them into strengths, right? Do the same with any drawbacks the product might have.


For example, if it’s more expensive than other comparative products, that’s a drawback.  But it may also offer more in-depth information and strategies – this would override the obvious drawback.


write reviews that sell


Step #4 Include the details.  Subjective information is great but people also want to know the details.  What does it cost?  Where can they purchase it?  Are there any promotions they should know about that can save them money?


How To Sell Online

(As An Expert)


how to article writing


Tip 1 – Your goal in a review is to pre-sell, but you must pre-sell the product or service in a subtle way. To this end you must take care to watch the language you use, no hype.  And make sure to present yourself in a credible manner.  After all you want to present yourself as a legitimate expert on your topic.


Tip 2  – If at all possible use the product or service yourself.  This might seem like an obvious thing to do, but readers can usually tell if the reviewer has actually used the product or not.  Once it becomes apparent to the reader that you’re relying on conjecture and the reviews of others rather than first hand experience, your credibility is lost.


article product review


Tip 3 – Consider being honest about the fact that you’re an affiliate for the product.  Most people don’t care, and they may respect your honesty.  Consider doing a split test for this if you have doubts about this high level of transparency.


Write one review where you tell people you’re an affiliate for the product (towards the end where you provide a link to the sales page).  Write another review where you don’t tell your readers you’re an affiliate.  Track the results.  Authenticity and transparency are more than just the latest internet marketing buzz words.


Tip 4 – Combine reviews of several like products in one article or post.  You can be an affiliate for all the products or only some of them, the choice is yours.


Reviews are a great form of content for an affiliate marketer.  They provide value and offer all the benefits content offers for business growth and profits.


How To Work Online And At Home


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Onwards to success folks.


My warmest wishes for that success.




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  1. Interesting post you have up here Robert. This is very handy to me as I look forward to pursuing my affiliate marketing business and it will require me to give reviews constantly on products in order to provide valuable help to my readers. I believe being objective is the key while adding bits of subjective comment to it too won’t hurt. I learnt a lot from this post. Thanks

    1. Hello Roger and thank you for taking the time to leave a comment.
      Glad you learnt something from my article and please do come again when you are sure to pick up a lot more tips and advice.
      I wish you success in all you do with your own affiliate marketing business.
      Robert Allan

  2. About tip 4, there are a couple of things to watch out for when you are going to bring multiple products into one review.
    Try not to go too deep into detail for them.
    At the end of the day, the reader is likely just going to read the first few ones, and then when he sees there’s more he’s just going to say “Ughh…” and is not going to bother properly reading the rest.
    Also try to make a summary where you bring the best for various categories.
    “This one is the most well rounded… this one is the most durable…this one is the cheapest, but will get the job done…”
    Also, don’t copy/paste a complete description from the vendors.
    All your products are going to end up sounding extremely similar (since that’s how descriptions are) and it’s going to just confuse the reader. Rather, focus on the main pros and cons of each one and on what distinguishes it.

    1. Hello Faheem
      It is a good idea to have more than one income stream as long as you don’t overdo it.
      I’m think maybe three or four different products in the same Niche from different companies will allow you to see what performs the best and you can promote accordingly.
      Ditch the ones that are not converting and keep trying other ones until you hit on a good combination of products.
      People like to have a choice Faheem so you have to give them it or they will go somewhere else.
      Thank you for your comment and I hope you do well with your own online efforts.
      Best regards.
      Robert Allan

  3. Hello Robert,
    The Product review is one of the most critical elements in getting high targeted traffic.
    Top affiliate marketers know that and they are writing posts to help others.
    people who want to an income stream on the Internet have to recognise that there are plenty of low-quality products in this industry.
    They must stay away from these programs to be the right entrepreneur, and actually make money.
    For this reason, your review article content is important because product review is key for success.
    I will follow up your tips before writing and then join the wealthy affiliate company and create an honest review based on your tips and advice.
    I look forward to your next article on Affiliate Marketing.
    Thank you very much for the information.
    Best regards,

    1. Hi Gokhan

      Yes indeed if you want to be a successful affiliate marketer and actually make money from being one you have to be able to write great reviews.
      It will take practice to get it just right but will be worth the time and effort in the long run.
      Affiliate marketers must do their research to find the right program that is a good fit for the products within whatever niche is the best fit for them and their circumstances.
      Of course, and if possible they should buy the products and write from their own knowledge and experience of them.
      This will come across in their reviews and people reading them will know that this person knows what they are talking about.
      Thank you for your comment Gokhan and yes please do visit again as I do publish on a regular basis (at least twice a week).
      Yes also to joining Wealthy Affiliate. You are sure to get the right training for the job in hand.
      There is also lots and lots of 24/7 help and support and look me up on the inside so that I can point you in the right direction if you ever get stuck on something.
      Onwards to success.
      Robert Allan

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